My LIIFT4 Experience and Team Plans with Kim Fitzpatrick

hey there how you doing Kim here I am
super honored and excited to be in this page hello Beachbody champions and hello
a long weekend for all of the Americans in the house
so anyway I’m just gonna wait just like one second before somebody pops on to
make sure that I am good to go and I’m gonna dive yes all right we’re good to
go and I’m gonna dive into first of all I want to talk about my experience with
LIIFT and if you can just like give me their like who you are that you’re
hearing me okay Laura can you hear me you want to just shoot me some hearts if
you can hear me okay all right so I want to talk first of all about my experience
with LIIFT as one of the coach as one of the coaches in the test group and let me
I just want to first of all say what an honor it is okay thanks guys again I see
that that’s awesome what an honor it is to be a part of the
test group so I just wanted to to first of all acknowledge that and what an
incredible journey it has been so far hey Arnauld over the last five weeks so
well first of all I am loving all things LIIFT and I want to talk to you guys
about particularly what I love about it and why and how I feel that it’s going
to benefit our business and how we actually disseminate this to the general
public because it fits so well hey Jen so a couple things the first thing I
want to start with is Joel’s teaching style so what I love about the teaching
style of the LIIFT program is that it’s very clear it’s super concise and Joel
legitimately stays with you almost like he’s in your ear or your living room the
entire time of the workout so for me why i love that is it keeps my form on point
which i believe has really helped me to yield quicker results the other thing
that i love is that it is one of the most effective effective workouts and
the most efficient workouts i’ve almost ever done every single workout that i
have done it’s four days a week and you’re you are working Joel keep you
engage the cast keeps you engaged the cues keep you engaged and the speed of
the workouts keep you engaged it is incredible so it is like over and
done from the minute you start you launch in there is no time for
lollygagging you need to get it done get in and get out and that’s the beauty of
LIIFT it’s efficient and we need efficiency in this business we need to
not have more time taken away from the activities and what we can do as coaches
and our clients also don’t have a lot of time so this program I believe is gonna
be incredible for helping people get in and out get maximum results but also
maximum output of their energy and they’re gonna get that return on their
investment in the form of like massive gains so I want to talk about that so
first of all it’s four days a week it’s super sets you do your hiit your core
and it is no BS it is a no BS workout what I’m also loving about it is about
two hours and 20 minutes of structured workouts so on my off days three days it
has given me the opportunity to get back into things that I love running with my
son spinning and I call them Kim days I actually called them they’re my play
days and what I love about that is it’s given me flexibility in my life to
schedule it around great example I was away this weekend at the entre
Leadership Conference and I bumped my all my workouts up so that today was my
rest day versus Wednesday being my rest day it served me beautifully well what I
also really enjoy and love is that the nutrition plan fits your life
there are treats built-in and what that does is it creates this freedom so to
speak very similar to 2B Mindset of food
freedom no restriction you’re monitoring what’s serving you you are eating the
foods that are gonna fuel you and it is really really important so being away
when I’ve been I was away I was able to get my workouts done I was able to stay
on track easily with my nutrition enjoy a cocktail guilt-free and that is
fantastic the workouts are typically anywhere there are 36 minutes with about
two minutes of buffer with your stretching on the end so you’re rounding
on underneath 40 minutes the other thing I really love is that it’s
allowing me more time for my business so what I mean by that is that when I start
my workouts in the morning I’m in and I’m out and I’m done and that is
fantastic so for me that is serving me really well and then I can end it with a
scooter around the block with my son that I wasn’t able to do before because
I always was bought buffering a lot of extra time in for that extra workout so
for me that’s a win-win it’s a win-win for my family it’s a win-win for how I
execute the workout the results that I want to yield and it’s a win-win for my work-life
balance I really believe that this is going to appeal to a bunch of people I
think that a lot of people live in the world of busyness we live in a life of
oversaturation of do do do do do what this does is it allows you to pull yourself
out of that for a finite amount of time short bursts and it puts you back into
control of your life and control of your schedules because it’s not rigid you are
able to buffer and move around your workouts as long as you’re getting your
4 in your week you’re good so one of the things so that’s kind of my experience
with the program the other thing I love is the way Joel’s approach this he wants
this to be stress-free he wants this to be relaxing for you so that you can
enjoy workouts workouts are supposed to be fun you’re supposed to enjoy the time
that’s making you better and that’s what he really wants to promote with this
LIIFT4 lifestyle this is about living this is about balance this is about
maximizing your time you have which we don’t have a lot of time and then also
helping us to be more conscious humans about the food that we’re putting in our
body if you’re hungry eat if you want to rest sleep if that is the basics of this
program it is so so fantastic so if you’re hungry eat if you want to have a
you need to drink drink if you want to enjoy a date night with your husband
enjoy it guilt-free and get back in the saddle the next day it is a beautiful
beautiful principle and I love the foundation of it it works with my life
it works with my family’s life and I know for a fact in the last five day or
five weeks I have been tremendously tremendously on point with my business
because I have that little bit more time and that’s been really
fantastic so I really really love that Melissa yes I would say that it is vegan
friendly for sure I don’t know whether they’re doing a vegan separate plan
that’s something for R&D to decide and kind of go forward with but they do such
a good job with their nutrition plans that I believe that it would be able to
be transferable for sure so I want to talk really quickly about what we’re
gonna be doing for spread of this program because this is a program worth
sharing it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the test group or whether or not you
are not in the test group I would encourage you guys right now not right
now this minute but at some point check out the BOD so the not Joel’s bod but
