Muscle Building Exercises You Can Do With the Portable Pulley attachment By Bells of Steel

today we’re going to show you a bunch of
different exercises you can do with your cable pulley attachment I have my lovely
assistant Katrina she’s gonna do all the exercises and I’m going to kind of talk
through what we’re doing first I want to show you is tricep extension you know
step back away from the rig just a little bit just work on pushing through
the tricep good next one we do is a face pull upper back work good we want to switch over to some core
from pull-down abs the shoulder external and internal
rotation If you feel like the weight is hitting the
ground just take a step back further from the rack, okay now we will do overhead
tricep extensions will go back to some core with the torso rotation arms out
nice and straight and the last one which is a favorite for
everyone, we’re doing some nice face curls to work on biceps stand out away
from the rack just get some nice face curls and that is your cable pulley attachment
a bunch of different workouts really short period of time really easy to put
together thank you so much

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