New Coach Mentorships with Kyra Carlen

hi friends so this is like the fifth
time trying to go live so we’re gonna see and make sure this works I’m
literally sitting outside of our event for our Super Saturday we’re getting all
set up and I’m just making sure that it’s actually gonna stay connected and
go live so if you can hear me this lighting I’m so sorry if you can hear me
like say hello that you can see me you can hear me it was not working before so
I just want to make sure that you guys can see you hear me all the things so if
you can tell me when you hop on hello maybe give me some hearts um we are
setting up for Super Saturday here in st. Louis and I’m part of the market
Council so we’re here setting up and this was just too much of an opportunity
to pass up so okay I got a couple likes I will not waste any of your time as
well let’s make sure this is gonna be a hot mess I think that is the best part
about this is because literally that’s how I run my business so I was asked
like what’s working for my team what’s working for our groups and my like all
of the things and so many things I was like but the Champions page is full is
full full full of tactical things like how to get to Emerald is how to get to
Diamond how to do A B and C for your business but then I realize the reason
they’re asking me is because I have a team that is doing the things so I’m
gonna kind of take you on a back story maybe remind you why you started this
and how coach mentorships are working for me more than leading challenge
groups so when I started my business I literally was just like how can I sell
challenge packs how can I hit SC it was just kind of like Groundhog’s Day of
like what do I need to do to be successful and what I found was I wasn’t
putting passion into what I was doing it wasn’t getting any kind of actual reward
out of it for me because I was just going through the motions okay if she’s
sitting success Club I’m hitting successful I was just doing the things
to make me successful but I was taking out the passion that I was really
wanting to make this business move forward so what we have been doing is
coach mentorships and but I mean by that is not like hi
sign up to be a coach and then do X Y and Z’s whoa connection okay I hope it
stays connected friends I’m so sorry real life right like coach life so when
our mentorship that we’re doing we’re hosting them as boot camps and we’re
having them be six weeks long this is for two reasons number one 21 days I
feel like people are just giving it a little bit just to get through but
they’re not putting their heart and soul in it they’re not getting that
breakthrough that they need but we’re doing six-week programs and specifically
it’s because I want them to know what this feels like to place more than one
order how many times you get a coach come through and they’re like they get
signed up and they do the coach the coach everything you can do the coach
sneak peeks like yeah I’m gonna do this you’re gonna do this they do one
purchase and then you get that cancellation or no one does a REIT like
they do not get their second order when we’re hosting six week boot camps we’re
guaranteeing them to like host to at least place two orders so it goes for
you and it goes for them they don’t have that buyer’s remorse when they’re buying
something twice and it feels like they’re actually doing an investment so
the number one thing that we do is having the six week boot camps but from
there it’s not the mundane like hi do your workout post your sweaty selfie post your
shake I do not need them to be a product sale that is not what we do in this
business what we do in this business is literally sell ourselves and sell our
stories so what we’re having them do encouraging is telling their stories
daily so we post challenges every single day hi you guys get in here tell us what
you’re grateful for tell us that get non scale victory tell us what you are proud
of yourself for tell us something that you’ve never done before let me know
about your family and we’re having them dive into their five buckets you guys
already know that but I think the thing is we get so used to following challenge
groups and challenge group guides and what we need to be doing to be
successful that we’re forgetting to put our passion in our purpose into our
people we’re thinking about who can I sign up
next that you’re not serving the people that you are around right now you’re not
giving them your heart and soul you’re literally getting them signed up
plugging them into the group and then spending the rest of your month trying
to get more people my thing is what if instead of trying to hit higher success
Club numbers what have you hit lower numbers and you gave them your
accountability you gave them your support you gave them your energy and
this is for people who are telling you I want to run this as a business and
that’s because that’s the kind of vibe I’m putting out that’s the kind of thing
that I am giving my people I’m telling them I’m leveling up I’m never stopping
I am in the trenches with them it is not me being a teacher it is not me telling
them what to do it’s not me the one saying like okay guys do your work out
and I’m gonna sit on the sidelines it’s me being in the trenches with them and
just showing up cuz the part that I think we forget more than anything of
running our challenge groups is that we’re just trying to get by we’re trying
to get to the end of your you’re 21 days or your 30 day bootcamp that you’re
having and your people are falling through the cracks because they don’t
feel your passion in your purpose I’m gonna ask you when you’re on your
Instagram when you’re in your stories when you’re on your facebook whatever it
