Muscle Ups (WORTH IT OR NOT?)

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. So we’re going to talk about the Muscle Up
today. Lot of guys have requested information about the Muscle Up exercise. There’s a reason why I really haven’t covered
it all that much. Because I don’t like the exercise too, too much, especially as a Physical
Therapist. But first let me demonstrate what it is for
those of you that aren’t really familiar what the Muscle Up is. Alright it’s simple combining a Pullup and
a Dip into one motion. We start up here and we pop ourselves up to
the top, ok and then we come back down. Now, why don’t I like the exercise that much? I put together an 8 Best Bodyweight Exercises
video for you and I’ll link it somewhere around here. It didn’t make the top 8 for me. Because a
lot of times as a PT who trains Athletes you’ve got to have the risk reward benefit for an
exercise. And to me this is a little bit of a party
trick. It’s a lot involved with timing, you definitely need strength to do it. Matter of fact I wouldn’t recommend that you
attempt the exercise if you can’t do at least 10 Strict Pull Ups. Maybe more like 15 Strict Pull Ups, I’m not
talking about Kipping Pull Ups guys, 10 Strict Military Pull Ups. And then also our Dips, you’ve got to be able
to do at least 20 Dips. The idea here though is, what is the body
doing in order to get you up there? A lot of momentum, but then inside your body
and your joints, there’s a lot going on that maybe necessarily isn’t all that great for
you. So most importantly for me, two things going
on here, the Elbow and the Shoulder. The Elbow you have to, in order to get this
exercise right, and I’ll show you how to do it if you’re going to still ignore my advice
and try to do the exercise. You’ve got to get really rapid flexion here
of your Forearm, ok, so you’d be turning your Wrists over at the
top so that you can actually position your hands on top of the bar to be able to execute
the push. To do that you have to have a lot of flexion
right here in these Forearm Flexors, right. You’ve got to get a quick strong contraction
which is all placed the brunt of it right here in your Medial Elbow. So guys that have Medial Elbow pain, Golfers
Elbow, this will flare it up pretty quickly, especially if you have a history of it. Secondly you’ve got to really turn yourself
over, well this is internal rotation at the Shoulder. And again internal rotation at the Shoulder,
especially quick internal rotation at the Shoulder, especially if you have a Shoulder that’s not
really biomechanically set up properly for that. So if you have a Hooked Achronim here, this
could quickly lead to Shoulder issues too. So it’s not one of the top exercises that
I would ever program for an Athlete because thirdly I talk about it being a little bit
of a party trick. It’s just a momentum thing. And if you’re
going to do it the key is you want to be able to do two things. Number one, you’ve got to be able to do an
explosive Pull Up. That means you’ve got on the bar you’ve got to pull and get up to Chest
height, ok. You can let go of the bar but pull and get
up to about this height on the bar. That’s a prerequisite. Secondly, it’s a timing thing, so you start
a little bit further away from the bar. So that when you jump up for it, you’re not
just underneath the bar here, but you’re away from it so that takes your momentum in. Now where have you initiated the move? You
initiate the move, right here. Which is, right when your body swings all
the way to the front, just when it’s starting to come back. Just when the body starts to change direction,
is when you want to initiate the swing. And there you do something I call, Pull, Pull
and Turn. Pull up, Pull your Knees up, like a, you know
like an Ab Knee Raise, ok so you’re doing this at the same time. That’s where you get that explosive part. And then thirdly, Turn. Ok you have to turn
your hands over because if your hands are underneath the bar, there’s no way you’re going to be able to
get your body up on top. You have to be able to turn and get your body up on top. Alright, so putting those three in action,
again. You jump up from a little bit further away,
come inside, pull, pull and turn, ok and down and down. Not my favorite. I feel it here in my Shoulders, I feel it
in my Elbows, even my Hands get pretty beat up just doing
a couple reps I can really start to get my callouses all torn up on my Hands. So, not my favorite exercise. Guys if you’re looking for the smarter exercises
though, if you want to Train Like an Athlete, that’s an Athletic move no doubt, but do it with a purpose because if you’re
just working out that’s not really having a purpose behind it. Work out with a purpose, that becomes training. And we Train Like Athletes, here at ATHLEANX. Head to ATHLEANX.COM right now, start training
like an Athlete. Follow the best exercise for building Upper
Body Strength, Lower Body Strength and everything in between. And that I’ll help you guys with day by day
with our program. I hope you found this video helpful and hopefully
it saved a couple Shoulders along the way too. I’ll see you guys back here in a couple days. Make sure you leave your comments and thumbs
up below. Whatever you want to see, I’ll make sure I
cover it. This is another request that you guys made,
I’ll make sure I cover more. See ya.


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