Morning Meltdown 100 Training

Champions page here we are we are live
there are so many of you jumping on I’m loving this welcome to our training on
Morning Meltdown 100 it is a gorgeous day look I got my shake
here look the kind friends in Kansas City got me this lovely cup if you
want me to drink from your cup is that how you say it you can send me your cup I’ll drink from
it maybe It’ll be on my next training you never know I’m going to have cups coming at
me all over the place ok hey we are super super excited I
know I’m not Jericho I know that I promise we’re gonna have her on on a
different day because today she doesn’t need to be on because we’re gonna be
going over program we’re gonna be going over the pricing going over the packs
and we’re gonna let her do her thing on the next training but I know a lot of
you can you and you believe that it’s already all these guys it is almost here
we’ve been hearing a lot about this we’re very excited to go over this with
you guys there is a live DJ associated with this so I think there’s only one
way to kick this off you know you have those thoughts this is just gonna work I
have that thought right now but guys let’s do this
DJ turn it up turn it down ok, that’s all I can share with you because I don’t want to get in trouble
for copy right why are there so many face palm emojis happening right now Kevin
you are the most white person I have ever met
you know what that’s alright guys there’s a live DJ with this so
I’ve watched some of these workouts and let me tell you I do workout with music
I’d like turn on YouTube or Spotify or whatever it may be Pandora workout to
music it makes it did big difference this is a live DJ I don’t want to
give too much away with it but guys you are absolutely going to love this all
right I’m just going to jump right in let’s jump right into this training I
think I’ve lost a hundred people because of what I just did you know what that’s ok
here we go you don’t need to see that you need to see this
let’s dive into morning meltdown 100 pre-launch training here on the
champions page isn’t Jericho amazing i think she’s like one of the most
amazing people ever and we get to have a new program by her all right so let’s
dive into this oh by the way this is on facebook so you don’t have to
frantically take notes you can just watch you can take a little notes but
you can go back and watch this and pause it at the right place to take notes so
just enjoy the ride for the next little bit we’re gonna be going over the
program we’re going to be going over the packs and bundles we’re going to be
going over the tools and marketing materials the super trainer launch group
that is something that’s new key dates and strategy and let’s dive in with the
program overview okay so for those who are completely brand new to Morning Meltdown 100 I’m just gonna give it to you it is done by Jericho McMathews who is
an awesome super trainer it is a I gotta hide my face I’m gonna block some of
this stuff it is a high intensity cardio and resistance trainings total body
workout so guys there is high intensity cardio I know my high intensity
cardios are rejoicing right now because they love that and it does have resistance
training and it absolutely is a total body workout other things yes if you
haven’t caught on there is a live DJ who kicks it off every single workout and
does a great job so this is a hundred workout program broken down into five
phases of 20 workouts each so yes five complete phases 20 workouts each and I’l go over this hundred workout thing in just a bit but 100 workouts 20 broken
down into five phases of 20 workouts each and in each phase you’ll do 10
workouts and each workout is 20 to 30 minutes long you’ll then repeat those
same ten workouts with added hundred second challenges yes you can do
anything for a hundred strong I don’t know if that’s true or not but there are a hundred second challenges
and I’ve watched these guys and they are so so awesome this program guys
you’re gonna see some of the best before and after pictures because of this
program okay and here we go so the 100 workouts versus 100 days I know a lot
of you are saying woah this is gonna be a hundred days no no no a hundred
workouts doesn’t necessarily mean 100 days there are people who can double up
these are only 20 to 30-minute workouts and so if you want to double up if you feel like you can do more absolutely you have full permission from
us to do more than just one on a day you can do multiple on a day so there are a hundred workouts but it’s not necessarily a hundred day
program you’ll notice there’s a big difference there okay moving on
oh hey for those who have not seen the sizzle hold on look at me for a second
those who have not seen the sizzle video I’m going to show that to you right now
so hold onto your horses this is in Vimeo you guys can watch this it’s there
right now let’s take a look at it I commit to 100 workouts now it’s your
turn i’ve signed your turn to sign Are you with us I’m gonna go all out who’s coming with me
make the commitment watch the results this is your chance to melt
something off I mean come on how can you not absolutely love that look I don’t I
don’t swear but that was bad rear end it just doesn’t have the same feeling that
was really really cool that is on Vimeo if you guys wanna go check it out that
just gives me all hyped up and pumped up to go do this program I’m gonna share my
screen again sorry you guys i’m jumping all over the place but that’s alright because we’re
having a good time all right so that is the sizzle video we are now going to dive
into the packs and bundles so packs go live for you coaches this is a champion
