Muscle Building QnA with Vince Del Monte (GET BIGGER FASTER!)

What’s up Champ! I’m Vince Del Monte of In this video we’re going to be re-visiting a
popular series I did back in 2013 – 2014 which is called “Ask Vince” Where I took your questions off of Facebook,
Instagram, well, actually I didn’t have an Instagram account back then but I do now. And I’m going to give you guys short, simple, no-nonsense, short answers.
Alright I understand that the bodybuild, muscle building,
weight loss, fat loss world is very confusing. It’s very overwhelming. There’s a lot of noise. There’s a lot of opinions. There’s a lot of conflicting information. So I hope that this video will help give you
clarity on your next steps. Some of my answers will be strategic, some
of them will be more tactical, and some of them will be kind of more mindset that you
can take and then run with. Alright. So let’s get to it. First question here. Well, actually before we get to the first
question, I’m gonna do 20 questions because I just crossed the 220 barrier. For me, that’s an achievement. I’m currently in a bulking phase as many of
you guys know. I’m following my 1/2 pound strategy as many
of you can see here. Um, this is 220 pounds on the screen. I’m staying pretty lean. So right now my world is muscle building. Everything I’m doing is wrapped around muscle
building. So I thought this would be a fun video. Enought of the pre-ramble. Let’s get going. Kevin says, why are there no pictures of your
calves. So I replied back… what are those. Why would I show you pictures of my calves
if they’re small. That doesn’t make any sense. Though I have made progress with my calves
and I don’t know, whenever I post some pictures of my calves I don’t get any thumbs ups so
why would I post pictures of my calves. But um, I’m getting implants and I’m getting
synthol in the next couple of my months for my plants, for my plants, for my calves so
that’s going to take care of that. Are you getting implants? No Off subject. Has anyone ever told you that you look like
Andrew Garfield, main actor in Hacksaw Ridge… appearance and character. No. No one has told me that. That is not a question. I’m not sure why I read that. But I just watched Hacksaw Ridge on the weekend. Fascinating story. I highly recommend it if you guys are looking
for a good movie to watch this weekend. Watch Hacksaw Ridge. Top 5 supplements and timing of taking them. Wow. This could be a separate video. I will say Whey Protein. I will say Citrulline Malate. I will say Creatine. I will say Caffeine. And I will say Beta Alanine. Those 5 supplements have more scientific evidence
around them. And there’s effective dosages you can take
for all those supplements that will make an impact on your results. Ankit – Is there any side effects of pre workout
supplements? Only over abusing them. Caffeine is one of those things in most pre-workouts
and I recommend 4 mg. per kilogram of body weight. So I’m 100 kilos so that would mean I take
400 milligrams before my workout. You have a tolerance with caffeine so the
more you take the more you become receptive to it. So as long as you’re not having caffeine every
day of the week, you’ll see good results from it. I only have caffeine on my really really hard
training days and I don’t have it at all on days I’m not training which makes me constantly
receptive to it and seeing a positive and not diminishing returns. Julio – Do you need a protein shake after
HIIT when cutting? When cutting. I prefer to stick to whole food if you want
to look solid. Eat whole food. So I try to avoid shakes when I’m cutting
unless its for convenience so you’d be better off just going home to have a whole food meal. Tony – What is the best food to eat? Food that only has one ingredient in it. So broccoli. How many ingredients are in broccoli. One. Chicken. How many ingredients are in chicken? Steak. spinach, how many ingredients? One So the best foods to eat are the foods that
have only one ingredient. Okay. Moving on to Instagram, Jackie’s got a great
question here. How do you think your advice for muscle building
translates to women looking to build muscle and minimal fat? It’s more important for females to build muscle
than it is for guys because guys already have a natural amount of uscle on their body. The reasons why ladies lack a shape is because
the don’t have muscle on their body. The reason they don’t have that tight looking
waist, or those round, full, glutes or those slender, sexy legs or those round shoulders
that give that beautiful hourglass figure is because they’re afraid of builidng muscle. And they’re searching fat burning workout
when they go to Google instead of muscle building workout. And I’m not talking gaining 20 – 30 pounds. I’m talking about gaining 2 -3 pounds, you
