Muscle Injections Almost Cost This Man His Arms

COMM: Romario Dos Santos Alves has modelled his huge frame on his favourite superhero.
The Incredible Hulk. But his obsession with injecting muscle enhancing oil into his body,
has almost cost him his sanity. And his life. COMM: Three years ago 25-year-old keen bodybuilder Romario had a chance encounter that sent his
life into a downward spiral. COMM: The substance, a mixture of oil, alcohol and lidocaine, is injected into the muscles
to enlarge them. Soon Romario was hooked and injecting regularly. COMM: He met his partner, 22-year-old Marisangela Oliviera Marinho at the gym. COMM: Romario’s biceps swell to more than 25 inches, and people found him terrifying. COMM: But Romario also received praise for his incredible body. Which made it hard for
him to kick his addiction. COMM: Romario’s arms were now causing him constant pain, but he would stop at nothing
to make his look even more extreme. COMM: The constant pain and negative reactions to his appearance, took a toll on Romario’s
mental health. That had a knock on effect on his relationship. COMM: This was a turning point for Romario, he wanted to break the cycle of addiction
and desperate, decided the only course of action was to have his arm amputated. COMM: Romario was lucky, he stopped using the muscle enhancer in 2013. But despite it
almost ruining his life, he’s still tempted to try other substances from time to time. COMM: Romario still has ambitions to become a professional bodybuilder, but is now committed
to staying clean.


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