My Parents Vegan Weight Loss Journey

[Music] he’s my parents Chris curry senior Janice curry the boss it all kind of started a couple months ago when I posted a picture of us having the vegan Thanksgiving and a lot of people were just really surprised to see that we’re doing that exact people from the South another deluge of emails came in after I posted a picture of you and the weight that you had lost after being on the vegan diet I think maybe for that time is it maybe about 40 maybe four or five months and the last time it just saw my mom was when we did the the poke a bowl yeah yeah she was much larger than I want people to understand like how was growing up what was my favorite meal growing up most me roast beef it sure was macaroni and cheese rings Chris is my older brother Chris like its mother chicken rice and gravy big mom always cooked I always cooked on Saturday okay cuz when I got home when we got home from church we ready there was no cooking on Sundays because you guys was like mom we’re ready to eat so I grew up with my parents cooking every Saturday so growing up though it was always good food was it food healthy no no it’s soul food you know I’m from Mississippi dance from South Carolina so you know on Sunday fried chicken was definitely a staple regardless to what kind of meat we had we had fried chicken and potato salad don’t stop that was there you grandma my boo always knew you know we travel from Philadelphia to go home to Mississippi she always knew what to fix she could you Dan what did she fix you those greens and with pigtails in pigtails grant and my mom she got fried catfish she always made catfish but she could fry just a little bit of grease and I’m telling you this the best catfish I’ve ever eaten really and you dance mom I used to be mad at her Kevin because though we would go to visit her mm-hmm and you know we’re early people I will get up at 5 o clock and your grandma Irene’s dinner would be done how was I so ready to go so we have the biggest um family saying don’t do mine like that and we’re all day that yeah whenever you know we don’t want to judge somebody else but you just go ahead and do you you tell them the quick story this is the realism what we always say she just see what other people would be fixing uh his mom would and she look and without criticizes she’s just say that’s nice they don’t do my something that we always say growing up like that it had yeah you know your dad your dad got sick early on in in 1990 that helped contribute to me eat out of stress and everything but you know let me just let me just go back as a little girl I was never skinny I always thought I was fat not realizing that mentally I really wasn’t fat because I thought I was fat I just continued to eat and my look my self-esteem just kind of just plummeted and it just stayed that way and it stayed that way up until just recently so as an adult I went on every diet plan you can think of everyday I walk five miles I lost the 89 pounds then I of course you see what happened I gained it back because food was more than just fuel to me yeah I like to eat and when we moved here we were the adults we were the parents of the Klan in this area so we hosted all of the big dinners yeah gobs and gobs of food and whatever was left we somehow managed to stuff it down our faces just what we do it was a culture well because I ate what happened most of it with me was I had developed a bone disorder bone disease it was called avian stopped me from being able to exercise and walk a lot so I was just packing food in and that food was impacting my body with inflammation and because I have no longer cat could carry out that function it depressed me and made me eat more so when you introduce the idea of plant-based foods if it already entered into my mind that I’ve got to do something and it’s going to be drastic because I felt just the heat of my body from the inside but I will secretly take my temperature but my temperature wouldn’t be up but I know my body was hot inside and so I made up in my mind more than anything else it’s not about wait I’ve got it do something different about my eating habits because I’m no longer able to to walk or exercise like a equal like I used to I’ve got to change what I needed part of our courting was exercise we did it every day every day when I went to work when I got to work the guard threatened to call 911 he could hear me wheezing and one thing got me one day I was in court and I was like what is that noise that was me wheezing it was so loud that’s me the circumstances of both your health what it was to a point now that you were just like willing to change your eating habits yeah it wasn’t about losing weight to me it was always about getting myself in a healthier position and if the weight came off that was fine but if I had remained the same size I was so convinced when you talked about plant-based food and how effective that is in driving out some of the inflammation because most of that inflammation was coming from meat products I’ve tasted just about every kind of meat that I’ve wanted to taste in me with gravy and with that right so that was the conversation that I remember that we had when you probably tasted everything that you’re you know in terms of really having that experience you’re not losing out on anything if you were to go to a plant-based diet that’s right marry a girl from Louisiana [Laughter] but you know what though and and we got grandboys and we wanted to be active for them I’ve always had a fear of failing when I lost that 89 pounds I never saw myself getting there or saw myself getting there but then I saw myself gaining all the weight back and I mentally I could never ever get past that fear we talked about it and we said you know what when I think about actually going back to all that me immediately on I feel okay we’re old I don’t want to be bogged down I enjoy the freedom I mean the 90 pounds and I have lost it feels good I still need to go 20 more pounds brother got to have something to hold on to you know and some of the things that Janice enjoys eating we’ve discovered that the vegan choices offer some of the same flavors like cheese is one of her means she love cheese but we eat vegan cheese now people write me and they say well how do you get your parents to start doing that because I fight with them all the time and I remember that you and I would have arguments about the diet you kind of gave up on me you know we thank God for you because you love us enough to be honest and you know how how I value written out stuff mother look I’m done with this you don’t gonna