Muscle Building With Free Weights : How to Build Lean Body Mass

Hi, I’m Les Whitley. Today I like to talk
to you about building lean muscle mass. The mass of your body is comprised of fat free,
which should be the lean muscle mass, the bone tissue; connective tissue and fat mass;
which should be other jiggly stuff that’s on top of those muscles. With focusing on
building lean muscle mass, or the muscle structure of your body, you have to keep in mind that
it’s not easily done and requires a lot of effort on your part; beginning with exercise
to stimulate that muscle for growth and energy expenditure, but also, it takes consideration
of the food that you put in your body. Keeping a nice, good, healthy, well-balance diet,
emphasizing fresh fruits and vegetables for energy supply as well as lean sources of protein
to rebuild and replenish that muscle that you’re breaking down through exercise. In
building lean muscle tissue, you have to stress that muscle to a point where it’s getting
enough resistance, that it’s force to grow or become stronger. As that muscle mass increases
which it provides the shape of your muscle, your shape of your body. The fat in minimizing
which covering over the muscles to give you that nice, lean, tone look, you have to emphasize
the amount of activity to do; not only exercise, but your daily life and daily routine such
as taking the stairs vs. taking the elevator, standing up vs. sitting down when you have
the chance, to expend more calories than you’re taking in. Your diet again, should be compose
of healthier alternative foods, lower in fat, lower in sugar and again, to emphasize the
goals that you have set for yourself in increasing that lean muscle mass. Set small goals for
yourself and small increments, emphasize more how you look and how you feel and how your
body response as oppose to being focus on the weight of the scale; especially when improving
lean muscle mass as it takes time, effort and a lot of energy on your part.


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