MOST POWERFUL VASCULARITY Pre Workout GAT Nitraflex | गैट नाइट्रैफलेक्स साइड इफेक्ट

Hey ! What’s up warriors it’s Amit. Certified sports nutrition specialist Today I am going to review GAT Nitraflex pre-workout With the knowledge achieved from Sports science nutrition Who should consume, when to consume what are it’s side effects, everything I am going to cover in details GAT nitraflex is an unique pre-workout because this pre workout has testosterone enhancing formula How this works , I am going to explain scientifically Then you will have the clear picture about it Kindly listen each and every point So that you will be able to know whether this pre workout is for you or not Niacin is twenty five milligram which is also known as vitamin b3 Niacin helps to maintain healthy cholesterol and lipid profile what are it’s benefits I am going to tell you Niacin affects good and bad cholesterol levels HDL increases and LDL decreases If this happens then your heart will function properly The speciality of this supplement is that There are many muscle pump based ingredients Most people want a good muscle pump during workout and veins should pop out This is happening because of the following ingredients citrulline , citulline malate , l arginine male , l-arginie alpha-ketoglutarate This is the why veins will pop out during workout There is beta alanine which is carnosyn grade meaning top class quality Beta alanine helps in last two or three repetitions you may have felt burning sensation this happens because of lactic acid in the muscles beta alanine delays this burning sensation felt due to lactic acid Now in the last two or three repetitions which you were feeling burning sensation, won’t feel burning sensation will get delayed Now you are able to do additional two or three repetitions with the help of beta alanine caffeine is for people who are feeling sleepy before their workout Because no one wants to workout in a sleepy state caffeine will help you in mental alertness and focus next is DMAE bitartarate which is also known as dimethyl ethanolamine which is helpful for emotional and psychological health to cut things short, this also helps in concentration and mental alertness this ingredient just like coffee helps in mental alertness thenine is crucial for short tempered persons those who become angry very quickly you may have noticed their are frequent fights due to weights, dumbbells or machines etc so such things are very common in gym thenine is one such ingredient which keeps mind calm and will help you to avoid such situations in gym this ingredient will help those whose goal is to reduce body fat or want to reduce weight last but not least due to which this supplement is high in demand is calcium fructoborate this is boron complex which helps to boost testosterone to some extent this ingredient will surely help you don’t think that after taking this you will become hulk or help you to break some world record For taste and flavors, around 2.5 grams ingredients are added which includes natural and artificial flavors , sucralose , acesulfame potassium such ingredients are added from which this product derives it’s taste How much colors and flavors are added you can easily find out by summing everything written in supplement facts written in grams and milligrams subtract it from one scoop serving size which you should get around two and half grams After completion of ten thousand subscribers, I am going to giveaway five protein tubs to my subscribers only to my subscribers who so ever will support and share my videos during this journey If till now you haven’t subscribed then kindly subscribe also press the bell icon Is GAT nitraflex is suitable just during muscle building ? or just during fat loss ? You can use GAT nitraflex both during weight gain or weight loss , no problem but this product will best suit you during fat loss because this product contains some ingredients like rouwolfia canescenes for muscle pump many ingredients are added which will specially help you when your body fat percentage is in single digit meaning when you are doing fat loss this will make our veins pop out and will give you an aesthetic look specially if you are competing in some kind of bodybuilding shows or physique shows timing and how much pre workout you should consume is very important If you are consuming too much pre-workout then you will lose your money even there are side effects if you are consuming less pre-workout then you may not see any results You should take this supplement thirty minutes before your workout If you are beginner then you should take half scoop If you are advanced, meaning you are more than three years experienced working out in the gym consume one scoop now let’s talk about side effects if your pre workout is very strong then you may feel energy crash or tired this thing I have already mentioned in previous review videos you can check them on my Playlist section of this channel good news is that this pre-workout is neither too strong nor too mild that’s why most people won’t have any side effects easily you can use it You should know that supplements just work ten to twenty percent at maximum mostly you got to focus on nutrition and workout You will get free muscle building or fat loss programs below in the description box everything is there like workout , diet and PDF Use this pre-workout along with the free programs to get cent percent results this supplement costs around two and half thousand rupees in India for thirty servings, which is slightly over-priced in terms of international pre-workout category now if you are thinking whether this supplement will suit just beginners or advanced too This supplement will suit everyone because the formula is balanced as this supplement is neither too strong nor too weak. So both beginners and advanced can use it Now if your question is which type of sports will it suit now I will tell you runners, cricketers or marathon runners those who are in endurance related activities will suit because this supplement has beta alanine also will help those who are competing in bodybuilding stages or physique shows because this supplement has pump based ingredients which will help you during the competition If you want aesthetic look like veins popping out this supplement will help you achieve these goals thank you so much for subscribing Please like the video if you found useful you can comment below if you have any doubts related to this video you can connect with my social media pages for fitness related queries I will definitely help you Peace , take care this is Amit, signing off


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