do it and you wouldn’t do and I wouldn’t really wouldn’t do it I didn’t feel so as a person who had lost weight I was at that place you know where dad was and where you were when you finally said okay I really have to commit to something because I was stepping away for the sake of our relationship it was it was sure it was really really cool yeah I think that you saw everybody else and then commenting and and and like interacting and sharing their stuff and saying other people changing their life through food and then of course me that maybe those things were the ones because it never because I was never able to do it I felt like a lot of guilt with that too how can I go out here and and share recipes with everybody else and help other people lose lose weight but I can’t tell my own family well I think when you finally pull back and you came at us again about eating you were not combating about what we were eating but you were talking about better choices in her for us to eat things that we should try and then go out with you you would take us to these different kinds of places to eat and the choices were not full of ribs and chicken and that kind of thing but they were selective choices they were delicious choices and most of them were plant-based and so we were being gradually introduced to these new choices of foods and it made it easier for us to because they were tasted I was thinking and I said well just eating plants but you said no you’ll get enough protein you know on a plant-based diet and you were right so now when we go out I mean we go out before we go out you know you Dan around wearing there on the internet looking for places we’re not looking for regular foods per se you know but we also know if they’re not vegan we say look at the menu well what can we have one here to tailor our eating them you know you want to share with them what you did yeah I because my weight implemented to 275 and like I said I couldn’t breathe and this is something that I never ever wanted to do but I ended up having the gastric sleeve yeah one thing I want to say about that the first 30 or 40 pounds that’s it with that but after that it’s all on you your conversation with me was mom I don’t care if you do go that route if your mind’s not changed it is not gonna work and you know you were so adamant about that I don’t want to be 275 pounds again because I was miserable I want to be able to go to the games with my grandkids I want to be able to spend time with you I want to be able to park far and walk she’s never shared that before yeah I actually put her on the spot but when you did that you hesitated a little bit and when you said you put your head down a little bit for a second I did yeah yeah because I don’t I haven’t shared it with people but I want to be honest with people too so what you have it I know a lot of people who had it and gained weight that know several people and in fact I get a lot of your emails I’ve always said to her whatever you decide to do you own it it’s your decision it’s not about what other people think about it yes you know definitely you have to do what’s best for your element I had to lose you know some weight before and then you had to go through I guess like the the pre pre surgery leg yeah training illogical sex a lot you know because people can medicate themselves with food as a little girl I know that that’s when it started you know we’ve had I grew up we had a lot of everything I had all you don’t know about this princess dresses and a car to shoe and I had everything I needed but where my mom would take me shopping sometimes this is what she would say see Betty she’d say all the pretty dress looking in looking in looking at she just look at it dad you have no idea how that impacted her how that impacted me today and it hurt me in so many ways you have no idea what that meant but anyway it can have a psychological effect yeah yeah a lasting effect first I want to let you know that I’m really proud of you thank you cuz I’m proud of both of y’all but I’m really proud of you because you used up to it in a major major way my me and my sister-in-law we um we always joke about my mom because my mom never she’s gone for a couple years now but she would never do selfies since she’s lost all this weight we get a selfie every day and then she does this thing where everybody has to be tagged in her selfie like this is your picture I’m letting mr. tagging me know it you’re still mom it’s just a newer there’s something I haven’t seen I went on to my IG and asked you gotta send me some questions a lot of people responded back this is a really nice question this is from Jordan Jordan Jordan Johnson he says what is the favorite part of a healthy eating cooking how does it make you feel the taste of the food now actually the part that the best part of healthy eating is knowing that I can eat not gain a bunch of weight and enjoy the tastes because now it’s not about putting heaps of food on my plate yeah it’s just about eating just a little bit because I know I have enough you know I’m experimenting with different flavors different spices and different choices learning different things and combinations and say man that takes me yeah because I used to make that curry the curry for you did you like that yes but I gotta say this though Kevin since you’ve gotten into this food thing and I have you know I could cook but the the different seasonings that you have introduced us to man I love it I knew nothing about smoked paprika okay you know just different things that you’ve introduced us to one practical thing that a person my age or maybe younger older the 20 get the parents to eat better give them give me one thing that they could do take them to a restaurant with a better choices different choices than they then they are accustomed to and let them enjoy that that new experience cook for them if you can cook show different choices different things here’s a funny question from from Josh Lopez he says ask your parents if there’s something that you yourself ever cooked something that God loved and that when y’all try that you were like no thanks oh oh yeah okay in fairness though you actually went to the store but one of the independents Oh jackfruit this is stapled in my mind now I don’t want anything jackfruit nothing jackfruit okay struggling with my mom to eat healthier should eat would I make it x which is healthy but overall she prefers her own food she wants to know how did you break your old cooking habits I made it up in my mind first of all that I have already tasted fried chicken smothered chicken barbecued chicken