My 80 lbs raw food weight loss story! Before & After photos!

Are you tired of being fat? Are you tired
of trying all these different diets which simply don’t work for you? Are you tired of
being affraid to go to the beach because you have the feeling that everyone will be starring
at your big big butt? Are you tired of being short of breath when you try to run? Are you
tired of avoiding to look at yourself in the mirror? Are you tired? Because I was tired!
Two years ago I was fat, I was sick and I had absolutely no self esteem. But somehow
I’ve managed to change that. And if I can change it – then you can change it too!
Two years ago I was at my heaviest weight – almost 100 kg / 220 lbs and I was desperete
because I have tried everything to change that. I have tried different diets, sports,
I have tried going to different doctors, taking different pills. Nothing seemed to work. I
even tried fasting for 3 weeks. I ate nothing and yes, I lost some weight but few months
later it came back carrying a big bonus of fat. I was desperate and I was praying to
find a solution to my problem. One day, I searched online and I found about this high
carb raw vegan lifestyle. I realized I should give it a try and here I am – two years later,
I am still following this lifestyle because it is the best thing that could have happened
to me. I feel great again, I feel vibrant, slim, fresh and I feel life again
with every cell within my body. And the feeling
is great – believe me. As if I am another person, not the person I used to be 2 years
ago. For two years I have lost a little bit over
35 kg / 77 lbs and I cured all these minor health problems that many people have. I had
digestive problems, a condition called gastritis. I felt really bad every time I ate something.
My stomach was bloated and I felt pain. Now it is gone. I used to have hormonal problems,
no sign of them now. I used to have really bad acne, insomnia, brittle nails, greasy
hair. Please give it a try. It migh restrictive
but depends on the point of view. I still eat very delicious meals such as cakes, ice
cream, pizza, spaghetti, burgers. The only difference is that they are made with the
right ingredients which won’t make you fat and sick.
If you would like to learn more about this lifesyle, about my weight loss, about all
the other things I have changed during my journey please SUBSCRIBE. Thank you!

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