Morning Yoga (Best Wake Up Routine!) 20 Minute Vinyasa Flow

– Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, where it’s not about the pose, and you don’t have to be perfect. Hi, I’m Lesley Fightmaster,
today’s class: Morning Yoga. Sit up nice and tall,
bring your hands together in front of your heart
as you close your eyes. Ground down through the sitting bones and begin to lengthen through your spine, deepening your breath. May your practice connect
you to your deepest and most authentic self. As you link your breath and movements, may you have a wonderful
experience on the mat and a wonderful day. Release your hands, and let
your eyes softly blink open. Then make your way onto
your hands and knees. Take your knees nice and wide with your toes together, and come in to Child’s Pose with the knees wide,
your head can rest down, or you can rest it on your hands. Just allow your hips to
open up here a little bit. Soften your shoulders and your jaw. If you are resting your
head on your hands, just reach the arms forward, the head can be off the mat, shoulder’s distance apart,
spreading the fingers, and then come up on to your knees and tuck your toes, and stretch back into Downward-Facing Dog, feet about hips width apart, and then just bending one
knee and the other (exhaling), and then stretching back
for a couple of breaths, reaching the heels towards the floor, and they don’t ever have to touch. Press into the bass of your fingers, lift through your forearms, taking some of the
pressure out of the wrists. Take another breath, and then exhale it all out. Bend your knees, lift up past your fingers and walk your feet to your hands. Then inhale, bring hands to shins and lengthen your spine. Exhale, keep it long as you fold, bend the knees as much as you need to. Press down through the feet, come up with a long spine as you inhale, and exhale, bring the hands to the heart, and then hands to the sides. Look’s like Emma and Elmer are making a little
ruckus playing together. That happens in the morning. Stand up nice and tall in Tadasana, and then as you inhale,
sweep your arms up, face your palms toward the
back of the mat, exhale, bring your hands right toward
the tops of your shoulders, but make sure that your ribs draw in and you lengthen sitting bones to heels. Then inhale, take the
arms up, exhale in front, palms facing up. As you take your next inhale, take your arms wide, palms still up, and then exhale, palms down. Take a breath here, reaching
through the fingertips inhale (inhaling), exhale,
take your hands behind you, hook your thumb through your fingers. Inhale, open the chest, lengthen. As you exhale, hinge
from your hips and fold. Bend your knees a little bit, then let your head hang. Soften through the elbow joints, pull in through the belly. Keeping the knees bent, feet about hips width
apart if they aren’t, start to bend a little bit deeper. Release the hands coming in to chair pose. Sit back here, lengthen
sitting bones down. Now shift the weight to the right foot, and lift the left foot up, inhale, as you exhale, reach it back and come in to a high lunge. As you find your lunge, make sure your right
knee is over your ankle. Bending the back knee just a little, tilt your pelvis forward, pull the right hip back, and then straighten through the leg. Reach for the arms for a moment, breathe here, inhale (inhaling), soften your ribs down as
you exhale (exhaling), and lengthen your spine. Breathe in (inhaling), as you exhale take the hands down. Now, if your hands don’t
comfortably reach the floor, put blocks there. Keep the right hip pulling
back, chest forward. Then inhale, start to
straighten the front leg, exhale, folding forward. Hi Elmer and Emma kitties. Inhale, bend the knee, chest forward, right hip back, exhale, straighten, pull that right hip back again. Inhale, bend the knee over the ankle, lengthen the spine, exhale,
straighten (exhaling). Stay here for another breath, press into the big toe
mound of the right foot. Then inhale, bend the
knee again over the ankle. Keep your left fingertips down, exhale, right arm up twist,
pull that right hip back, drop it down, try and
lift your left hip up. Take another breath here,
reach through the fingertips, and then as you exhale, take the hand down to the
inside of the right foot and walk the right foot to the right. Chest forward, lengthen, inhale. Stay right here, or come
to your forearms, exhale. You can also take your
back knee to the floor. Breathing here. Now, if your right knee
goes out to the right, point your toes in the same direction. Otherwise, both straight ahead. One more breath. As you inhale, make your
way up onto your hands, and then step that right foot back to find Plank pose. Top of a pushup, and then
