NOFAP vs Semen Retention: HEAD TO HEAD COMPARISON (uncut)

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back in the office. And today I wanted to take the time
and explain to you the key differences between semen retention and nofap and which is going
to be the best fit for you as a man fellows. Now before we begin, I’m doing a registration
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and if we’re not we should be we want Be able to develop ourselves to the utmost whether
that be in our sexual relations, whether that be in our work ethic, whether that be in our
compassion, and our charisma and just how we carry ourselves overall in general. And these two things depending on which side
of the pole that you want to lean towards, you’re going to notice insane benefits, but
there’s very key differences. A lot of people get these two mixed up, they
say, retention is the same as nofap. Or they put it in the same category. But here’s the thing. nofap is extremely different from semen retention,
okay, and they’re both going to have their pros, they’re both going to have their cons
and depending on which stage of your masculinity you’re in is going to dictate which side of
this you want to play on. So without further ado, let’s begin. What is semen retention? What is retention? semen retention is when you withhold ejaculation
completely. Okay, you withhold completely meaning you’re
not masturbating. You are not watching porn. You’re not doing any sort of release. You’re completely withholding. What is NOFA nofap is you are ejaculating,
you are releasing your seed, you are releasing your semen, but you’re doing it only with
a woman. You’re doing it only in the act of sex with
a woman or any sort of fooling around or whatever the case may be. Now, here’s what side of this you want to
lean on is going to depend on which side you’re actually wanting to play. Okay, because there’s benefits to both. Here’s the key differences that I’ve realized
after coaching over 50 men this past few months, throughout their journey with dating throughout
their journey with women throughout their journey with masculinity is this. The ones who practice nofap
are typically doing it so they can have better sex. They want to have better sexual experiences
with a woman. They want to have the ability to connect with
a woman and share that man to woman interaction just a little bit better than their currently
doing? Why do people practice retention when people
practice retention when they want all of the male benefits that go beyond sex. And I’m going to break each of these down
for you. But without further ado, I want to start with
nofap. And what is nofap and how this can be applicable
to you. Now, nofap is when you ejack only with a woman. And what this is going to do is this going
this is going to reprogram your subconscious reprogramming your brain to picking up the
key patterns to realizing that the only way you’re going to get pleasure, the only way
that you’re going to have a pleasurable sexual release of pleasure pleasurable sexual act
is through with an actual encounter with a female, which means that the benefit that
you’re going to mainly get with this is you’re no longer going to have any sort of approach
anxiety. There’s a lot of men struggling right now
where they don’t know what to say to women. They’re not comfortable in their own skin. They’re not confident they want a quick cheat
code. They want a quick hack. They want to have just a little bit more masculine. an edge so that way they can put their best
foot forward and start to develop. What this is doing is this is going to retrigger
your brain and say, Hey, john, hey, Tim. Hey, Henry. The only way you get to have this release,
the only way you get to have this experience is if you grow the nuts. You walk up to her and you start to flirt. You start to seduce her, you start to make
her like you, and you’re able to have that experience. Now you’re rewarded for it. Now you’re rewarded. Because what this is doing is this is removing
the need for pornography. This is removing the need for screens. This is removing the need to always have a
sexual release, because you just can’t control what’s between your legs for a little bit. It’s removing the constant dopamine spike
and need for pure pleasure. Now, what is this doing to you as it rewires? Well, it’s putting you in a better mental
state. And the reason for that is because now you
can actually have a solid man to woman interaction, because guess what, 99% of the men watching
porn stroking it to all of these women, all of those crazy sex encounters that they’re
desiring that they’re fantasizing over with a screen. They’re not able to manifest that in real
life, they don’t have the nuts to say what they want, they don’t have the nuts to be
the man that they want. They don’t have the nuts to carry themselves
in that situation to act those things out. And because of that, they’re stuck in their
bedroom at night stroking it. What this is doing is this saying, hey, you’re
probably not very good as is and we’re going to take those steps and improvement to fixing
it, you’re going to be able to have better man to woman interactions, more chemistry,
more natural attraction to you more natural flirtation, you’re going to have that little
edge that most guys don’t have. What this is ultimately doing is this is putting
you in a state of no self reliance. Because most men are extremely self reliant,
whether that be on the cell phone, whether that be on anything that they need to ejack
or to get off or to feel some sort of pleasure by not jacking by not masturbating by abstaining
from that. Well guess what now you have to actually put
your foot out there and So to meet these women start to get off the screens get off these
apps get off these quick thrills and hookups. The reason why you have so much performance
anxiety in the bedroom. The reason why you have so much anxiety going