know 4 -5 pounds of high-quality muscle. Alright. There’s only one kind of muscle, but here. Life-chaning muscle. Or however you want to market the word muscle. But you see what I’m saying. You’re actually adding size to your body and
that’s what’s gonna help you keep the fat off. So if you don’t have dedicated phases to gaining
muscle, you will always struggle the rest of your life to lose fat. Alright. Next question is from Martin. If you are only able to get to the gym once
or twice a week to build muscle, what is the best method for deciding which body parts
to exercise on those days Would you still work just a couple of body parts on each day,
but do them less often, or work lots of body parts each time? Lots of body parts. You’d be doing two full-body workouts per
week. The name of the game for building muscle is
frequency. So if you can only train two days a week,
you have to do full body workouts. What I would recommend doing is buy my book
Living Large. You can get it from Amazon and the first ten
weeks are dedicated to full-body workouts. I recommend you do the volume workout and
the strength workout. Use those two workouts and you’re gonna get
great results. Sarvana Kumar – Are you still NATURAL? Yes sir I am. I actually think that hthis is my unfair advantage
in this really competitive fitness space. And I believe that guys that make this decision,
they’re not like better people, but I definitely feel like you have a long-term edge. The guys that are building their followings
just from getting more ripped or getting bigger or getting stronger with drugs, I mean they’re
really screwing themselves over long term. Because what are you going to do if you’re
not satisfied with the progress you’re making. Take more drugs Like what you’ve been learning how to do is
just cheat your way to the top. That’s not a strategy. Cheat your way to the top. So anyways, I feel that guys that stay natural
have an unfair advantage long term and this is a long term game for me. Tony – Vince you need to write a book on this
stuff. (Chuckles) I have. I’ve written tons of books. My actual physical book is on Amazon. I know that’s not a question but it’s at Amazon. It’s called Living Large. It just came out October 16, 2016. It’s my best work and it’s the smallest investment
you’ll ever make for the best everything. You get meal plans, a 30-week program, and
you get exercise pictures so you know exactly what to do, you can take the book to the gym
with you every day and hundreds of guys have sent me testimonials and emails saying how
much they love it. So a little shameless plug for my book since
you wanted to know. But Geoffrey wanted to know how to work the side
and rear delts for “boulder shoulders” Let’s start with the side delts. I’m going to give you a new exercise you’re
gonna do leaning one-arm dumbbell side raises. Okay. So you’re gonna be leaning, holding on to
something here and we’re gonna be reaching, reaching, reaching. We’re not going to think about up. We’re going to think about reaching and you’re
going to hold it for two seconds in the top position. Alright. You’re going to do 4 sets of 10 at the start
of your workout. Don’t worry about the weight. I want you to focus on getting a deeper and
harder contraction on each rep. Allrght. Don’t forget those two second pauses and don’t
bounce out of the bottom. The leaning side lateral raises is your new
favorite exercise, Geoffrey. Next question from Rick. What are the best exercises for bigger arms
using BFR. I’ll show you. So as you can see on the screen, the first
exercise is prone incline dumbbell curls here. This puts your shoulders in a great position
to get flexion at the elbow and the shoulder so you can really maximally contract your
biceps. And then for triceps we’re going to be doing
lying tricep extensions with the rope. As you can see here this locks us down so
we can get a lot of shortening at the triceps specifically around the elbow joint here so
you’ll feel a really deep contraction. Next question comes from Shane. How do you properly activate all your muscles,
including your stabilizers so you can maintain pain-free movement and to maximize your available
range of motion. Shane. This is actually going to become a product
in the next couple of months and this product is going to teach you how to create stability
and how to activate and how to create contractile ability with all the major muscle groups is
something I’m using right now to increase all my lifts so this is a full-blown product,
I’ll tease you with that. Next question is from Ali. How to avoid the one side of the body that
gets bigger muscles compared to the other side. In other words how to avoid asymmetry. Asymmetry is pretty normal. That’s because our body compensates. Right. This is a good thing. Compensation is a beautiful thing if you have
weaknesses your body has to compensate so the only way to create symmetry is to find
a muscle activation technique therapist. Somebody that can find instabilities in your
