Music video or a fitness video?- Rope jumping musician,Conrad Ashton

something slightly different today but
it’s going to be the new normal thing on the channel which is including some non
music content occasionally but this is more of a background video it’s just
showing you a few different exercises you can do and how you can clip them all
together to do anywhere anytime and jump rope as I’m showing you here is great
for calorie burn and as musicians as well it’s it’s great for building
stamina which is obviously important for gigs and being on the road and things
like that and as well as musicians you know press ups are great for drummers
you know as you can hit them harder you know and of course musicians as well you
know we can’t afford gym memberships and fancy equipment because we’re always
broke you know so it’s a because can be used for non musicians as well but the
overall message is you can be busy and but I always find a time you know even
just ten minutes of jump rope or something like that’s better than
nothing or go all-out intense and throwing some exercises like I’m sure
and you hey you around jump rope basic isn’t always you know sex drugs and rock
and roll now in a world of social media and all those kinds of things it’s
important you try and look your best and not only be a good musician in my
opinion you know and I enjoy doing this as well and it literally makes me sleep
better at night you know music and fitness can certainly be linked there is
a sample workout in the description as I say one with and without jump rope and
so do you see what works for you but I’d certainly advise learn how to do jump
rope and those star jumps properly as well not like that
so the overall message is guys you’re not gonna be busy 24/7 always find a
ten-minute gap get up earlier in the mall and you know watch less TV make
fewer phone calls you know whether year on tour or you’re in the studio you’ll
always be able to find time to do a quick workout and achieve your physique
goals it will help you look good on the stage and it will help you become a
fitter and better musician and I’m sure you’ll thank me in the end thanks for
watching you

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