– See all those stairs
you pass those stairs. There’s more stairs of course. Look, this time they’re wider
and there’s more of them. (laughs) Happy Buddha morning run day. (calming music) Good morning everybody,
third of March 2018. I’m ten minutes into a Buddha
run here in Pai, Chiang Mai. It’s the beginning of the
Muy Thai class at Charnchai, one of the training centres here. I’m running to the Buddha
and I’m actually filming this more as evidence that
I’ve actually done the run because everyone’s gonna
give me a hard time if I don’t have evidence that
I actually did the run so. Anyway, the Buddha’s
directly in front of me you can’t see it if I
flick the camera around, but we’ll be there in about five minutes so let’s get on with this. (uplifting music) See all those stairs
you pass those stairs, there’s more stairs of course. Look, this time they’re wider
and there’s more of them. (laughs) Okay, Happy Buddha morning run day. This is really cool. I’m happy I did this. Look at that, views over there. View up there, selfie with the Buddha. (panting) Alright, now I gotta run back to class. Just running down these stairs. Should take me about ten
minutes to get back to class. It’s about 8 o’clock right now. Class starts at 8 o’clock so
I’m gonna be ten minutes late, but I wanted to the photos and video for everybody back home watching this. (calming music) So I’m still running back to
the Muy Thai training place. I’m at more of a walk now but the Banana Bar and
the Pool Bar are two that I wanted to point out to you. If you come here, both are quite good. I’ve actually never
been to neither of them. (laughs) But a lot of people around here say that they’re pretty good. And of course the pool bar is a pool, and you have pool parties ya know? Of course, right? Alright better start running again. I have some big news for everybody. Stay tuned because right now
I’m about to start Muy Thai. Finally I’m back to the
training centre Charnchai. That was a long run. So, 8:30 in the morning, awesome run and let’s start the class right now. (electronic music) That’s much better than the way I do it. I just wrap it the way
I think it should look and it never turns out
the way it should look. (fast rap music) (smacking) (fast rap music) (electronic rap music) Good job mates, good job well done. (electronic rap music) I am wrecked, I am shattered,
I am injured everywhere. I can’t kick anymore so I’m gonna watch. (electronic rap music) I can’t do this anymore. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten. – [Instructor] two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. – [Class] One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. – [Instructor] Count! – [Student] One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. – Good job Sandy. – I have one more and then rest day. – That’s the end of the class. Finished, I’m finished. I’m broken, I’m finished. I don’t even feel like talking. Everyone’s broken. Except this man, he’s never broken. He’s just warming up. (laughs) Alright my friends, training is finished. Charnchai, just leaving
the training centre. Right now it is just past
10 o’clock in the morning third of March. Walking on the road. Intense training which
began with a Buddha run which was fun and I’m
glad you got to see that. I’m glad I got to see that. Just very, just wrecked. No energy, wrecked. Not feeling 100 %. Have not been feeling 100 % all week. But, yeah, I’m glad you got to see that. You should definitely check
it out Charnchai in Pai, northern side of Thailand. Training is 300 baht to drop in but you can come training
from a week to a month or more and pay, I think it’s 3,000
baht for the week of training. 11,000 baht for the month. Anyway, I’ll show the price list and I’m sure you can negotiate them down with your awesome negotiation skills. Definitely worth checking out. People from all around
the world train here. There’s always a new face in the room and different levels of ability and skill. So you don’t have to be
a master of Muy Thai. But definitely show up and just do it for fitness and training. Just do it for fitness and
learning a technique like I do. Not necessarily with the
intention of getting in the ring. 100 % recommend it. So yeah, seems to be the
main one here in Pai. So definitely check it out. Gonna check out ‘a my room and mostly considering the
road trip ride on a scooter back to the Chiang Mai today. I don’t feel that 100% to do it, but if I do it it’ll be a separate video stay tuned for that. And that’s it. Have an awesome day. Speak to you soon. (uplifting music)


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