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has my opinion on dieting changed? in this video I’m going to share with you my health and fitness goals for 2020 stay tuned I’ll be right back welcome back to The Long Run with Joel and Christy I’m Christy and I’m flying solo at the moment let me just first get into my fitness goals for this year and they may seem a little weird like you may think that’s it but if you go back and look at my videos on my health journey I’ll link them here you’ll see that I have dealt with some obsessive exercising tendencies in the past and between that and obsessive caloric restrictive dieting I left myself very depleted I don’t have a lot of energy so it’s like you have to take time to rebuild yourself and your energy level and stuff and some of my health goals will actually talk about that but right now I’m gonna just tell you my fitness goals um I want to lift weights three days a week and I want to actively go out and go for a walk go in nature at least five to six times a week but now back to the question that I asked in the teaser has my opinion on dieting changed no no it has not am I going to do a diet this year yes I am so you may be wondering how do i if you go back to my video or you’ve been following us for a while you know that I think that between chronic obsessive caloric restricted diets and stuff that I have done in the past I have said that I don’t do diets I don’t I don’t weigh I I don’t I don’t know how much I weigh i shunned it so so how am i saying that my opinion hasn’t changed but I’m gonna do a diet this year so here it is the diet that I am planning to do is the AIP autoimmune protocol diet there are certain reasons why I don’t feel like this diet falls into the category of those kind of diets and how I feel that it doesn’t change my opinion of dieting if I say that the autoimmune protocol diet is different first let me tell you a little bit about the diet um most of the time when people think of autoimmune diseases they think of something like lupus or Crohn’s disease maybe um or they might think of a leaky gut syndrome but there’s actually recorded over 100 autoimmune diseases and there’s other symptoms that that research is starting to show may be being caused by an autoimmune disease am I suggesting that I have an autoimmune disease I don’t know I don’t have anything like Crohn’s I don’t show symptoms of leaky gut syndrome I’m not showing signs of lupus or any of those I don’t follow it like I’ve looked at symptoms and different autoimmune diseases I don’t really have those things but some of the symptoms of autoimmune like potential autoimmune diseases would be fatigue which I am still dealing with I wake up most mornings after sleeping eight to nine hours still feeling exhausted and just going about my day and functioning takes a lot of energy for me but so I got fatigue I have restless leg syndrome skin sensitivity and not just on my face I have like my legs break out sometimes in rashes or they just itch uncontrollably different things like that i also have pain in my legs and stuff and so I feel like that’s there’s a possibility that some food that I’m eating is actually causing some of these and just getting those fixed might make it so that I get I don’t know possibly better sleep at night and wake up more rested maybe the skin sensitivity will go away maybe the you know pain in my legs will go away and they’ll just feel normal but the idea of the autoimmune protocol is actually for you to go for at least a month maybe two as soon as the symptoms go away basically at the beginning you take out everything until it’s almost it’s mostly just very nutrient-dense foods like like a lot of green vegetables a lot of meats organ meats I don’t know how I’m gonna feel about that like I’ve never liked the idea of liver but a lot of that it’s drinking bone broth that’s things that’s supposed to be like kombucha things that are supposed to be very healing to your body and it’s not that strange that I would go that way because I have been for on the track for the last two years of moving toward that idea that food can be medicine so these foods that are on the list of foods that you can eat are meant to heal those things and then as soon as you start seeing that your symptoms have decreased or gone away you start slowly reintroducing foods and if you could have a flare-up of those pains or those symptoms then you know that that was the food that was causing the problem so this is the reason why I’m choosing to it it is first of all there is no focus on calories you eat when you’re hungry so I get to stay to stick to being an intuitive eater and eating when I’m hungry which is very important to me I do not want to forget about how to eat on the hunger scale another problem that I had with other diets was that they wanted you to eat on a certain timeframe or clock and I forgot what it was like to be hungry and so it’s taken me two years to start getting to the point where where I recognize the hunger signals that my own body will give me like oh I’m getting a little hungry I need to go fix something as opposed to it’s two it’s two o’clock in the afternoon so it’s time for you to eat your afternoon snack none of that and there’s no focus on calories there’s no focus on the scale which I’m wonderful about you will not be seeing any updates from me about how much weight I lost I won’t know possibly some videos down the road I’ll do a video and you’ll think to yourself she’s lost weight I I don’t know and I’m not going to let that become a concern for me because I took too long obsessing over that in my past it is all about me feeling better it also encourages you to be active every day but not strenuous exercise so it encourages you to prioritize a good night’s sleep it doesn’t tell you to get up like crazy early in the morning and get in an hour’s worth of gym before your day starts or something like that there’s nothing like that you sleep you manage stress and you find hobbies and you get out in nature just for an example it’s it’s very much about which is what I’ve been doing for the last two years is getting out in nature and doing things so really the only thing that I’m really doing here is just for a few months I will be cutting down to the bare minimum