page training so I can say this this goes live for you July 1st you can start
ordering your packs on July 1st through the 15th that is the coach exclusive
window to purchase your packs so absolutely on July 1st and you’re gonna
have your finger over the button so that when the time goes live you can start
purchasing these and start participating in that ok so let’s go over the packs
really quick once again you don’t need to frantically write things down I
will you can pause this later you can come back to this but let’s go over the
packs in detail there’s going to be obviously a base pack as there always
are a Shakeology one or a performance line base pack and I’ll go over each one
in detail just a second the deluxe packs there’s the delux packs and look at this
guy’s brand spanking new first time ever introducing the Jericho pack I’ve never
had a pack named after a super trainer that’s kind of fun and then of course
our mega pack and then we do have our accessory bundle for for those who want
to participate in that and our digital streaming only I’m gonna
work backwards I’m gonna start with the accessory bundle in the digital
streaming and work my way back up to the mega so let’s do that but before I do
that just please note that the challenge and completion packs will be on a launch
promotion which is $20 off starting July first so I’m going to show you two
prices I’m going to show you the regular price and then
I’m going to show you the promotional price on each slide but the accessory
bundle and Digital streaming only do not have promotional pricing associated with
them so the price you see is the price you pay let’s start with that accessory bundle
so for a lot of you coaches this will be kind of a fun option for you because you
do want the collateral I can’t stress this enough I’m going to show you a
sneak peak of some of the collateral but you absolutely do want to do this
because not only is it good for you but if you’re gonna be doing this and
selling this to other people you want to have that unboxed and videoed you want a
video you want to show them how good this is you wanna go through the recipes
with them you want to go through the Be 100 book with them you want to cross
off on your videos every single day how far along you are on with this
program so the accessory bundle does include the dry erase wall calendar and
marker everybody loves to cross things off the Be 100 book I will go over that
in just a second the Quick Start Guide and nutrition guide and of course you
get early access into the program now accessory bundle retails for $69.95 for
Canada $85.95 UK £69.95 for coaches $52.46 $64.46 and £52.46 with 52 PV and TV now
this Be 100 I’m gonna stop sharing again cuz that well maybe I’ll do this yeah so this Be 100 book I was blown away by this book
when I first saw it it is a bound book I can all of you people who
love taking notes and love pen and paper start getting giddy because this is
all about you so I’m not gonna go everything but I’ll give you a sneak
peek into what the Be 100 book is it starts out with a little message from
Jericho here and then you jump into you commit she always has these little
quotes and sayings here and then you jump into phase one you start off with a
hundred second activity you do your tracker and I’m just flying through this
but that’s on purpose here’s your first activity why Be 100 then you dive into
workout number one you write the date the time you find you write down or
circle across what your commitment level was that day and why your why goes
here my positive intention for the day is you write that here this is not a
tracker like A to 2B mindset or a UPF tracker you need to track your
Shakeology water and nutrition on the app but you are committed to tomorrow’s
workout you sign the time your initials and you move on to workout – 2
when you get to workout 10 you do a little hundred second challenge when you
get to workout 20 you do another challenge and then you move on to phase 2 I
know I’m sharing this quick that’s on purpose but guys this is phenomenal
oh jeez what am i doing this book I can’t stress enough how important
accountability is and getting through the hundred workouts this Be 100 book is
that accountability piece if I were running a challenge group I would
require every single day for people to post their Be 100 daily tracker with
this so let me see where you’re at let me see your why let me see your
intensity level let me see that you’re committed to doing tomorrow’s workout
can’t stress that enough how important that is to be doing that okay so the
accessory bundle vs. Digital streaming we’ve done a little graph here the
accessory bundle comes with all of those great accessory pieces but the Digital
streaming only gets you in early to the workouts and it retails for $49.95
coach price and you see there in the right $37.46
with TV and PV realize we don’t have the UK or Canada price I’m sorry
about that it’s out there somewhere we’ll get it to you okay moving on so
let’s go over each pack quickly the first up is the challenge pack the base
challenge pack it includes you can choose between a Shakeology or
performance one okay it does include the accessory all the accessory bundle
materials that I just showed you but it also includes BOD for the challenge pack
if your going to get the completion pack remember the difference between the two
is only one contains BOD the challenge pack one does not contain BOD for those
people who already have BOD so if you have customers who are already on BOD
but want to participate in MM 100 absolutely get them the completion pack
this is a great opportunity for them okay comes with challenge pack comes