body so that the muscles that are overcompensating will stop overcompensating. So this goes above my paygrade, but if you
can find an M.A.T. Therapist he can start putting you back together. The reason you have asymmetry right now is
a good thing because something else isn’t doing it’s job. So those other muscles have to overwork to
make up for it. So you don’t want .. and this is the whole
misdemeanor in the industry. Everybody’s looking for mobility, balance… Well your body looks the way it does because
of a weakness. Allright. So it’s protecting itself so to try and fix
that, you’re not addressing the root problem. Allright. So that’s actually with the product that I’m
creating in a couple of months is also going to address. It’s going to fix asymmetries. Alright. Next question here. This is from Zach. How can one diet or get lean without tracking
macros. Very simple Start learning the difference
between intolerable and tolerable hunger. One is good and one is bad. So if you want to get lean without tracking
macros, you have to be comfortable with tolerable hunger. Allright. Tolerable hunger means that your body is in
fat-burning mode. Intolerable hunger means your body’s in fat
storing mode. So you should feel a sense of hunger throughout
the day. This is good. It means you have an optimized metabolism. And everytime you experience tolerable hunger,
you want to tell yourself this is good, I’m losing fat, but when you start getting closer
to intolerable hunger that’s when y ou have a meal and that’s roughly every 3-4 hours. People that aren’t getting hungry every 3-4
hours don’t have optimized metabolisms. Alright and they think that’s good. That’s actually not good. I just noticed my daughter is back here playing. You’re being very good Amelia but I’ve got
to keep cranking out my questions so I hope you know I’m not ignoring you. She just likes watching daddy work. The next question here is how do you stay
motivated and why do we hate leg day? Man, I can say so much on this one. But why do people hate leg day. Because they’re scared. They know it’s gonna hurt. They know they’ree venturing into unchartered
territory. Right. They’re in a world they’ve never been in before. Their heart’s pounding. They’re sucking for air, their muscles are
shaking, their mind’s telling them to stop… That’s not comfortable. That’s not fun. Right. So I think that’s the obvious reason why we
avoid leg day but what I will say on the flip side is that leg day can become something
you look forward to. Because this is when you experience that you
experience breakthroughs. Alright. When you track into unchartered territory
and you find a sense of achievement You’ll feel bigger and better and more confident
about yourself to keep moving forward If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Allright. There’s no such thing as being in-between
so if you’re not pushing forward, you’re actually dying. Use that as motivation to do another leg workout. What are the body’s cues to increase or decrease
calories? This is from Brad and I asked him back in
context what goal. Building muscle tissue while burning fat but
not in bulk stage if that makes sense. Not really. You got to figure out what your priority and
first to understand the concept of priority you have to know that it comes from the root
word prior to everything else so you can’t have multiple priorities that contradicts
the work. You can only have one priority so is your
priority to build muscle or is it to lose fat? Once you get clear on that, we can now see
some progress so if your priority is to build muscle, we want to gain at least 1/2 a pound
of scale weight per week And if you’re not doing that, that’s your
cue to increase calories. If you’re trying to lose weight then we’re
looking for a 1/2 percentage to a percentage of your body weight coming off the scale each
week. Okay Again, these are… this isn’t taking into
consideration like your individual needs and that, but as a general rule of thumb, it’s
a safe one to follow. You decrease calories if you’re not doing
that so what we’re always doing is making outcome based decisions. Ryan Griffin Hey Vince. Big fan. Known you and your programs since your very
first No Nonsense Muscle Building. I wanted to ask you what is the best way to
stay motivated and driven to finish your No-Nonsense 2.0 program. Post your weekly progress pictures my man. And use our private Facebook group. I think you know which one that is. Post your pics every week. Make yourself accountable to the group, right. You need other people to know that you’re
doing this so that if fail, there’s a pain, there’s a consequence. Alright. So that’s my best advice and just focus on
those six week deadlines. That program’s built around three six-week
phases so just really focus on those daily routines and habits that you have to implement