of foods that are very nutrient dense and leaving out some of the things that aren’t very nutrient dense like rice and pasta and potatoes you can still have sweet potatoes no no white potatoes things like that so and like I said it’s very much a focus on making sure that you’re getting you know a lot of salads another thing that I like about it is you are on the diet for a very short period of time now when I have done it and I if I realize that one of the things that I was eating was causing me to have the fatigue and stuff like that then Joel and I talked about it we will consider those treat foods and let you know because none of them have been making me like deathly ill they just steal my energy and you know stuff like that it’s again because you can reintroduce the foods you can go into that short period of time on that diet knowing it’s a short period of time it’s not the rest of your life I guess there’s some people who would say that once you figure out what those triggers are you should never eat them again and I would just have to play it by ear and decide if that was bad enough because like I said all the AIP autoimmune protocol is its intended for people who like who are like me who are having some unexplained problem but it’s also intended for people with Crohn’s disease or lupus or something like that so for them yes it would be quite serious and they would need to take that out of their diet for the rest of their life but you know we’re talking restless leg syndrome and skin sensitivity if I know that I know that I can decrease it and maybe treat them as you know special foods that I have when we go out to eat or something like that you know like it doesn’t have to be an everyday occurrence but it doesn’t have to be a never again so that helps me as well so you may be thinking it is already in the middle of January so did you start it on January first and my answer is no and that is a couple of things that I consider tips for you if you ever are considering any kind of diet and one is always look at your calendar before you start a diet you may be thinking January is like the slowest month of the year it takes like a billion days for it to get to February first but first of all our son and daughter-in-law um was coming for a visit we’re gonna be doing Christmas dinner and stuff like that so I knew that while they were here I was not going to want to be on a restrictive diet I want to enjoy being with them and we’re going to go out to eat and we’re gonna have Christmas dinner and we’re gonna do things and we’re gonna go places and I didn’t want to be strapped down to a certain diet plan and then Joel is going to be running a marathon the first weekend in February and while we won’t it’s not a big trip because it’s just in Galveston we still plan to probably go the night before so that we are so that he doesn’t have to drive to Galveston the next morning so we didn’t I didn’t want to deal with with a diet you know like and that night and that next morning for breakfast and things like that so and then and so it then I thought we generally go out for Valentine’s Day or he might get me some candy or something like that some chocolate or something like that so I don’t want to keep him from from doing something that makes him happy like that so I have plans to start it after Valentine’s Day and then my second point and some people would not agree with me but that’s okay we talk all year long about not wasting food and then in January we tell before January first we tell everyone to throw all their stuff in the garbage can and start over with the good stuff the healthy stuff I don’t think I think that it’s wasteful all year around so I will be taking the next month and a half to I will also work down my pantry and freezer inventory and slowly replacing it with the other things so for instance I have some quinoa well guess what even though quinoa is a healthy thing it is still a grain and you can’t have any grains during the protocol well I’m not throwing out quinoa to do this diet and so I’m finishing up my quinoa before I move on and so I have several things like that that I’m just working it all down until I get it out that that they’re not necessarily a bad thing they’re just things that if you don’t take it out during that diet then it would be harder to tell if you were having a problem with grains even quinoa so for instance so I have several things like that and I’ll be working them out over the next few weeks so there you go um I will post on Instagram different things I might do some what I eat in a day I might post when I go for walks I’m still thinking all that out because it’s also time-consuming to do that but I’m thinking about doing that like maybe just to make myself very accountable to you so and so maybe to give you some ideas again the AIP protocol may not be for everyone I read one article where a person said that they actually got to a point while they were doing it they were on it for six months that they you know that they were afraid to eat anything and I’m really confused about the fact that she was on it for six months so I don’t know what that was about but then it was messing up her relationship with food and and and if you get to the point where you were scared to eat then that’s not a good thing for you so I would want you to talk to your doctor before you start a diet and also do your own research to make sure it’s a good decision for your own health but I will I will consider posting things on Instagram like that and I’ll also consider doing videos in the future just updating you about how my body is handling that diet and whether or not it’s working and if I figure out whether or not I have a problem with a certain food or anything like that so comment below if you’d love to hear any of that to see any updates about the diet in the future and that is all for today be sure to catch one of the videos the videos floating around on the screen and be sure to like and share and subscribe and I just want you all to know whether you were a current subscriber or hopefully just visiting us and will consider subscribing to us that we appreciate that you stopped by today until the next time this is Christy for The Long Run [Music]

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