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I… I think I’ve peed myself only a couple of times. For me that wasn’t my particular issue… …although I have done it.. I have done it. My name is Courtney Wyckoff and I am the CEO and Founder of I’m here to help move us away from strength being something that is appearance driven and have it be about function. What is a woman doing? Rather than how is she looking? When women come out of childbirth and they are having problems, first off they need to know that they are not the only ones – the majority of women are dealing with these problems. They are peeing on themselves, they are dealing with a lingering belly, they’re dealing with back pain, they’re dealing with low energy, they’re dealing with achy joints. They are dealing with all of these things but this doesn’t mean that they are broken. Whether you are pregnant, just gave birth, you are a couple years out or even decades out, there’s a place for you to start in Mommastrong. And we help you find that spot. Mommastrong is 2 dollars a month. It is 15 minutes a day. You really only need yourself and a couple items you already have around the house to get it done. I show up to do my 15 minutes every single day because it saves my life still to this day. It helps me get through the wild chaos that is motherhood. It helps me deal with the stress of being a working mom. It helps me deal with the stress of being a single mom… Without it, I don’t know… I would not be a good mother.I think being able to fit 15 minutes in, whether or not your kids are there, throwing things at you, or you know it’s in between meetings, being able to slide it into the chaos of life becomes important. Because consistency is EVERYTHING with fitness. I focus on your pelvic floor first. I don’t promise you things that aren’t going to happen. And when you’re showing up consistently, you start to get results that you never thought imaginable. Your life starts to feel better, and that becomes this incredible motivator, instead of losing weight, or fitting into those jeans, something inside of you starts to change and that to me is what makes it very different.

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