with BOD you get Shakeology or the Performance stack remember the
Performance stack is the Recover and the Energize and comes with the shaker cup
here on the left look at the pricing 180 on promo for 160 Canada UK prices are
there you’ll notice this is 135 TV for existing coach purchases remember
existing coaches can purchase a challenge pack it comes with TV okay
comes with 135 TV on promo for 160 you can notice the TV and PV BP simply
stands for bonus points are Canada and UK fans completely understand that for
our US friends it’s just means dollars so the completion pack is regular 150
with a promo price of 130 you can see the information there as well okay
moving on to our deluxe challenge pack so everything that we just talked about
and then you can obviously have the Shakeology on HD the Recover this is the
first time we’re offering whey or plant-based now the whey is
either the chocolate or the orange remember the plant-based is only
chocolate and then the energize you can get the tub or stick pack tub is in two
different flavors stick pack is in the lemon flavor and then you get the shaker
cups the Shakeology and performance shaker cups regular price 239 on promo
for 219 you can see the other prices and the PV is 220 TV 75 for regular 70 for promo
and the BP is 80 and 70 for the completion pack for
those who already have BOD and want to participate into the deluxe
completion pack you can see the price is there for everybody great option
absolutely great option for people if you’re introducing them to the
Performance line products you guys heard me say that this is a full total body
workout with resistance and high intensity cardio if you haven’t caught
on to it yet performance line products help with that helps with recovery of
that helps during that before during and after these workouts it is so so good I
can’t stress it how amazing these products are okay now moving on to our
new Jericho challenge pack so everything the deluxe challenge pack had and
Jericho is throwing on her favorite boost which is the power greens boost
okay that if you have not tried this this is the shake I am drinking today
includes the power greens boost I absolutely love it
it does not for me change the taste it gives me the the greens that I need and
helps me with my energy throughout the day insert disclaimer there but I
absolutely love the power greens boost so this is something that I would latch on
to immediately Jericho challenge pack okay you can see the pricing there for a
regular and promo and therefore the completion packs there if you already
have BOD $239 $219 this one is not included in the UK option UK folks
we love you I promise we do cheers but this one we can’t include because of the
power greens okay so this is US and Canada product now moving on to our mega
challenge pack this guys this one right here is that we’re doing
so many first time things ever okay so everything that the Jericho deluxe
challenge pack had and now we’re throwing on beach bars and a 3-day
refresh I can’t remember the last time we threw in a 3-day refresh as part of
the mega challenge pack the best thing we could have done right here is
to throw in the 3-day refresh you guys can introduce your coaches and
customers to the 3 day refresh use it as you want use it either before you dive
in as the lead up to get in if people you can use it as an emergency hey bad
weekend I need to get back onto this a great way to jump back into the hundred
workouts however you want to do this it does include also a box of your choice
of beach bars everybody’s favorite bar there and you can see the price is $350
regular price $415 for Canada we love the UK and love you guys over there but
not for you because the power greens and the promo for $330 and $395 in Canada you can
see that PV TV and bonus points hello love for ya to earn that that would be awesome okay
and then the completion pack also the prices are right there okay so those are
the packs those are the things that you’re going to be talking to your
coaches and customers about be very familiar with them and as always as
tradition we have provided this pre-order commitment tracker for you I
will post it here in the champions page as soon as this training is over Jen Thomas
did an amazing job of putting this together here on the team here in Utah
and simply what you’re going to do if you’re new to this what you do is you
start getting pre commitments today because this is when you want when this goes live for purchase you don’t want to you don’t want to say
start gathering names then you want to start ramping it up you want to start
sending out the sizzle video you want to start sending out pictures of Jericho and
and how awesome the stuff is and then getting people to say hey I’m ready
as soon as July first for coaches comes out or July 16th for customers comes out
here’s my name here’s my email phone number here’s what I want and and then
on the actions to do you’re gonna follow up with that person you’re gonna send
them the order link to share a cart and once the orders placed cross that off
people love this I’m gonna give it to you right after this is done but start
gathering names today it is great opportunity and if we couldn’t sweeten the deal any
more customers and coaches coaches and customers who purchase a challenge pack
or a completion pack in June will receive an exclusive offer for an MM 100
accessory bundle or digital unlock guys I don’t want to dive too much into
this because we’re going to train you on this specifically next week but we are
so so excited it was leaked to the roundtable group and they are very very
