NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing

I enjoyed learning about all of the different things that come with mental health because I think a lot of people see it, as like you know, if you’ve got a mental health issue, you’ve sort of like got a problem but it’s really not that, like there are so many contributing factors that come with mental health that people don’t see, and I was one of those people that I didn’t see mental health is like, you know what it really is so I’m glad that I got to learn all sides of mental health and addictions. It put me out of my comfort zone and it also gave me some different values. After listening to other people and I think it’s actually changed some of my values and I actually found that the most rewarding If you are wanting to do your Bachelor of Social Services I do encourage this course. It is a good step to getting towards what you want to do and there’s a lot of different areas you can go towards with doing it. I thought the tutors were pretty awesome. What I liked about it was the diversity you know, having two different people taking you with sort of two different views and a lot of aspects so it sort of as a student gave you a much broader opinion base. The environment and the culture and the wairua were that is that comes with this course is amazing like it makes you see life from a different perspective and that’s what I liked most about it.

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