New Sit-Up Protocol for FBI Mandatory Physical Fitness Test

[music] Participant lies on back with
tops of the shoulder blades touching the floor, arms crossed
over chest with the fingers in contact with the top of the
shoulder (trapezius muscle or
seam on some t-shirts). The knees are bent at a ninety-
degree angle with the feet placed flat on the floor. Feet
are held in place by a partner with partner’s hands at the
tongue of the participant’s shoes. The holder’s knees may be
placed on participant’s toes. Participant raises upper
body until the elbows touch mid-thigh. Participant then returns to the
starting position, meaning the tops of the shoulder blades must touch the floor to complete the repetition. Hips must remain in contact
with the ground throughout the repetition. This is a timed 1 minute
continuous motion exercise. Incorrect Sit-ups that will not be counted. Elbows do not touch mid-thigh at the top of the sit-up exercise. Tops of shoulder blades do not touch the floor at the bottom of the sit-up exercise. Hand(s) move off of the tops of shoulders. Hand on collarbone is too low. Hands pulling on shirt. Hips do not stay in contact with the floor. Not maintaining ninety
degree angle at the knees. Resting between repetitions. [music]

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