Ninja Auto IQ Blender/ Makes A GREAT Tasting And Healthy Smoothie

all right so welcome back to another episode at ABC show and you’re doing on my love book I not do it on my Japan real fast to make me a smoothie so yeah I make smoothie with your girls I hang on a minute the iPod is whip bang right here from my reel in my year ago right maybe there’s no over here he didn’t quite like it so you know he used to cry once or twice overs making things all Marvel again today so I said we’re doing music I’m a music internet great smoothie but I understand where you’re coming from because you want a juicer so let me show you what he bought instead of this here’s how he went and bought this year but it felt so and I understand this juicer is much more beneficial you know fire to help legs or whatever but the same thing with the ninja thing over here it can also chopped up vegetables this year and though it’s much much much better so this is what he get collected this little gadget here now in the video that I’m out to show y’all y’all gonna see me hold it and it’s going to look like the little machine is jerking or whatever however and the reason it was moving is because it let me take the shelf for a second show you it has suction cups up under the bottom here but I didn’t um my little counter thing right here was a little wet so it didn’t quite come on to the uh it didn’t hold on it didn’t suck that but it do get suction scab they’re gonna be bouncing all over the place okay put it to you like that so that’s what you guys are going to see emanate I got me some fresh spinach here so I’ll be using that I have a pineapple here I’ll be using this I have a mango here and I’ll be using the end got me some bananas I’ll be using this threes and my bananas look like this because I freeze them up so they’re frozen I’m trying to wait to the ice with knock off a little bit but you can also put them in their frozen size probably what I do anyway criminals and I’ll be using some fresh organic kale okay so now let’s get started okay now I watched it a rinse my look here like I transferred my clip only use this larger clip here and yeah so I have to do this stuff off camera because I broke my tripod so I can’t on I’m holding the phone here so I’m trying to show you all as much as possible but I rinse my kill off and put it over there now I’m not doing spinach be right back alright I added my spinach meal on and my bananas as well my there my pineapples in my mango okay now you see how I’m gonna turn and see how expect the maximum right here so what I’m gonna have to do is I’m have to chop this here down and then I’m you know get it up under the max before can arms and my breasts my pineapple and my main goal you I have all the fruits and vegetables add it now and I’m about to continue being – all blended up yeah a picture all right and then is my smoothie all the way all the way down now I know it’s green and I know a lot of folks like I don’t like the tape the vegetables and unlike their but the fruit the mango the pineapple you also add strawberries you can add apples you can add whatever proof you want I just chose those groups those folks they’re it sweetens up the whole you don’t even taste the vegetable just tastes like a sweet smoothie it just has real good so besides the color you know just you know this color suits you I’ve been hey but yeah this year is very good on my own on my way to work so this is what I’ll be drinking over when I’m working all the way up until it’s time okay see you guys later [Music]


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