knees can be up or down, shift forward about an inch, and lower, slowly exhale (exhaling). Bring your hands by your low ribs, all 10 toenails pressed down. Inhale, peel the chest up, pull the hands toward the feet. Exhale, lower (exhaling). Tuck your toes under, keep the
knees down or lift them up. Take a breath in, pull the belly in. Hi Emma, exhales, pressing
up, and back to Down Dog. So if it still feels
like you wanna move here, bicycling the legs is totally fine. Take a breath in (inhaling), exhale it out, pull the belly in, lift the pelvic floor, bend the knees, stepping or hopping feet to hand, it’s in an inhale, come
halfway up, lengthen, and fold as you exhale (exhaling). Press down through the feet and inhale, come up with a nice long spine, exhale, bring the hands down, Samasthiti. Feet hips width apart, inhale, circle the arms up (inhaling), face the palms towards
the back of the mat. Once again exhale, bend your elbows, point your elbows straight
up toward the ceiling. (inhaling and exhaling) As you inhale, reach
the arms up (inhaling), exhale, in front of you, palms facing up, draw the shoulder heads back. Inhale, open the arms nice and wide, palms are still up, reach
through the fingertips. Exhale, palms down. Keep reaching, ribs in (inhaling). Inhale, take the hands behind you to the other interlace,
other pinky or thumb on top. Open the chest, lengthen, and then hinging from your hips, start to bend the knees
a little bit as you fold, or this time, if you wanna
straighten them you may. If the legs are straight, though, firm the leg muscles and shift the weight towards
the balls of your feet. Soften your elbow joints. Now begin to bend the
knees if they are straight. Take the hands to the
low back and release. Come into Chair pose, and now arms up. Now start to shift the
weight into the left foot, right leg up, and then
step it all the way back, finding a high lunge. Left knee over ankle, bend the back knee, tilt the pelvis forward, pull the belly and ribs in, pull the left hip back as you
straighten through that leg. That way you get a good stretch in the hip flexor. Reaching up, make sure the ribs are in. As you exhale, just soften
the front ribs down. Take a breath in, exhale,
bring the hands down on either side of the foot
to the floor or to blocks. Lengthen the spine. Keep pulling that left hip back. Inhale (inhaling), as you exhale, start to straighten the leg, folding over (exhaling). Inhale, bend the knee over
the ankle, chest forward. Exhale, straighten. Once again, inhale, chest
forward and lengthen. As you exhale, start
to straighten the leg. Pause here for a breath or two, pressing into the big toe
mound of the left foot. Keep the left hip pulling back, and then inhale, bend
the knee over the ankle. Keep your right hand down, keep that left hip pulling back, turn, and reach up through the left arm. Keep your right hip
lifting away from the floor as you pull the left hip back. Relax through the shoulders and the jaw. Keep the breath nice and steady. Take one more breath in, exhale, take the left hand on the
inside of the left foot and walk the left foot
to the left a little bit. Bring your chest forward, get this knee right into
the shoulder if you can. Now if the knee goes out, it won’t stay by the shoulder, then make sure to turn the
toes in the same direction. Otherwise forward, stay on the hands or come down to the forearms, and option of course to
take the back knee down. Breathe here. Opening up the hip a little bit. Take one more long breath. Now, if you are on your forearms, take an inhale to come
back up on to the hands. Step to Plank. Top of a pushup. I think Emma’s hiding in the curtains. Then shifting forward, knees up or down. Again lower all the way
slowly to your belly. Hi Emma. Then inhale, this time
we’ll come to Spinx pose. So forearms are down, palms flat. Roll, first let your shoulders come all the way up by the ears, and then roll them back and down, and widen your chest. Pull your belly in,
lengthen your sitting bones toward your heels, so your pubic bone will press down. Breathe here. Then from here, on the forearms, tuck your toes under and
lift into Dolphin Plank. Step your feet together. Now start to squeeze
outer hips, inner thighs, and breathe here for five, and four, crown of the head forward, three, two, and now just lift your hips up, and step your fit in if
you like, Dolphin pose. So you can keep your forearms down and your palms flat, or if it’s easier for you, you can also interlace your fingers, and stretching the shoulders a little bit. Then from here, you can
come onto your knees first to come to Down Dog, or some of you might just
take your palms flat. So some of you will come
