Must-Do’s for Keto Over 40 ✅

Hi everybody, if you’ve been aware of
the Keto diet out there, you know that it’s a very trendy topic. However, there’s a lot of
misinformation out there. So, tune into the show today, and I’m gonna be revealing
a lot of the things that most people are not talking about. And the dos, and the tips and tricks on how you can maximize the
effects of your Keto diet if you’re over 40. (peaceful indie rock music) Now, today’s topic is Keto over 40. How does that work? If you’re on a Keto
diet and you’re over 40, are you doing anything wrong? What are some of the tips, the tricks? How can you improve it? What do you need to look for? These are the things that
we’re gonna be covering today. So, what I’d like to do
is clear up a few things. If you’re starting or if
you’re already on a Keto diet and you’re over 40, congratulations. Because you’re really reducing
your carbohydrate intake. And I’ve been saying for years that one of the root causes
of negative health conditions is all the gluten, it’s all
the bread, the carbohydrates, the sugars, the rice,
the potatoes, the pasta. These are some of the most damaging things to the human body. By the time you’re 40, in our research, you’ve accumulated a lot of toxic buildup within your system. So, one of my best tricks, if you’re on a Keto
diet and you’re over 40, is basically taking a little step back, and cleansing and healing the gut. We know now, that all
disease starts in the gut and all health begins in the gut. And even if you’re on a Keto diet, depending on what type
of foods you’re eating, I don’t recommend a lot
of the high level fats, and a lot of the meats and things that other Keto doctors
are recommending out there. I recommend more raw
nuts and seeds, avocados, low-glycemic fruits,
low-glycemic vegetables, and doing at least 100%
vegetarian Keto diet. But if you are factoring
in and adding some meat, it should only be a very small
percentage of your Keto diet. So, I recommend doing an intense, doesn’t even have to
be intense by the way, just doing an intestinal cleanse using an oxygen-based cleanser, utilizing some good
pro-biotics on your Keto diet. When you’re going to be eating more fats, it’s very important for
your liver to be clean. What I’ve found in the
majority of people over 40, is that their liver is
only working about 25%. I highly recommend to
supercharge your Keto diet to do a liver cleanse, maybe
even two liver cleanses. That way, not only are you
increasing your liver’s ability to process fats, but you’re
also cleansing your liver of 40 years of toxic gunk
that might be inside of it. It’s amazing the energy that you feel, the digestion that you
get, the processing, the availability of your nutrients. When you’re talking about Keto, when you’re talking about diet, you basically have fats,
proteins and carbohydrates. When the bowel, number one, cannot process and digest
all of those properly, and the liver cannot break
the nutrients down properly, that can cause you to
start developing toxemia, the proteins turn putrefactic, the carbohydrates might
ferment, the fats turn rancid, and that leads to negative
health conditions. The next thing that I would recommend to supercharge your Keto diet
would be intermittent fasting. We eat too much. There were doctors in the 1930s,
the 1940s that were saying, we eat 10 times the amount of food that our body actually needs. Now, people always say,
“I’m running out of energy,” which is another good
reason the Keto diet works. If you’re doing it for
short periods of time, or if you modify to where you
really understand how to live on a vegetarian Keto-based diet. One thing that you can do,
which I highly recommend if you’re on a Ketogenic diet over 40, is to fast one day a week. Do a 24-hour water fast once a week. Intermittent fasting would mean, you would skip one meal out of the day. Skip breakfast if you’re
doing intermittent fasting. Eat between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00
p.m., or noon and 6:00 p.m. Just reducing the amount
of food in your system is going to speed up the
results tremendously. Whatever you’re doing your
Ketogenic fasting for, or your Ketogenic diet for, you’re always going to get better results if you’re not eating as
much as you normally eat. Another tip that I would
throw in there is exercise. Move around. When your body is in ketosis, when your fuel that your
body is using is ketones instead of glucose,
which is the Keto diet, then you’re going to have more energy, so get out a little bit more. Just increasing your exercise
levels by 10%, by 25%, it doesn’t have to be hard exercise, you could go for a walk, walk
up the stairs at your office. Just do more movement. The body is meant to move. By increasing your movement, you’re going to supercharge
your Ketogenic diet, especially if you’re over 40. It’s also really good for
your bones and your muscles. When you turn 40, you might be atrophied. You might have that extra 20
or 30 pounds of weight on you. You might have some
osteoporosis starting to come in or some sort of a bone density. You might not be able to exercise as much because you might have kids. Or sometimes if you have kids,
you actually exercise more. We’re always open to hearing
your comments, as well. So, if you’re over 40 and if
you’ve been on a Ketogenic diet for quite some time, please post in the comment section below your one or two tips that
you’ve noticed in your life. We know everybody’s different, everybody lives in a
different environment, everybody’s exposed to
different stress levels, different diets, so it’s always good. We’re a community here, we
wanna share all of our knowledge with everybody else, so please, feel free to give
us any of your tips or tricks. Post ’em in the comments below and share ’em with our community. One of my secrets that
I always tell people if they’re gonna go on any
diet, especially a Keto diet, is to make sure that you
choose organic only foods, non-GMO foods. What you don’t wanna do is
put genetically modified foods in your body because you
wanna keep your bowel healthy during a Keto diet. You wanna keep your liver
healthy during a Keto diet. And you wanna keep your mind
focused during a Keto diet. And that’s why you want to relieve, or get away from any type of stressors. Those are my tips for
the Keto diet over 40. Start changing your life today. Learn about how you can
clean up your environment. Learn about the root cause of disease. Learn about how you can keep
the inside of your body clean. Please remember, you have
the ability to heal yourself. You have a self-healing
mechanism within you. And you have the power to
live healthy and happy. (peaceful indie rock music)


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