to just take it one day at a time. Alright. Don’t think about about 18 weeks, think about
one day at a time. James Mulligan. I’m in University right now. What tips can you give me to help balance
my study time/gym time. Plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Make appointments with yoursel. Make appointments to go study. Make appointments to go to the gym. And plan them the day before. Right. So it’s in your book. You visualize it. You know it’s going to happen and you’re just
basically going to make that commitment to yourself. The better your do that, the easier it will
be to make more commitments to yourself. What’s your opinion on trying to mix strong
lifts with bodybuilding? I think every person needs to incorporate
strength phase into their training cycles. No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0. This middle six weeks of the 18 week program
is a strength phase. Alright. So you’ll always be limited by your strength
when it comes to building muscle size. Now it just comes down to how long that strength
cycle is and how often you do a strength cycle based on your muscle fiber type. But I definitely think it’s a very important
aspect of long term goal, a long term progress, but it’s not the be-all and end-all because
these bigger lifts have mor risk associated with them so we have to make sure that we
find the line and not over step it. Michael – Do you give in to junk food cravings
or do you fight it? Oh man, a bit of both. I understand that being hungry is good so
I really have a new mindset. Hunger is good if you want to lose weight. It’s a sign that you’re burning fat so I actually
look at my hunger as a good thing. I tell myself right now my body’s burning
fat and making progress right now. But there’s certainly times when it feels
like mental warfare and that’s pretty, pretty normal. Alright. Another question from Darlene. I like BCCA’s before, during and after my
workouts. Is this beneficial to muscle recovery and
building it too? Yeah. BCCA’s definitely won’t hurt you. But if you’re getting 1 gram of proten per
pound of body weight, it’s a bit redundant. Alright. Because you’re already getting sufficient
BCCA’s with that amount of protein. So if you’ve got the money, go for it. It won’t hurt you. If it might help a bit it’s one of those things
you’re gonna have to access for yourself. If find that when I’m cutting, BCCA’s are
a must and I find that when I’m training twice a day, which isn’t very often but when I am,
BCCA’s also help with muscle soreness. James Matthews. He wants to know how much does stability play
a role in gaining muscle? What things do you sugges to work on to increase
stability? Stability is everything. Right. This whole industry right now is obsessed
with mobility right and what I say is that mobility without stability leads to inability. So with stability, that all comes down to
be able to contract muscle tissue Alright. Having contractile ability Alright. If you’re not able to contract muscles focusing
on a movement, is just going to lead to compensation patterns. It’s going to lead to injuries eventually. Doing things that promote activation of a
specific muscle group are so, so, important. Activation exercises, Isometrics controlling
the end ranges of a movement, holding them, not using momentum Remember, momentum isn’t a muscle. Applying the principles of mass mechanics
which is the principle of disadvantage. is the principle of ownership, the principle
of respect, which are all things that are taught in Those … that’s all the stuff that you need
to promote stability in your body. Question from Baz. What do I think of Ben’s no carbs pre workout? So yeah this is something I actually did for
quite a while when I was working with Ben I hired him a couple of years ago. I paid his $4,000 coaching fees so I have
experience with this and I did notice a difference but everything was very, very, um, calculated. I was getting ready for a show and I was taking
in a very specific amount of carbs every single day. Alright. So I don’t know if not having them before
the workout was making that much of a difference. It’s definitely something you have to kind
of do an a/b split test with What I find most people respond best to is
just hitting their total carb goal each day consistently It’s like putting gas in the tank. It doesn’t matter when you put the gas and
whether you put the gas in in the morning, or in the afternoon, or at night. When the tank is full, the tank is full. That’s how your glycogen stores are so as
long as your carb stores are replenished after your workout, before your next workout, you’re
fine. Roger – How important do you think it is to
cycle calories/macros when bulking? I think the only thing you need to manage
when bulking is maybe reducing carbs a bit on non training days but overall, if you want
