Hey guys what’s up hope you are having a really good day today we are gonna talk about supplements people think by taking supplements you’ll build a perfect body but it’s not like that supplements won’t build muscles faster today I’ll talk about the supplements that have worked for me [music] first I’m gonna talk about two fundamental supplements first one is our multivitamin multivitamin should be staple in every individuals diet not even bodybuilders but everyone these are the micronutrients which are required for thousands of metabolic reactions in our body yes these are gonna cover all the reactions and bodybuilders need more of these nutrients as compared to a person who has a non-active lifestyle this is important for your vision, nails, skin, hair, everything even for your brain activity these are very essential then only your body will function properly it is not only a multivitamin but also a multi mineral which are also very essential for our body and it has no side effect anyone can take it take it first thing in the morning with your meal and for bodybuilders one tablet before going to bed as well next fundamental supplement is fish oil fish oil is a concentrated source of omega-3 fatty acids omega-3 are of two types first is your EPA and second is DHA EPA is Eicosapentaenoic Acid and DHA is Docosahexaenoic Acid so guys fish oil is very essential in your diet it helps you in the long run this keeps your heart healthy, keeps your joints strong even in old age it is really good for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels it lowers LDL i.e. low density lipoprotein and and it is really good for brain functioning and heart so make sure that you add this to your diet and for those who workout it increases the anabolic activity of the meal that we take it with this is a researched study so add this to your diet by taking one softgel in the morning and one before going to bed I have the third supplement here which is whey protein now why do I recommend whey protein actually I don’t not for the beginners beginners don’t need whey protein as they can complete their protein requirements through diet only it is for those who cannot complete daily protein intake from diet bodybuilders take this for lean muscle tissue growth and for muscle recovery and protein synthesis and in the case whey protein comes into play but if you can complete your daily needs of protein from diet then you don’t need it it is a complete protein and it has all the 9 essential amino acids and it is a fast-digesting protein the most effective time to consume whey protein is after your workout when your muscles are hungry for nutrients, for protein and it shuttles amino acid into the muscle cells for faster recovery so if you can’t afford to purchase this then you need to complete the protein requirement from diet only the next supplement that we have here is creatine I’m telling you guys this actually works this is a wonderful supplement and this is the most researched amino acid in the industry what it does is it generates ATP in our cells and boosts it what is ATP the energy source the energy that cells utilize during workouts that is ATP it boosts our endurance, explosive power, increases strength and stamina so we can lift more weight so it also promotes lean muscle tissue growth and for beginners who are hard gainers and have very little strength they can supplement with creatine as well your muscle will look more fuller because it holds water in your muscle cells during creatine saturation in muscles they start holding water inside them so you will gain weight but most of it will be water weight and you will lose it when you cycle off from it first there is a loading phase in which you have to take 20 grams of creatine for 5 days 4 scoops of 5 grams each and take it with a carbohydrate drink it increases the creatine intake after that there is a maintenance phase daily 1 scoop of 5 grams either pre or post workout I recommend post workout with your protein shake so guys you can try this it actually works and it has worked for me next supplement we have here is citrulline malate and I’m telling you guys this is the next big thing I am sure most of you guys take pre workout supplements in which there is a blend of different ingredients and some ingredients are useless and won’t even benefit you but guys citrulline malate is one of the best nitric oxide booster in the market what is nitric oxide booster nitric oxide increases blood flow during your workouts that happens because of nitric oxide and so you look more pumped up so it usually has a 2 gram scoop you can take 2 grams pre workout and increase your tolerance and then take 4 grams I wanna tell something else the people who use arginine listen to me guys try citrulline malate instead of arginine because this is a potent arginine precursor yes what is that there was a research the arginine levels were more in the people who supplemented with citrulline malate rather than those who took arginine yes shocking right that citrulline increases arginine levels and while taking arginine the levels are lower than that yes guys I’m telling you this is the truth you can really try it it actually works the next two supplements that I am gonna talk about are not very effective for me I won’t recommend it if you are tight on your budget first we have is BCAAs that is branched chain amino acids it has isoleucine, leucine and valine it helps in muscle recovery and protein synthesis I won’t recommend it to you if your workout is not very intense until it is for 2-3 hours so no use because you will get it from your diet only and next we have is glutamine glutamine is also recommended for muscle growth and recovery and I recommend it to those who are preparing for a competition who workout twice a day and very intense sessions so I recommend it to them so that there muscle recovery increases so guys if you found this video helpful do comment down in the comment section and tell me what do you guys want to see in our next videos and like this video it’s for free and press this button subscribe our channel now I’ll meet you guys next thursday at 5 pm and And I’m gonna show you guys the types of people in the gym and I’m telling you you’ll wet your pants while watching it so Cheers!


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