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Hello friends, Welcome to my channel Health City. I am your friend Suman chauhan . I am going to share a recipe today. You will ask, recipe ? Because in my channel we don’t share recipe to you We have connections related to health But the recipe I will tell you today will help you to decrease your fatness. That’s why who ever is trying all ask me about the diet plan I have told you in a video in which way you will count your calorie how much calorie you need to take You can take foods counting the calorie in different foods contain which will help both in decreasing fatness and in increasing if you want I am going to share today such a recipe, which you can have in your meals regularly If talk about nutrition value this recipe is very healthy anyone can have. Young, child , old all can eat easily no difficulties and no problem. The main thing is fatness This won’t increases fat totally. You can use it daily. But it is said that Don’t eat same thing daily, bring changes Mind should think , that this person is not boring. So, you can use in every 3rd day It’s okay if you are busy, don’t have time to prepare something else You can eat easily , no problem Not like you have eaten much , you will get fat, not totally and the best thing in it is I am using “potato” It is Potato poratha, it is called Aaloo ka poratha You will be scared, Potato poratha ! This will increase fatness Look, mouth gets watery only hearing alu ka poratha But, if potato is made as vegetables specially girls are not fond of this they keep it aside while eating meals They have the fear of getting fat if they eat potato Potato contains all the nutrients which is needed for a human body Potato contains everything A person can live only on potato. If he eats potato and drinks water enough He can live easily He will face no problem Potato is known as a complete food If anyone eats potato , he will face no problem He will stay healthy But the system of eating potato is different Someone is frying Some makes vegetable of it and use ghee oil very much in that. Some make alu ka poratha and use excess oil in that Or eating Samosa of potato or chips of potato This way they increase calorie very much and it increases fatness. But We run after taste, that’s why eat all the things fried . which is very wrong. But the thing I will tell you will be used How I make Potato paratha. It is healthy for all Watch what I use in it. To start the food, first I will make flour and I will mix gram flour and some pearl millet flour in it. It is winter, so pearl millet and corn flour are found easily So, we mix wheat flour with pearl millet whenever we make breads Also, now I will mix pearl millet and gram flour I am making this for 3 people, this is enough for three people Agitate and mix it properly Let it rest for some time. 10 – 15 minutes Till then , I will do other preparation and then will start making poratha I had mixed two normal sized boiled potato in it Thus, I have made mashed potato I am taking coriander and 2 green chili, not so bitter As you all know , chili contains vitamin C and many more nutrients in it And friends , Green chili is good in taste if it is less bitter I have taken green chili and coriander Coriander is cold in nature , we use it in vegetables It increases taste as well as who have thyroid problem they can take it crushing mixing with a glass of water you can take green coriander This detoxified the body as well This is also it’s property There are many more properties of coriander I won’t mention here all that Just remember , it is very good for fatness This is the second thing fenugreek green fenugreek , we punjabians eat this more, even as vegetables If talk about the benefits of fenugreek , I think it will take 2 -3 hours It has many qualities , this is hot in nature you can eat easily in the winter Like if bacteria forms in the stomach, so child can be given it’s juice Like a spoon of juice who have problems in the stomach Even the young people can also take it who have bacteria in the stomach if you have pain in the knee you can eat fenugreek then, laddo, vegetables of fenugreek This is very good for arthritis you can eat it’s seeds , or as vegetables will help lot in arthritis increases your digestive power, very good for the stomach boosts the immune system also decreases the fatness So, you can use any way you want , but today I am going to make poratha mixing all these Now, one more thing spinach This is source of good things We all know that , there is a lot of iron , magnesium , selenium in it Don’t know how many more micro nutrients in it but iron is full in it. If you want to decrease fat, you can drink it’s juice or scarcity of hemoglobin then drink juice too, or in vegetables and it is also very good for child old everybody , and has quality filled with I am going to use spinach here look how to mix I am adding all the things here for 3 people everybody will eat 2 poratha, according to that I am making I have taken less potato in quantity good for health , won’t increase fatness Anyway, it is boiled , it is healthy and won’t increase fat I will mix salt with it I have used salt, some ground spices (garam masala) Need some scent of it don’t need much, I am no making it too spicy I have mixed chili in it some coriander powder for scent of all things and I will mix it properly I am making stuffed poratha of it If you are very busy and don’t have time or don’t want to make stuffed poratha then, you can mix everything with flour after cutting whenever you make flour As I am showing I am making here poratha as you have seen while making the flour I have mixed some gram flour and some pearl millet because it is winter So, we eat pearl millet mixing with flour this is hot in nature good for health . It is prepared now going to make poratha I am spreading it to make stuffing properly If you are losing fat and thinking about what to eat in decreasing fat and what not , then you can eat this poratha easily that I am making without any tension There will be no changes in your diet totally healthy diet won’t increase calorie much When I wanted to reduce weight and till now because, I don’t want to increase my weight I always try to think recipe like adding different things not to get much calorie in just one meal and be a healthy diet, so I have made it This is healthy and tasty enough that if you eat a time, you will try to eat again Tasty and as I have said this will help losing your fatness I want to share more recipe with you which I have always made By which I get maximum Nutritions and a special recipe I can make to decrease fat at my home I will share that too but now we will take this I haven’t used ghee or oil in it I am going to bake it Look , this is the way watch I will bake it properly not uncooked Seems little uncooked if we put it on the furnace I will bake it in gas If we eat fenugreek , spinach as vegetables , that becomes cooked excess It’s nutrition value is more if you eat raw If you eat in poratha won’t be cooked excess means, it will go inside half cooked and will be more nutrition value. So, we are eating pouring it in the porathas will be better This is my bread Stuffing bread is prepared I will pour pure ghee on it you can call it Stuffing poratha or bread Ghee on it You will say , I have forbidden for ghee This is not much , all can eat Even who is losing fat , can this much ghee It must be taken , fat is also needed And I have made balance, don’t want to lose more I eat this one time, not more than one time If we talk about Haryana and Punjab we can’t eat without ghee and milk Watch out my Stuffing Poratha look Showing it breaking seems something delicious Hot poratha and very good stuffing, very soft and healthy I can’t wait anymore to eat and I have used some ghee This much ghee is healthy for all and must eat ghee one time 10 gm ghee or oil In fat , whatever you are taking 10 to 15 gm max. no problem , won’t increase fat, rather needed for our body , ghee is dropping , I will eat Wow , very tasty very good, I can’t wait I will do further work finishing it but I will tell you one thing after watching it don’t forget to make and eat it and anyone can eat very little ghee , not to avoid totally even decreasing fatness or if you are not decreasing If you take anything within a limit that will be very good . That will keep your body healthy and fit but if you take excess, may increase fatness and many more diseases In my house , all love this, whatever I make for them all eat good, and tasty too Not like there is no taste, it is very tasty Much more tasty than the spicy and oily foods Try it and tell me how it tastes If you have liked the video, hit like Who is yet to subscribe , please subscribe press the bell icon as well See you in the next video, bye bye and take care.


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