My First Time Bungee Jumping!

( music playing )man:
So, you’ll jump successfully. – Will: Successfully.
– You’ll– you’ll land
successfully. – Will: Right.
– You’ll get off– Or– or not.
But what– ( overlapping chatter,
laughter ) You know, you say yes to things
long before you actually know
what they are.You know, when I bungeed at,
uh, Victoria Falls, right,
I said, “Yeah, yeah,”
you know? So we go out, and I had never
bungee jumped, right? So– but I had seen–
you know, I was like,
“It’s bungee jumping.” So we get out there… Riding towards Victoria Falls. Way too fast to be going
to the end of falls. ( chuckles ) Will: About to bungee jump
Victoria Falls. I’ve been wanting to come
to Victoria Falls since
I was about 12. ( indistinct chatter ) There’s trains going past on
the bridge you’re jumping off. And I look at the guy… man: Who’s that jump master?
What’s your name, man? – Ed.
– man: Ed, okay.
You look after my man. And I was like, “Oh, no.”
This is my bungee squad. This is my bungee squad
right here.He wraps towels,23-year-old towels, like,
they’re old, tattered,
and he puts them
around my ankle.
And then everybody
started cheering.
They saw me go up,
I was like… ( laughter )And then he grabs
the bungee cord,
turns it around my ankles
and pulls it.
I was like, “Wait.
That’s it?” ( laughter ) It’s towels and just a cord. And he pulls it really tight
and wraps it around. And pulls it really tight
and then attaches it
to the bungee cord. And then…( laughter )man: Okay, Will,
this is you jumping the mighty Zambezi River,
Victoria Falls bridge. Tilt your head up,
hold your arms out. ( indistinct chatter ) Whoo-hoo! Whoo! ( laughing ) Whoa! Whoa! Ah! This is gonna be a cool shot. I’ve been wanting to do this
for, like, 20 years. I got high blood pressure
though, so they need to get me
from being upside down. – Hey.
– Hey. Yo.
What’s up, baby? You coming to get me.
Now there he is.
Hey, fella. – What? You got me?
– I do. – That was fantastic.
– That was fantastic. – What’s your name?
– That was a good jump.
My name is Fredo. – Fredo?
– Yeah. – What’s up, Fredo?
– Fredo. Yeah. Oh, man.
Oh, man. ( laughter ) – “Should we try to book him?”
– Clearly he’s the best – ’cause it went very well.
– If it works, right? Yeah. – ( laughter )
– man: Hire the towel guy. Yeah. I somehow thought
it was different than that. Like, it’s towels, rip cord, strap the cord,
and…That bungee jump
was not a good idea at all.
Whoo! – ( laughter )
– Glad it worked out. ( applause )( music playing )( music playing )

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