Muscle Building Secrets for a Long and Happy Life || FitSphere by Liv Lo

@annahyphenrina 1. How do you build muscle? Everyone has muscles the only difference is the size of it and whether or not it’s covered by a layer of fat. 2. How do I lose fat and gain muscle? increasing exercise, increasing movement and having a combination of both cardio and also weights because in the end of the day if you are just doing cardio all the time for sure you are going to lose fat but, you might look flabby like skinny fat the more muscle you have the more fat you burn even when you are sedentary. 3. What should I do if I have no muscle at all? start off with body weight exercises even if it’s hard think about it as incorporating it to part of your daily lifestyle walk a few more extra steps instead of taking the lift take the stairs instead of using the robot to vacuum do it yourself! you can hear lots of advice everyone wants have the answer given to them but, really they know the answer it’s just a matter of whether or not they want to do it 4. How often do you workout? on average, at least 3 times a week 5. What does working out mean for you? for me, it would mean going to the gym to lift weights if I am not at the gym then I probably go hiking that’s one of my favourites as well because you are essentially you are having fun 6. Do you count calories? I don’t! 7. Do you make friends and are more social with fitness? Yea! Cause in the end of the day when you get into a fitness mindset you gravitate towards people who have the same mindset as well and I find that very motivating 8. How do you get strong shoulders and abs?

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