to build the house, you have to provide the materials consistently and getting too creative
with like fluctuating stuff, I honestly feel it’s just an illusion of control. Flying in shape wants to know what’s your
opinion on Intermittent Fasting for both weight gain and weight loss. For weight gain it’s a horrible idea and for
weight loss, it’s an even worse idea. Short term it works. Long term I think it’s a disaster and if you
read the comments from a video I uploaded, Why I Avoid Intermittent Fasting, it had a
lot of people, were not a fan of that video but that’s fine. I’m not saying it doesn’t work but I think
it’s a sledgehammer approach to weight loss when all you need is a flyswatter. Alright. I don’t believe in extremes. I believe in doing things that you can do
for the long term. I will acknowledge it can be a stepping stone
to getting to your goal, but I don’t know anyone who wants to restrict food the rest
of their life to just a certain window of time. To me t makes no sense. You’re denying the environment we live in
in 2017. And to me that’s just delusional and you’re
going to set yourself up for some challenges down the road. I’m all about let’s lose the weight once and
not have to um, fix problems that we created along the way and I think that Intermittent
Fasting screws with your appetite, screws with your metabolism, it doesn’t optimize
muscle mass and everything you do if you want to lose weight permanently should be revolved
around optimizing muscle mass. Intermittent Fasting does not optimize muscle
mass so for that reason I’m not a fan. If you want to get the whole video, it’s on
YouTube, and yes, I know a lot of people are just did not like that answer but that’s fine. We don’t have to agree on everything. Right. Thats where I stand. We’ll do like two – three more questions. Castel says first of all, thank for the education
and truth you provide to the fitness community. It’s a pleasure learning from you from Arizona. My biggest issue during my bulk is overcoming
thoughts I will put on too much weight and get in the habit of being in bulk mode forever. Alright so this is normal. This is definitely something I can relate
to. You get too comfortable gaining weight and
all and you have to put some restrictions on, and again, there will be a resistance
to going back in the opposite direction when that time comes, but I would just tell you,
stick to my half pound strategy. Focus on gaining half a pound of scale weight
– not half a pound of muscle, half a pound of scale weight each week, and as long as
you’re averaging half a pound per week, you’ll minimize the amount of fat you gain. Remember, bulking doesn’t get you fat. Bulking causes you to gain fat. There’s a big difference. And if you’re applying the half pound strategy,
if you’re managing your nutrition around just a half pound per week I mean I’m 220 right now and you guys can
see from this picture that I’m not like shredded, but, and I won’t even say I’m ripped, but
I’m definitely not fat so this works, but you have to be prepared to put in the time. Alright. And you will be grateful for doing this the
right way because you actually have muscle on your body when it comes to going to your
stabilization mode and then to your cutting mode. JTR says Vince you look great bud so bulking
means heavy weights less reps more often? No. Not necessarily. It really depends on your muscle fiber type. So some guys will make better gains with lighter
wegihts, shorter rest periods if you’re more slow-twitch in nature. Guys who are more fast-twitch in nature will
do better building muscle with heavier weights, longer rest periods So it really depends on your muscle fiber
type and if you haven’t done my 30 second muscle fiber type quiz, go to I’ll put a link on the screen here. And it will tell you what your muscle fiber
type is because your workout needs to be customized to how you’re built. Right. That way you can start working WITH your body,
not just ON your body. Andd this is the big thing. Right My strength phases look very different because
I’m slow-twitch than somebody who’se fast twitch. And that’s just because these numbers are
arbitrary. Right. So until you start working with your muscle
fiber type, you’re never going to get the best workout, and you’re never going to see
the fastest results. So if you haven’t taken my quiz, do that right
now I think that’s a great place to wrap up guys. Thank you for your questions. If you guys enjoyed that … ooops Thank so much for watching If you enjoyed the QnA fashion, if you want
me to revive it and maybe do a little more, let me know. Were my answers too long, were they too short, I need your feedback guys Two-way communication here man I’m listening That’s what the comment section is for Be sure to share this video Like it up Comment below and we’ll go from there See you guys next time


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