My biggest WTF moment (broccoli hoarder edition)

– Hey, it’s Jenny from Jenny Eden Coaching
and I help sensitive, soulful and smart women heal their relationship with food and body
through mindful eating and intuitive eating practices, behavioral change, mindset work
and even brain science and today I wanna share with you a very humbling story. It was not my proudest moment but I wanna
kinda lay the foundation and give you a little context here. So let me take you back 17 years ago. I am dating my husband, my now husband, we
are engaged and at that time I was really in the throes of dieting. I was constantly restricting my calories,
always on a diet but of course for my wedding I was in particularly a very restrictive state
of mind because I wanted to get to a certain weight before my wedding, blah, blah, blah
and I remember very clearly I was in the middle of a very strict diet and my husband and a
friend of mine, my fiance at the time and a friend of mine went out to eat. Now, picture this ’cause I’m gonna tell you
a cautionary tale. I didn’t know what to order, right, first
of all. I think it was Legal Sea Food because the
diet that I was on at the time I could only eat vegetables and fruits and meal replacements
essentially. So I remember going there and I was kinda
scanning the menu. I’m like, oh, okay, I can get broccoli, I
can get a potato and I can get a salad, awesome. Of course I was starving, I couldn’t wait
for this to come and our meal comes. My husband has beautiful fish with potatoes
and all these things and I’m sitting here with a salad and some broccoli and I remember
my husband, my fiance at the time coming up to me and saying, hey, can I have some of
your broccoli and a normal person would be like, sure, honey, have some of my broccoli. You know what I did? I was like, no, this is the only thing I can
eat. I’m not giving you a single stalk of my broccoli. I was hoarding my broccoli, you guys and he
was so confused and like do I actually wanna marry this woman, she’s hoarding her broccoli
but let me tell you the reason and it sounds so crazy to me now that I was doing this because
I love sharing my food, I love cooking and entertaining and sharing and giving and stuff
but when you’re in a chronic dieting mode, you are basically in a scarcity mode, you
are basically starving and not wanting to share anything, none of your food, it’s all
mine. If I don’t eat this, there’s nothing I can
eat and your body gets into this panic mode, right, and I never ever wanted to be in that
place again where I was literally eating my broccoli and hoarding it and not sharing it
with people and if you have ever experienced something like that, I would just love for
you to put a yes in the chat where you’ve kind of felt almost protective of your food
because you’ve been dieting or restricting for so long and I want you to know that you
don’t have to let broccoli or any other food get in the way of your relationships and I
would invite you to visit my website, www.jennyedenberk so that you can learn how to create an abundance
mindset with food and really give up this dieting mindset forever and yet still feel
amazing in your body. You wanna learn how? Come visit me, and set
up a session. We’ll have a free powwow, get to know each
other, see if we’re a good fit and hopefully you too will be able to share your broccoli
some day. This has been a Jenny Eden Coaching moment
and have a great day. Bye.

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