My Flexible Dieting Mistakes | Kevin Kreider

hey guys it’s Kevin Kreider more than
just muscle these are my flexible dieting mistakes I believe a lot of
people make this mistake because it works so well that you sometimes take it
for granted and just know that if that happens to you just know it’s normal
just go right back to it like I said I took it for granted I’ve literally had
almost zero grams of fiber in my diet because I didn’t go in the Pop Tart diet
but I definitely went on the pancakes and eating sugar diet and the problem
with having tons of sugar in your diet refined sugar that is I’m not talking
about food sugar or just carbohydrates but problems with actual refined sugar
is it has low fiber and when you have low fiber you get a huge insulin rise
and then it drops just as fast leaving you hungrier and feeling less energetic
than before so when you have fiber in your diet no sugar or processed sugar
and insulin slowly Rises because it’s harder for your body to digest the
carbohydrates with it because it changes the glycemic index when you have fibrous
foods or fat or proteins with it the glycemic index is really based off of
just one food group alone eaten so just carbohydrates as fats just proteins and
they based off of your glycemic index based off of that but they find that
when you have fibrous foods that’s what makes fruit so goods that this fiber
with the fruit and the sugar then your insulin doesn’t rise like that it goes
slow and steady and then levels off or just drops a little bit slower so the
fiber changes the glycemic index and and well it’ll leave you feeling fuller and
less hungry at the end of it and I took advantage of that which left me hungrier
look feel healthy and I’ve used it and they game back back just as quick so
that’s the number one mistake for that the other one is I didn’t make you
flexible enough when I needed to what do I mean by that so here’s the thing with
flexible dieting to this it’s flexible just stay within the core and range too
but because I’m a physique guy like I like to look a certain way with my body
and the certain chiseled parts and a little bit deltoids and having a
six-pack the thing that I really wanted to emphasize that is on days such as
like weddings and things that you might have like birthdays or special occasions
and going out with your friends want to throw up once in a while yes but not
going out every night doing this but what I would end up doing is trying to
stick exactly to the macronutrient ratios 40 30 30 right 40 grams 40% of
your dietary intake comes from carbohydrates fats and 30 percent comes
from protein I tried to stick with that all the time realistically though going
out to restaurants a lot I would blow it and I feel bad about myself but the
thing is if I as long as I stayed within my protein intake and I filled the rest
of the macronutrients and calories from the calories because basically when you
count macronutrients you are counting calories by default you will end up
staying within a caloric intake and you still lose body fat so basically you can
fill up 500 calories with a protein and then you can do 1500 of all fats if you
wanted to or all carbohydrates it can be more flexible that way so flexible
dieting I even took it to a different level that way and when I did that I
found that it was more sustainable for me especially when I wanted to go out
and enjoy myself and friends so the next mistake I made with flexible dieting is
that when I did blow my macronutrient ratios I will try to make up for by
compensating by doing more work the next day more compounding movements more
cardio jump roping you name it what have you and that’s the thing guys you’re
always gonna play catch-up then I’m sorry about this what you might want to
end up doing is doing a thing called macro borrowing so what you end up doing
is it’s like a credit card you thing over withdraw it and at the times you
pay for a penalty it’s body fat the thing though is you can do what you call
macro borrowing and when you macro borrow or calorie borrow whatever you
want to call it you can actually just say oh it’s off my calories and that
grows by about 500 gram 500 calories the night before it just means I’m gonna
have about 500 today or you could do 250 calories less
today and then 250 calories less the next day and then you break even again
so don’t beat yourself up by doing more work just do a little bit more on macro
borrowing but that’s just what my strategy is it works for me and it’ll
work for you too and that’s the thing guys just know what your ratios are know
what you can do what you can’t get away with if you’re one of those people that
like to just borrow calories and then never return it the next day or the
following day and over a week then that might not be for you so just know
yourself to and know what your limits are and what your trade-offs are – I
mean I don’t drink anymore but this is a mistake that other people do they don’t
account alcohol for their macronutrients alcohol is a mechanician it’s actually
its own separate macronutrient it’s seven calories per one gram of a gram of
alcohol and the thing is it doesn’t really do any good it’s called an empty
calorie for a reason does you no good just gives you just cuts off oxygen to
your brain a little bit more and that’s it and it has a little bit of benefits
like wine and beer they’ve shown that helps with longevity and all that kind
of stuff but the thing is you have to still count that into your
macronutrients and into your caloric intake your overall caloric intake so
yes your macros won’t go up that much but also watch your calories because if
you know your all your macros count towards 2500 calories in a day and then
you have two beers and it’s a hundred calories per beer you still have to
include that so you can only have 2300 calories for that time that you want to
go out and then include those two beers into your macronutrient boom you still
lose body fat you still get to enjoy going out with your friends you don’t
have to you can enjoy a beer too when you really enjoy it or a drink or two
and not feel guilty and that’s the mistake that sometimes people don’t make
is they don’t include that in there as well guys I hope you enjoyed this video
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