My Kitchen: Citrus Salad

Hello and welcome to my kitchen. Today we’re
going to make a heart healthy citrus salad and we’re also
going to try to figure out fats because did you know that not all fats are created equal
when it comes to health.
There are a couple different kinds of fats, first of all there’s solid fat, things like
butter and shortening and those are some of the fats that can contribute
to heart disease but there’s liquid fat and plant-based
fats. Things like olive oil and canola oil and vegetable oil that contribute to heart
health and help lower your cholesterol.
Today we’re going to make a salad that uses liquid fats but before we do that there’s
one important thing we need to talk about. Make sure to
wash your work spaces and your hands before getting
started. Now that we have our surfaces and our hands
clean we’re going to put together our heart healthy citrus
salad. We’re going to first start by making the salad dressing which includes an oil base.
So the first thing that we’re going to do is add a heart
healthy olive oil to the dressing and then we’re going to add just a little
bit of lime juice to that, if you don’t have lime juice you can use
lemon juice, we’re going to add some cider vinegar, a little bit of water and then we’re going
to add some cumin and pepper to it. Cumin is just a spice you
may not have heard of it before but it’s a spice that’s going to add some smoky flavor,
typically you think about it in like a Mexican dish, and we’re
just going to mix that up, and then we’re just going to set that to
the side and we’re going to get our greens. And here we have
about 10 cups of leafy greens. I might suggest that you get a variety of greens when you
you’re putting your salad together. And we’re going to
add our fruit to it so I’ve got some bite sized grapefruit here,
we’re going to add that to the salad, we’re also going to add a little bit of oranges
and you, I’m using fresh fruit in this salad but you could use
canned. If you use fresh I do recommend that you run that
fresh fruit under water before you slice them and check them out for food safety. And then
just for another kick and some more color and flavor
we’re going to add some red onions that are just thinly
sliced and we’re just going to toss all those together in the salad and then these
fruits and vegetables are all very good for you, but to add that
little bit of heart health, to get some of these good vitamins
and minerals that are in here in your vegetables it’s good to add a little bit of heart healthy
oil, and we’re just going to add our salad dressing
and we’re going to toss that all together to make sure that the dressing is evenly coated
on the lettuce and the fruits
and then you have a heart healthy salad made with a liquid oil base for any meal or snack.
And we’ll just place some up here. Too bad you can’t smell
it because it smells wonderful and those fruits on top —
perfect for any meal. Enjoy.

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