onto the knees first and stretch into Down Dog, or if you’re interlacing,
take your palms flat, and lift the elbows
right up into Down Dog. Either way’s perfect. Stretch back here, and then next inhale, make your way again to plank. As you exhale, we’re
coming again to the belly. Shift forward, knees
up or down, and lower. Bring your arms this
time alongside your body. Lengthen sitting bones to heels, so pubic bone presses down. Inhale, roll the shoulders
away from the floor, and lift everything up. Spin the inner thighs
up toward the ceiling. Stay here or bend the knees and reach for the little
toe sides of your feet, and lift into Dhanurasana. And breathe. Then slowly lower. Bring your hands by your low
ribs, tuck your toes under, press to the knees, take your knees wide again,
toes together, Child’s pose. Once again, you can rest your hands. I’m sorry, rest your head on hands, or reach forward, resting
your head on the mat. Either way is perfect
(inhaling and exhaling). Keep your inhales and
exhales nice and long, equal in length (inhaling and exhaling). As you take your next inhale, start to walk yourself up. Take your hips off to one side, and sweep your legs in front of you. Sitting in Dandasana with
your hands next to your hips, sit nice and tall. If you’re a little bit rounded here, it’s hard to sit up tall, then sit on the edge of a folded blanket or the edge of a pillow. It’ll help. Then inhale the arms up. As you exhale, hinging from
your hips, come forward. Just hold on to anything. You can hold the sides of your mat, your legs, your feet. If you have a strap,
put it around your feet. Lengthen as you inhale, and exhale, extending forward any amount. Remember it never matters
how deep you get into a pose. It just matters that you feel a stretch. You know the yoga is doing its work. Then as you inhale, lift your head up, exhale and release, back
to Dandasana for a moment. Pull your toes back but
keep your heels down, firm the legs. Inhale, turn your chin over
your right shoulder, exhale. Inhale center, exhale,
chin over left shoulder. Inhale back to center. Once more, chin to right shoulder. Inhale, center, exhale to the left. Then back to center. Bend your knees a little
bit, roll yourself onto your back. Hug your right knee into
chest, left legs extends, inhale (inhaling), exhale,
take it across, twist. Look over your right shoulder if that feels fine on your neck. Now if you wanna bend your
left knee as well that’s okay. Then inhale, make your way to center. Hug your left knee in,
extend the right leg out. Again inhale (inhaling),
exhale the left knee across, look over the right shoulder, turn the belly up toward the ceiling. You can bend both knees if you’d like, if that’s more comfortable. Just a supine or lying down twist. Then inhale, make your way to center. Hug both these in for a moment, but lengthen your sitting
bones toward the floor, stretch out your back. Then exhale, release the
hands or release the legs and make your way into
your final resting pose. Extending legs, lengthen
sitting bones to backs of these, shoulder blades towards
the waist, palms up. Let your feet flop open. If you have any discomfort
in your low back, feel free to keep your knees bent. Relax your jaw, relax your forehead. Quiet mind, quiet body, Savasana, rest. Our quote today comes from
Richard Freeman who said: “yoga begins with listening. “When we listen, we are
giving space to what is.” Right where you are, take a
slightly deeper breath in, (inhaling), and let it go (exhaling). Begin to make movements in
your fingers, your toes, and your hands and your feet. Stretch your arms overhead,
nice good morning stretch. Bend your knees, roll yourself
off to your right side, and pause here a moment to thank yourself and honor yourself for showing up and taking care of you. Then use your left hand to press up, let your head come last. Back to a comfortable seat,
crossing at the shins, sitting tall, bring the
hands together, Anjali Mudra. Bring your hands to your forehead reminding you to have
clear and loving thoughts. Hands to the heart
reminding you to have clear and loving intentions, and your hands to your mouth, reminding you to have clear
and loving communication, sending positive energy out to all beings everywhere, Namaste. Your core muscles are really
the most important parts of your yoga practice. When you strengthen your core, your whole body gets stronger. I’ve created a class
especially to do that. First link in the description, or I’ve pinned it at
the top of the comments. And, if you enjoyed this
morning yoga practice, I’ve put together a whole playlist of morning yoga classes. Click right here, right now.


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