excited we want to make sure you guys notice the opportunity to take
advantage of June now take advantage of the opportunities you have in June and
those that purchase a challenge or completion pack will receive an
exclusive offer for an MM 100 accessory bundle or digital unlock more to come
next week it is very very exciting and that’s all I’ll say about that ok
let’s dive in now to super trainer launch groups this is something that is
also brand-new we’re very excited in the past we have done VIP exclusive Coach
test groups extremely long name if you throw it in there and they’ve been great
honestly we’ve loved the VIP early access coach test group for each program
but we were noticing that with the length of this if we do this for the length
of the program it gets a little long and we start losing a little bit of momentum
so it introducing for the first time ever super trainer launch groups
starting off with this one this is only going to be two weeks long there are
multiple super trainer launch groups for MM 100 but each one only lasts two weeks
now remember this is not a hundred day program we’re not gonna do a hundred
days that is extremely long this is a two-week thing now the first one will
start July 29th and you get in by guys when you purchase any of the options
that I’ve showed you you will receive an email that will let you into
this group July 29th through August 11th is a first group and I’ll
go over specifically what that’s for the second group is September 3rd
through September 16th the whole objective of this two weeks is to give
you training and support to build your confidence as you kick off your challenge
groups yes this is all about helping you with
your business now Jericho will be in there do I have that on here yeah daily
post from Jericho she’ll be in there she will be there giving you the motivation
you need for two weeks to answer any questions provide tips and give you
support but also there’s going to be two business trainings that are going to
include worksheets this is not a come eat cheese doodles in your
underwear and watch I don’t know if that’s what you do sometimes that’s what I envision
happens but you’re gonna be on here with your worksheets ready to go act
this is all about gearing you up helping you out yes we’re gonna help you step
outside your comfort zone during these two weeks but for crying out loud you’re
not gonna hit your goals by being where you’re at you meet your goal by stepping
outside your comfort zone that’s what these two business trainings are all
about with the added motivation from Jericho cannot wait so the first group
July 29 through August 11th is 100% oriented towards the existing coaches
coaches who already have a business going people just people in the
Champions page this is you you purchase any offer between 7/1- 7/29
for existing coaches you get into the group we’re going to talk to you as
if you are an existing coach this is not like it hey come be a coach and jump in
the script no no no this is for existing coaches the second group is oriented
towards new coaches we will change our language just a little bit we’re gonna
make it a little bit more simple for them to understand we’re going to talk a
little bit more basic language so that we can help them with this second group
so think about this if you sign somebody up if you help someone a
customer out with the MM 100 you get them a pack and they love
it so much they want to upgrade to coach get them upgraded we will
absolutely get them into this new coach training for MM 100 starting September 3rd and this is a you know you push everybody that you sign up to this
new group so you purchase any MM 100 offer between 7/3- and 9/3 and any customer or
any customers who purchased an MM100 offer and became a coach we will train
them in here that should be a goal of yours is to get as many people you can
into that second group you don’t need to be in the second group because you’ve
already gone through Group one the group 2 is a completely separate group for new
coaches ok but yes for those who just want to participate in the launch and
and watch Jericho and love on Jericho there is a BOD launch group
with Jericho that runs October 1st through October 14 because that’s when
it goes live to BOD there are those dates and this is 100% oriented towards
customers it is the group is linked to BOD members only group that’s
the name of the Facebook group if you’re not aware of it there is a group out
there called bod members of only BOD: members only be a part of it if you’re
on BOD be a part of this group the launch group with Jericho will be linked
to that so no purchase required open to all BOD members with 10/1 launch of MM
100 into the BOD member library so I think the BOD called the BOD mo the
BODmo group is going to get a huge influx of people it’s a great group that will be there
okay moving on to tools marketing material guys we’re almost there hang in
with me tools of marketing materials here everybody loves the online
product recommendation quiz if you’re new to this what it is
is on Monday this coming Monday yes we are going if you go click in the back
office on all of the materials there’s a whole slew of materials launching on
Mondays for MM100 you’re going to click in the back office on everything
MM 100 you will find the link to the online product recommendation quiz what
you do is you go through it you send this to your customers with your ID
attached to it it finds out what pack is best for them then they
call you you send them a share cart and gosh dang it this is a great way for
them to say yep this is who I am this is what I do this is my interest we have
the perfect pack for you also available on Monday is the product training guide