out is because you’re putting all of this focus on so much sex, you’re putting the cart
before the horse, you have to get back to bare bones, being able to connect with a female. If we go over to this side, the retention,
the semen retention, what is the benefits that you’re getting with this? What is the benefits of just withholding completely
of taking some time away from the sexual playing field? Well, there’s a lot of benefits. And I’m just going to categorize this as overall
male benefits. The one thing that you’re going to unlock,
and this is going to really be for all of you men out there that want to build a business. This is going to be for all of the men out
there that want to do amazing in their career. This is going to be all the men out there
that want to excel at school excel at their profession, you’re going to have more mail
drive. Now the reason why you have More male drive
if you’re just a little bit horny, if you’re retaining, why you’re more on edge why you’re
more driven, is because your body knows how to be attractive. The reason why it’s not the reason why you’re
procrastinating the reason why you have all of these issues is because you keep releasing
your seed, your brain says, Hey, if you have this abundance of women, whether
that be on the screen, whether that be in real life sleeping and having sex with what
reason does your brain have to change and to level up? This is why men often can’t fight procrastination. This is why men oftentimes can’t build the
business. This is why men oftentimes can’t go to the
gym and be dedicated every day. It’s because all of their time energy emphasis
and focuses on other things. If you’re retaining, you’re going to have
more male drive because sex is the number one motivating factor for any male in life. And that’s okay if we admit it. Why does a man typically want to go to the
gym and start to lift weights he wants to look better for women oftentimes, why does
he want to build that business, because he wants to show that he’s a value in the world
to level up his sexual market value. This is all common. This is all tried and true knowledge. Everybody does this, everybody knows this. You’re going to unlock more male drive, because
you’re retaining because you don’t have that constant release your body craves that your
body is going to fight to level you up and you’re going to notice that you have that
edge to you that slumped shoulders slumped, feeling you get after you release, you start
to remove that the next benefit that you’re going to get with retention is going to be
the connection to the Most High. What I mean by this is men who oftentimes
retain start to put more of a value on they’re not they start to realize that they’re not
has meaning. And I’m not trying to get all hippie on you. I’m not trying to get trying to get all woo
on you. But what I am saying is that the men over
here oftentimes still want the quick thrill of being able to pull the girl the men over
here realize that not every girl deserves you’re not why do you want every girl sexual
energy You don’t? Why do you want Every girl is energy in general,
every girl’s vibe you shouldn’t you don’t. Because the thing is, is you get in this world,
what you put out, when you start to actually connect spiritually to the Most High. What you’re going to notice is you may start
believing more in yourself, you may start believing more in a higher being in a higher
power, you start to realize that what’s between your legs has the power to make a baby, it
has the power to procreate. That’s something very spiritual. A lot of times when a man and a woman connect
and make that happen through intercourse, there’s different types of emotion involved. There’s different different types of hormones
involved. All of these things, you start to realize
that you maybe have purpose. Your seed is here for a reason you’re put
on this earth for a reason. And because you can realize that you start
to realize that you don’t want to release all the time you enjoy having this male drive
you enjoy having this added testosterone you enjoy feeling like you know you’re just out
living your life and you don’t you still don’t have all these approach anxieties and these
addictions to screens because You’re retaining to make you a stronger man to be more dedicated
forward. The last thing that I’ve noticed with men
who do this is they’re able to transmute sexual energy better. What does that mean? That means that any way shape and form that
they want to level up in life, they’re able to start to do, they’re able to cut the procrastination,
they’re able to start going to the gym, they’re able to start taking the drive and eating
more healthy foods. They’re able to take the bull by the horns
and approach women and actually have a man to woman connection but not having it being
solely reliant on sex. What they’re doing is they’re able to form
real interactions, real connections with Real Men and with real women. Here’s the thing. If you’re a man right now, that has zero experience
with women, if you’re a man right now looking to level up and really handle his dating game
and his dating life, I would definitely start with this. Because you’re going to want to be able to
actually still flirt. You want to be able to still you know seduce
a woman and you want to know that you have those skills if need be if you’re a man who
Eventually graduate from nofap. And you realize that hey, this was fun. Like this, this over here was fun. I had my fun with it, I realized I can do
it. I realized like I know how to actually navigate
the dating game. If you can remove the need from the sex eventually
and you can graduate to retention, you’re going to build one hell of a man from the
ground up. Because you’re putting in the work that the
one percenters do. The 99% releases their seed, nightly, weekly,
whatever the case may be multiple times a day. You over here
have an edge. Fellas If you liked this video, I want you
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