Muscle Building Diet Foods To Avoid

Hi, this is Andy Wilkinson from,
bringing you another video lesson on how to gain weight if you’re skinny.
And in this lesson we’re answering the question: “What Foods Should You Stay Away From, And
NOT Eat, If Your Aim Is To Gain More Weight?” Well, contrary to what you may be thinking,
I suggest you stay away from junk food most of the time if your aim is to gain more weight.
And why do I say this? I mean, wouldn’t eating more junk food be one of the fastest ways
to gain weight? Eating a diet of burgers, fried chicken and
french fries. Wouldn’t that put on weight quickly?
Well there’s a good reason why you want to take a different approach.
Although it seems like stuffing yourself with junk food might be one of the speediest ways
to gain weight, you need to realize that this kind of food is often very HIGH in saturated
fat. And because of this, the only kind of size
and weight gains you’re likely to see from a diet based on junk food, is the growth of
a spare ‘tire’ around your belly. This kind of diet is loaded in fat, very unhealthy,
will raise your cholesterol levels, and could put in you line for a heart attack.
Not only that, but a fat stomach is not exactly the image most skinny guys have in mind for
themselves when they think about gaining weight. Instead, you most likely want to gain weight
in the form of lean muscle mass, that is distributed throughout your body – that makes you look
stronger, fitter, and more attractive. So, at the top of the list of ‘Foods to Avoid’
and stay away from is: Fried Foods, and foods loaded in saturated fat.
This means staying away from high fat, processed meats like salami. Staying away from ice cream
and most frozen desserts as well. And then next, you want to avoid empty calorie
foods that contain little or no nutritional value.
And the biggest culprit of this is ‘Refined Sugars’ like sweets and candy bars.
Just remember, gaining weight healthily involves eating more calories, so that you have enough
fuel in your body to support and encourage a weight gain and increase in your overall
muscle mass. And if you’re skinny, and not used to eating
these amounts of foods, you need to train yourself to increase your appetite.
And if you’re finding it a challenge to eat all the calories you need, you need to make
sure that every single mouthful you take is packed full of healthy, nutritious food, that
will serve your body well, and help you gain healthy weight.
So, avoid most sugary food, except for the ‘2-hour window’ after your training session
ends – and I’ll go into this in more detail in another video.
So, give sodas and fruit juices a miss, because they tend to have these refined sugars as
well – or sugar alternatives – because they’re way too high in sugar.
‘Number 3′ to avoid is: Avoid ’empty calorie’ foods such as white flour products, because
your body treats these in a similar way to sugar.
So instead of white bread, choose wholemeal bread. And instead of normal pasta, go for
whole wheat pasta. And then finally, you want to minimize your
consumption of alcohol as well, if your aim is to gain healthy weight. Again, alcoholic
drinks tend to be loaded with empty calories. And alcohol actually has a ‘catabolic’ –
a destructive effect – on muscle. Meaning it actually depletes your body of muscle stores.
Now, does this mean you can’t have ANY of these 4 categories of foods at all?
Well, not exactly. It’s more about not going ‘overboard’, and making these more of an occasional
treat, than a regular occurrence. Just remember that the more closely that you
follow a healthy and nutritious, calorie dense, whole food diet, the more your body will ‘thank’
you for it and reward you too – with healthy gains in your weight.
Okay, that brings us to the end of this video. Thanks very much for watching.
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