the Beachbody on demand BOD Joel’s BOD exclusives and his body I’m just kidding
and I want you to at least try the hiit program so he’s got a hiit and lift
he’s got three programs right now that are incredible we’ve got June 4th you’ve
got the sneak peak coming up on demand start to promote that and promote that
through some of the functional moves that you see in the programs that are
available right now on Beachbody on demand with Joel Freeman’s BOD
exclusives so that’s one thing on one place to start is doing that ok that’s
the first thing the second thing I would encourage you to do is go check out the
Beachbody blog they have amazing stuff amazing stuff to promote to promote the
LIIFT and what’s coming up the other thing I would recommend you to do and
this is these are tools for your program promotion that are right now I love you
Jamie that are right now in your back office ready for you to lift your
computer up and check is in the go to your business the grow my
business section in your back office you’re going to go to product tools and
go to share product tools and shareable media and you’re gonna click LIIFT4
it’s all right there guys and it’s going to there is so much information in there
that you can start to show so the program releases on June 11th for
pre-release okay so get in your back office go to the FAQ’s start
researching so you know what is available
and that’s something we did on our team call last night we broke it down for our
leaders we broke it down for our downline everywhere we got the
information from was from the FAQ’s and all of the information that
Beachbody has provided for us beautifully to prepare us for the lunch
so get investigating get researching and you will be able to find the answers to
put the tools in your hands to absolutely make this happen so the
early access is actually July 16th and they’re really trying to buffer more
time to make sure that people can get their products you can order by June
11th okay so the other thing you can do is go to Joel’s Instagram go to
Facebook follow him just like what we did for our 2B Mindset launch and our
team was really successful with that I’m so proud of our team
they just absolutely crushed sharing 2B Mindset and giving people the tools
that they needed we’re gonna do the exact same thing that’s awesome Arnauld
thank you for posting that we’re gonna do the exact same structure that we did
for 2B Mindset exactly the same with LIIFT so what does that look like first
thing we’re gonna do is again we’re gonna plug our downline into the tools
that are available for the program promotion back-office the product tools
in shareable media there are videos on there there are descriptions of
everything there since there’s talk he talks about the nutrition guide he
talked about all of those types of things so lean into that first thing
second thing is everybody following Joel and Instagram are you watching his
stories are you looking at Carl Daikeler are you seeing how they’re promoting the
program all again success leaves clues guys so are you following that stuff are
you checking into the Beachbody blog are you seeing what’s happening there that’s
the first thing identify your tools for the program
promotion where are they in the palm of your hand the second thing is is we want
to talk about a social media strategy and how we’re gonna disseminate the
information through to our downline so that all of our leaders have everything
and our downline feels really really excited and confident about the tools
that they have so the first thing we’re doing is we are establishing a coach
group for the entire crush nation downline where we’re gonna share all of
the information what does that look like we’re gonna share the videos that we
share in our info group for our clients so in addition to the coach group or in
we’re opening we will also opening an information group starting
now for the clients that are interested in LIIFT and I can start the conversation
with them to get them excited tease them out with some of the amazing ideas for
some of the amazing videos that are all in my back office I’m simply just
sharing that I’m sharing some of the nutrition posts that I’ve used from LIIFT
but that are all over the coaches in the test group so we’re sharing those you
know on their social media we’re sharing those nutrition ideas so again we’re
being a resource and we’re being a proof that these products are exciting they
work and it’s gonna be fantastic so we’re sharing all of that so we’re
sharing sample post ideas for all the downline we are gonna train and promote
this program in a very duplicatable way which means we’re gonna set up a photo
album in our coach group and all the posts that we put in all the leaders use
they’re gonna be putting them in there we’re gonna reference the Beachbody blog
put tons of ideas in there and use those sample posts that are already right
there and their gold for you into our client groups and that’s what we’re
gonna do you copy you save you duplicate that’s what it’s gonna be you put your
voice in and you make it really happen so again we’re gonna set up a photo
album with before and afters transformation pictures so that they can
share the early results from the four weeks that have just gone by and then
also again at the eight week mark perfect timing for you guys so lean into
that ah what else I think I got it I think that’s what we’re gonna do and
we’re just gonna continue to share and we’re gonna share why we believe in this
and my best advice for you guys my best advice is that this is a connection
business this is about human connection so figure out why LIIFT works for you
figure out what you love about LIIFT and why LIIFT4 is gonna work for your
lifestyle and why you think it’s worth sharing because when you can connect
human emotion passion and your purpose you’re gonna have an explosion guys so
get educated make sure you understand what needs to happen here be a resource
be a sponge look follow seek ask questions and share the crap out of that
that is worth doing it this is such a shareable program guys it is for it’s so
many people and I think it’s gonna be one for the books and I’m so excited so
I hope you guys are feeling excited I can’t even tell you how great I feel
personally on this program I believe that this has gotten me to my next level
of mental clarity physical strength emotional health because I love a
balance and I needed to have the time where I’m running in the woods with my
kids and I’m not overusing and overworking my body for me LIIFT4
works for me it works for my business it works for my soul and it works for it
legitimately works for my life and that is the magic and that’s what I’m gonna
share about I’m gonna share about the fact that there’s only a little bit of
time in our world and in our life and I’m gonna maximize everything about it
so with that I hope that was helpful guys have a beautiful long weekend to
all of our American coaches and have an awesome awesome weekend guys stay well

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