most effective exercises to build muscle?

Hey guys, it’s Kevin Kreider. More than just muscle In this video I want to discuss with you the difference between effective exercises or entertainment exercises Which one are you doing? Are you doing effective exercises such as heavy compound movements that are difficult to master and really difficult to perform Not going to feel fun in the beginning. If anything it’s going to feel like work But eventually your getting results. And you start getting stronger You start feeling better. Your going to start enjoying that exercise. it’s not going to be so entertaining. But are you there to be entertained Or are you there in the gym to get results? I don’t know about you, but the results keep me entertained and I keep coming back. I keep going to the gym because I want to keep getting more results I’m not there to flub around and just do entertainment exercises that I see a lot of trainers do that I see a lot of people on Instagram doing there’s only so many effective butt exercises out there. the rest of them are just a waste of time or for flashy entertainment or to show you, “look how smart I am.” “I know how to do exercises in all these different angles” well, come on. Most of them are bullshit anyway a lot of them are to just entertain you or grab your attention to make you say “oh look how smart I am!” ” I do all this research!” You probably just read a few magazines and they look entertaining, just try that out. a lot of it is a waste of movement a lot of wasted time. A lot of time. A lot of isolation exercises which are very ineffective to muscle growth or burning body fat. You need heavy compound movements. They are the effective exercises Like squats, or leg presses, or deadlifts, or rack pulls, and military presses and bench presses I hate to just keep mentioning the big 3 which are squat, deadlifts, and the bench press, but those are very effective why don’t more people do it? Because they are difficult And especially in the beginning they feel difficult. But the thing is I’m not there to entertain myself and to waste time. I’m there to get in, and get out and be effective. And to get results So if that’s what you want then stop doing these bull shit entertainment exercises start doing the work and do it with intensity focus, determination, that’s intensity How much effort you put into that exercise. Are you going to your max are you going there to just feel comfortable? because guess what? change is not comfortable. Growth is not comfortable getting the body you want might not feel comfortable in the beginning. There will be a little bit of discomfort then your going to be comfortable being uncomfortable. And that’s where the growth comes in So guys, please subscribe to my Youtube Don’t fall for these dumb exercises anymore Do the really effective exercises to get your biggest bang for your buck Because I don’t want to waste your time in the gym and neither do you and i know that for a fact Subscribe to my YouTube channel and if you guys want the free intermittent fasting handbook to guide you through nutrition and how to set it up


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