is that is for your groups are you on there giving them your heart and soul
signing them up and then moving on to just your Instagram are you only giving
your story as your heart and your passion or are you in your challenge
groups doing the exact same thing because what’s happening the people that
you’re looking for so many times I get asked how do you get working coaches and
I know results is the number one thing that you can get them that is gonna make
them fall in love with this business but I can tell you number two is giving them
passion and giving them I can have you get fit I can have you
lose the weight that you’re trying to lose but what I really want is for you
to love this so much that you can’t be quiet about it so I’m gonna have them
fall in love with themselves so what I’m doing is giving them tactical advice and
having them do things that I do as a coach as part of our group so part of
their challenge is to show up okay I need you to post a selfie talking about
your life what are things that you’re proud of that has nothing to do with
fitness what is it going on in your life that makes you just like that other girl
that’s watching you I’m asking you are you giving them tactical advice versus
just saying all right sign up in the challenge group be in here and do this
and do that are you following a guide because I
think a lot of the time we have these guides we have these things set in our
heads that will make us successful and we’re not actually doing anything with
it so I’m gonna challenge you I just spoke on a team called the other day and
I made myself cry and I told myself I wasn’t gonna cry on the champions page
so hopefully I don’t but I’m gonna tell you right now the reason why I am so
passionate about this because this has genuinely changed my life I was a size
16 19 and down to a size 2 and I was just unhappy at size – as I was whenever
I was a size 19 I told myself I was size 16 forever but it was because I was too
afraid of facing the fact that they that was not my size
but I got to size – and I still wasn’t passionate about it because I wasn’t
fixing what was going on in here and that’s when you’re gonna find you’re
working coaches it’s not getting them the results of being smaller it’s giving
them the results of loving who they are and being themselves and being proud of
who they are and being able to take that back to their people whenever you give
people the results of loving themselves and being proud of who they are and
giving them small tactical things to do once a day it builds up it’s just like a
tower you guys if you put one brick in front of the other you’re literally
gonna have a wall but if you keep going on about your life asking why you can’t
get working coaches I’m gonna ask you what are you doing with your coaches
that you have now how are you helping them how are you leading them how are
you showing them they are worthy of your success
versus going out there and yes we need to help all the people friends I’m not
telling you say no to people but I want you to make sure that you’re focusing on
the people that you have give them your heart give them your passion because
that’s when you’re gonna get working coaches your coach mentorship happens
when you’re loving on the people that you have when you’re giving them the
support you’re giving them the accountability and when you’re
remembering that challenge pack that you sold that SD that you’re hitting and
you’re trying to work towards so big like you have the school I had SC 50
okay if you hit SC 50 I want you to guarantee
me that all 25 of those people you’re giving them your heart and your soul you
are giving them a thank you note you were sinning than a note telling them
thank you because what happens more than anything you’ll hit this high FC number
and you’ll tell yourself you’re still not good enough you will tell yourself
that what you are doing doesn’t matter because those 25 people weren’t success
starters you’re comparing your success to the people who were just trying to
reach high numbers I’m gonna remind you the ones who are successful in this
business are because they have a team of people that are freaking passionate and
are helping people not because they have highest C numbers you can get all the
highest see numbers you love but if you’re not actually giving passion and
purpose to the people that you’re loving it’s not gonna be for anything so I know
that when it says coach mentorship it’s like I’m sure a lot of you were like
she’s gonna give me tactical advice she’s gonna tell me how I can get
working coaches I am but I’m not gonna give you a checklist I’m not gonna tell
you if you do a B and C you’re gonna start popping diamonds left and right
but I can tell you that if you love on your people if you are giving your
energy to those people if you are making this about so much more than success
clubs so much more than the rank advancement if you think about that
success club that you sold like that you got challenged pack that you sold that’s
a mom and that mom you’re healthy you’re changing her daughter’s life you’re
changing her husband’s life you’re changing her family’s life I know first
and foremost my daughter is obsessed with me for those of you who do not
follow me I literally have a mini-me and she’s obsessed with me
and she’s obsessively because I love Who I am and I breathe fire and I breathe
passion she gets to see that every single day she doesn’t see a mom who
picks yourself apart in me or she doesn’t see a mom who is mad at herself
because of who she is she gets to see a mom who loves herself and she has a team
doing all of the things she has a team who is proud of themselves she gets to
celebrate that with me and because of that because I was one success Club I
