***Muscle Building Nutrition | High Protein Body Building Meal

your a busy person and you constantly finding yourself defaulting to fast-food If don’t have time to eat right I highly recommend chicken sandwiches chicken breast sandwiches using zesty lemon herb chicken from foster farms. This is a chicken breast I just fried up with a little
bit of olive oil about a table spoon. This little pepper chicken is very tasty so it has a lot of flavor to a sandwich. Now the Bread I prefer to use is Russian Rye Bread This stuff is really tasty as well it’s very low in
calories and low glycemic carbohydrates so I go ahead I just throw a chicken breast in
there That’s about anywhere between 25 and 30
grams of protein there and the big key to making of
bodybuilding sandwich is low in calories and full protein
carbohydrates keeping clean calories as they call them is to avoid condiments. Condiments are what really pack in the sugar and hidden calories in
a sandwich the way I avoid using condiments and still have a tasty sandwich is as I said use the Russian rye bread is got this I
don’t know what it is but is very very good and as a lot of flavor
to a sandwich I’ll use the lemon pepper chicken and then throw some slices tomato on
there some nice hefty slices of tomato this moistens up the sandwich gives it the flavor the that condiments would
it and is nutritious as well its is very
simple but is a very very tasty sandwich and as
you can see very convenient to so that’s what I recommend. thank you
for watching

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