cannot talk enough about this every single thing you want to know about MM
100 will be found in the product training guide this is also found in the
back office on Monday read through it learn up on it
the challenge group guide you guys know about you hopefully you know about all
these challenge groups here challenge group guides are the probably favorite
thing of every coach I’ve talked to because we’ve done the work for you we have done
pretty much run a challenge group for you we’ve given you the materials
we’ve given you the language we’ve given you the text the post and the visuals
everything you need for a challenge group is in here and you’ll notice
that’s just me I promise this this is not us that will simply be seen coming
soon Morning Meltdown 100 July 7th is the
day when you will find this challenge group guide available okay lastly key
dates June from now to June get yourself up to speed this is what you’re supposed
to do get yourself up to speed create your marketing plan and start
getting commitments from your existing coach base the people you already have
okay because 6/3 which is on Monday all of the MM 100
resources go live in the coach office on the 17th the sale page goes live on and on June 24th everybody’s favorite free workout goes
live yes a free workout that you can watch that you can
share with your customers show your prospects this is what MM 100 is all
about that free workout goes live June 24th circle the date put a star on it
put a sticker that’s an important date now moving into July this here’s here’s
here’s the strategy drive VIP early access release with
the success club system tracker continue promoting heavily focusing on new
customers now as you promote your first MM100 challenge group ensure all of
your coaches purchases purchased during the exclusive coach window and get the
first super trainer launch group fill up your challenge group as customers
begin purchasing on the16 so 7/1 to 7/15 is when you want
to purchase if you’re a coach you have all of your coaches purchase the all the
way through the 29th you can get in through the super trainer launch
group the two week one and then on 7/16 customers can start purchasing 7/29 is when it all goes down that’s when the DJ turns it up that’s when our VIP early access begins is on july 29 after we
come home from the summit we’re all fired up we are ready to go for that and
then the 29th obviously the first super trainer launch group begins now in August
here guys we’re giving you strategy here run your first challenge group and
continue together and promote successes from the group start
promoting and inviting to your second challenge group using the success club
system tracker leverage upcoming second super training launch group to help
encourage customers seeing success to convert to a coach I hope you guys
understand you do not if you’re only having one challenge group during this
entire hundred workouts yeah missing opportunities guys these are done in
phases 20 workout phases do 20 workouts get some transformation get people
excited start a new one start another one get people excited say hey I’m
opening up another 20 slots for my second MM 100 group because I’m
getting pounded by coaches wanting to jump in I’m starting a new one on
whatever date and then do that every so often guys keep the energy up so on
8/11 that’s when the first one ends September continue driving activity
with the sc system tracker help new coaches in their second trainer super
trainer launch group and to use the sc system tracker to connect and invite
customers to an MM 100 challenge group so 9/3 is the last day to qualify
to get in second group and through the 16th that’s when it launches October
is leveraging MM 100 BOD launch by starting a challenge group for all of your
BOD customers who did not get in the VIP early access I don’t think we do this
enough I think we leverage the VIP early access we’re so excited but we
don’t really leverage the opportunities to sell a pack for people who are on BOD
only when it just kind of falls into BOD member library start a challenge group
let them know that hey I’m gonna be running this you this is the first time
for them to see it you want them just as excited using the same products that
you’ve been using sharing the results that you’ve been getting get them
excited okay so 10/1 is when that happens alright that’s it next training
this awesome super trainer Jericho McMathews use we’ll be here live
I’m a little bit hesitant on sharing the date because we’re still working things
out but the next time we talk about MM100 you will see Jericho in here just
going over everything answering your questions going over the program itself
going over all hundred workouts and kind of giving you the ups and downs and the
ins and outs and everything you need to know but today’s training was simply to
talk about the packs the pricing a little bit about the program and to get
you started now print off I’m gonna post it here right after print off that
pre-order tracker start filling it out start sharing your excitement of MM 100
and guys this is going to be awesome this is going to be amazing this is this
program guys just watching it I get excited I don’t know just music has that
same thing that does to you but this is going to be changing lives a hundred
workouts that’s something to say that’s pride right there in being able
to accomplish 100 workouts alright I’m done and out of here I didn’t I gotta finish my shake have
an awesome day guys we will catch you on another MM 100 training here on the
Champions page

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