was one challenge pack I am able to give back to so many other people so if
you’re out there and you’re thinking how can I be more successful I’m gonna ask
you what are you doing with a team that you have if you’re not happy with your
team that’s on you friend that means your vibe is attracting your tribe what
are you out there attracting are you out there telling them hey I just want to
you know sell the things I want to do this I want to do that I want all the
trips I want if you are only celebrating the success and only the celebrating the
accolades and then you’re wondering why your coaches are getting discouraged
because they’re not hitting all these big goals in 30 days I’ve got to remind
you are you telling people about your struggles are you telling them about all
the things that you had to do to get here if you can bring them the coaches
you already have on your journey they are gonna appreciate this so much
more if you can just give them tactical advice of hey I just need you showing up
in your social media for once a day every single day tell a story tell a
story why you’re a mom and why this is important to you tell me about how you
struggled with eating disorders or you know body image dysmorphia what have you
struggled with bring your story to your people bring it to your audience be that
pretty picture that you want on your Instagram and then when you’re inside
your stories show them that you’re a real person show them that they can be
successful just like you versus holding yourself up on a pedestal versus making
it seem like this is just guts like this is just glory that you need to include
the guts in the glory you need to show them what this is like to work your
freakin butt off I know hands-down I would not be where I
am if I did not have a a coach if I did not have a coach that
was like this is hard that it freaking has the most rewards I’ve ever imagined
in my life I would not work so hard yet so many of us are just asking how can I
get working coaches I’m gonna tell you the answer freakin believe in them love
on them show them supports to show them encouragement I do want you to know I do
not need you dragging people they will match you they will level up with you if
they mean it but at the same time if you are not giving them anything to level up
to how do you expect them to grow so when I say I lead coach mentorships more
than coach boot camps we’re doing six week long challenge groups every single
day I have a challenge it could be simple like share your water share but
it’s not things like hey go out and make a post that say your challenge group
tells you to do this what it is is that you literally want to live and believe
in the little things that they can do because you did not get here you did not
start off successful you did not start off with a huge team you started off
with you you start off with one person and your job is just to help one person
every single day if you can help one person believe in themselves guess what
they turn it around and may help one person and they help one person this is
not new math you guys know this but we get so caught up in the accolades and
how you can be a superstar diamond or how you can have all of these things
those things are great but those things will mean so much more when you believe
in what you’re doing when you have a team who believes in this when you’re
not asking them if they can order something so they stay active you want a
tribe of women who are proud to be a coach a tribe of women who want to level
up and that’s on you because what it comes down to if you’re the one leveling
up if you’re the one always pushing for more if you’re the one showing them
what’s possible that’s your coach mentorship coach
mentorship means that you are showing them what’s possible you’re showing them
that they can so I want to remind you guys if you are signing a crap-ton of
coaches I’m gonna say good for you sister I am proud of you just guarantee
me that all those people that you’re signing up your
giving them just as much heart and love as you would one person don’t you dare
take that success Club number and run to the bank with it I want you to sit and
look and be proud because every single success Club number that you get is a
family it’s a mom it’s a wife it’s a friend and you have the ability to
change their life you have the ability to have a working coach if you want to
but you have to quit writing people off to go to the next one so I just that’s
might I mean it may not be tactical advice but I will tell you right now
this page is full of tactical advice this page is full of execution this page
is full of how to’s I am here to bring you passion I am here to bring you
purpose I know how I’m successful in this business and assonance because I
believe blue and I care about this and the opportunity in the ability to change
people’s lives by being myself by celebrating me by being so proud of what
I have done every single day so if you want to know what it’s like to be
successful start acting like it I hope you guys have an awesome day I
hope you get to a Super Saturday there are so many and if I’m telling you right
now do not not go because you’re afraid to go by yourself because you will go to
an event and that will be the game changer you’ll be able to FOMA the whole
point of this open house is so you can follow the crap out of this business
because you and I both know the most important part of this business is
community and support and encouragement and passion and if you want that get
this as your opportunity go to a Super Saturday bring that passion bring that
fire so you can find your girls that you want to level up with

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