Non-Diet Nutrition

– In today’s Healthy Eats,
we’re taking a closer look at how to change our eating
habits in a healthy way. And a lotta people assume
that means dieting, but I’m meeting
up with an expert who says non-diet
nutrition actually comes with some big benefits. (uplifting music) So I’m here with Stephanie
from Food Wonderful to talk about
non-diet nutrition. Stephanie, what does
that mean, exactly? – Non-diet nutrition is really about building a
nutritious meal plan that encompasses a wide variety of foods and lend
a lot of balance, and it’s really based on
your own internal cues. So relying on things
like, am I hungry? Am I full? Is this a food that makes
me feel good physically? Instead of relying on maybe what somebody else told you or
what you read in a book. – So it’s really more about
focusing on fueling your body rather than focusing on a diet. – Exactly, exactly. Fueling your body in
ways that feel good, in ways that adapt
to your lifestyle. So the point with the food that we have laid out today is just to really emphasize that
you can eat the foods that you enjoy but
also be mindful of how they feel in your body. So a great example
is some donuts. If this was what I had for
breakfast every morning, I don’t know that
I would feel great. I don’t know that it would
really energize me for my day. So most days I’m
gonna choose something like some oatmeal or something
with some fiber and protein. Every once in awhile
I might grab a donut, but for the most part
I’m gonna choose the food that physically
makes me feel good. – If I like to eat cake,
am I then gonna go crazy and eat cake all day
because I’m hungry for cake? – A lotta people think, well, if I allow myself to just
eat cookies all the time, won’t I just eat cookies
or won’t I just eat pizza? But remember that
another component of this non-diet
approach is honoring how our bodies feel physically. But if I just eat
cookies all day long, how am I gonna feel physically? I’m probably not gonna
feel very energized. I might feel a little lethargic. I’m not really getting
any good nutrition. So I am honoring my hunger and I am honoring my
taste preferences, but I’m not really
honoring my body and what my body needs. – I know I get a stomach ache or I know I get jittery
if I eat too many cookies, but when I eat a nice salad
or something good for me, I do feel better. So what is the first step
on how to get started? – I advise my clients
to first figure out what hunger feels
like in their body. So how do you know
you’re hungry? Jane, how do you know
when you’re hungry? – I feel a little bit lethargic. – Okay, so you start to
notice those physical signs. What are those signs that
you look for to tell you, okay, I’m hungry now? And then, when you
have that hunger, evaluating, okay,
how hungry am I? So always to have a
plan for what you eat, so that if you notice, ooh, gee, I’m starting to get hungry,
it’s time to eat something, that you have a snack
that you can grab or you have a meal
prepared and ready to go so you can go
ahead and eat that. So non-diet nutrition is really about honoring
your internal cues. It can be very empowering when you start to take
control away from diets and bring the control inward. – Perfect; great information. Thank you so much, Stephanie. – My pleasure. – For more healthy
eating advice, just head to our website,

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