Muscle Building With Free Weights : How to Train Like an Olympic Weight Lifter

Hi I’m Les Whitley, today I’d like to talk
to you a little bit about how to train like an Olympic lifter. In training with the Olympic
lifts we are talking about two major lifts, that would be the Olympic clean and jerk,
which essentially is taking the bar from the floor, to shoulder’s height, finish with feet
together, the bar completely over head in a full lockout position. The other lift with
the Olympic lifts is the snatch. That’s taking a wider grip, moving the bar in one smooth
motion from the ground, all the way over head while keeping the arms locked. Typically training
with the Olympic lifts the focus is on moving the bar as fast as you possibly can. In one
fluid smooth motion. With the clean again from the floor, powerfully exploding using
the hips and lower leg power to a rack position where the bar is in control at shoulder level
and exploding upward fully locked over head under good control. The snatch one of the
most athletic moves again moving all in one fluid motion, catching at a full lockout position
under control. These lifts are typically trained with fewer repetitions with more sets to still
get the type of volume you need for maximal strength development.


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