and every other kind of chicken every other kind of meat I made it up in my mind I needed to change my eating habits I needed to make better choices it’s before you start putting food and changing your food you’ve got it’s a mental thing you’ve got to make it up in your mind that this this is my choice yeah you gotta talk to your parents how much you love them how you need them to live and not die you know mom I know you like this and I know you like that but you know you’ve kind of do better because I need you around and and and you’re gonna have to gradually be patient gradually work with her yeah you know be patient be patient uh and I’ll say to that often times the change may not come through you it may come through somebody else and you’ve got to be okay with that and you can’t throw it up in their face if you know if she goes and she’s following like a new diet plan she’s losing weight it’s not the time for you to well I’ve been trying to get you to do this the entire time I’ve been cooking for you just be happy and yes sugar means cheering yeah sure how can I be a part of this cooking me some of that too if you want to make you know make that because I think that’s the most important thing you don’t want to make that a competition and brave stands yeah she do so here’s a great question from come on he said his mom suffers from diabetes for years now and he’s trying to help her change her food habits especially coming from the South East Asian culture he said what has what as parents has been the most effective way your son or your son’s have helped change you change your eating habits by not criticizing what we were eating but starting to introduce us and tell us about things that will help us more stop criticizing what they’re eating and give them another choice give them some other reasons why another choice would would be beneficial to them and go shopping with her this is from melody how did they start craving healthy food and I wonder how to find joy and satisfaction in meals with entirely new foods and without my favorite foods like cokes and sweets well I’ve always enjoyed eating vegetable anyway so it wasn’t that much of a transition into just plant-based food it was just the different taste that we because I tell you what we went to a Vietnamese influenced vegan restaurant then we went to a Mexican influenced next restaurant that was vegan mm-hmm and then we went to that spiral diner and that’s my comfort food yeah and they have all of the taste like the macaroni and cheese but they are made out of vegan products and all of that stuff the meatball sandwich but it’s a Seton yeah and yeah and those kinds of different flavors and choices helps keep it fresh for us and we go crazy because we go looking for different things to stimulate our taste buds and then you just had a scared – at the hospital that’s why he’s got this bandage right there one of the frustrating things for me when you’re in the hospital he was still trying to eat his own vegan diet and yeah and he did and it was very frustrating with me because they were like well well we can’t keep him on like special diets and I didn’t like that just because the vegan diet on a special diet it’s just your eat it’s a plant-based diet it’s not something kind of like a paleo was where I was like restricted or so or like a keto diet and me and my brother he’s watching this right now I was in the hospital and they come yeah well do you think it’s because like no but with my do it I’m eating some plants and everybody was trying to convince me that you know then maybe what was going on with his body was business like it’s not nothing to do it big and diet I have to say this I am so impressed with your dad yeah because he is taking this thing since October and he is not given up in the hospital they had the menu there and you know he was definitely sick yeah but I had the menu there and I’m like what can he eat it was not so much the taste of the food but these were the choices that I knew what helped my body yeah you mentioned maybe going back and taste the meat again and you just relax off and I think that is the effect of of healthy food that’s the consequence of it that once you start to really pump your body full of nutrients your body craves and once that they’ve done one more so whenever you put something in it that’s not that fuel and kind of addictive it’s kind of a car you are running differently on different types of gas but when you give them that premium gas it runs smoothly I want to thank y’all for sitting down though this is a not typical and mighty among family we’re not we’re private we don’t have any secrets and stuff like that we just don’t share we you know that’s the way that we were raised we grew up and family business is family business exactly and social media is something different so thank y’all for being open thank you all for watching what a comment below if you have any questions here and I think that the discussion for this particular video will be really interesting so invite your parents to come and watch this and maybe up and watch it together and then discuss how you all can come together just to again phase in and know that the continued know the change may not happen right away but there can be a change he had to be at the right point at the right place to be able to be open and ready to receive whatever I was trying to you know do you promise to there’s news and and it and it just happened and so I wish I could you know I wish that there was something magical that I could say or do and say you got to do this but sometimes it made you your parents may not be ready for that change and that is okay too but just love them through it and don’t let that don’t let whatever that diet piece is really come between you all my thing I’m glad that they brought the whole thing with the restaurants because they love going out to brunch and so what I wanted to do is just to introduce other options and it wasn’t taking my parents to some foo-foo frilly type of you know vegan and salads it was just just different foods to Mediterranean different Asian cuisines just to introduce the idea to give them get them thinking outside of the box to to show that there is an entire world out there and that’s one things you have always told us to do is just a think big about your future and thinking about life and so sometimes we forget that we ourselves need to do the same thing I want to thank you for watching thank your mom and dad for this video all right we will see y’all later [Music] [Applause] [Music]


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