Mom forces to work out Part. 1 [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.09.02]

This is “The Terrifying Woman.” Hello. I’m a 21-year-old college girl. Now that I’m in college, there are so many get-togethers. But! I can’t go to them. “Mom, can I go to this party at school?” “Oh, of course. Go ahead. But! You’re hitting the treadmill when you get back!” My mom makes me exercise every day. “Alright! You’re doing sit-ups today. 1,000 sit-ups! Go!” (1,000?) “1, 2…” (Exhausted) “Mom, I can’t do it anymore!” “You can’t get tired already! Keep going until I tell you to stop!” (Give her time to breathe) Every day for 2 hours and sometimes even for 4 hours, she makes me exercise and it’s killing me. My mom is like this because of this stinking fitness model contest. “Mom, I don’t want to be in the contest. Stop making me exercise.” “Hey! Think about how much I spent on you! If you’re going to say that, give me that money back and leave this home!” I don’t want to compete anymore. Can you please change my mom’s mind? Come on out! (Whose mom is forcing her to exercise?) (She looks very fit from her mom’s training!) – Did you see that? / – Help her out. Is that from all that exercise? Like strolling down a mountain… What a surprise! That was new. She walked down so casually. I’m Jeong Hajin and I’m from Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do. Welcome, Hajin. (Welcome) So what exactly is a fitness model contest? It’s a contest to see who’s the most fit and has the nicest body. For women, there’s physique, figure, sports model, bikini, monokini and fitness star. My mom made me start at age 19. When you were in 12th grade? I won 4th in the sports model category at my first contest. Wow! I enter 2 to 3 contests a year. So I’ve been in 6 to 7 of them so far. And you place every time you enter? Yes. You have talent then. Why did your mom make you enter that contest? She worked out for 10 years as a hobby and entered a fitness model contest herself. It has become fun for her. But after a shoulder injury, I became her new target. – Since she can’t enter now. / – Right. So I’m her target now. I bet your mom is really fit too then. Yes, she’s very tall. She’s 175cm. – 175cm? / – That’s so tall! That’s like a model. But I’m kind of stumpy at 155cm and 48kg. So I tell my mom I don’t have a chance and I really don’t want to enter, but she says, “No, you can win.” How can you place 4th if you have no chance? This is what I’m curious about. You got 4th place out of how many people? For that category… Out of 5 to 6 people, – I placed 4th. / – You placed 4th? See? Out of 5 to 6 people? One time someone came on our show and said he got the best grades in school, but it was a branch school with like 12 students total. (I just want to stop entering these contests) (Surprised) (A clip of our guest at a contest) Wow, her proportions are amazing. She doesn’t look short at all. Really? That’s you? Yes. – You don’t look short at all. / – She’s so cool. No wonder your mom pushes you. (Applause) You looked so pretty. (I’m sick of it) I bet it’s hard to get that fit. You didn’t have any fat on your stomach. I never get to eat instant food. – No instant food. / – I never get to eat that stuff. And I work out 3 to 4 hours when the season starts. What kind of exercise do you do? Tabata training, it’s high-intensity interval training. What’s tabata? Exercise 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds… You keep doing that over and over again? For the burpee test… Burpees are really tiring! It’s hard for guys to do just 10. Yeah, that’s super tiring. But my mom tells me to do 100. No way I can do that many. (Yikes) One time, I just went on an eating binge. I got yelled at a lot. I cried a lot too. She must’ve really yelled at you. Why not eat behind her back? I’ve tried that. But my little brothers tell on me. “Call me if you ever see your sister eating.” She tells them that. That’s pretty lame of your brothers to tell. So what are you allowed to eat? Chicken breast. There’s so much good food in Gunsan. They have that really famous bakery. Right, right. Great restaurants in Gunsan. Braised pollack and braised monkfish are delicious. And grilled tonguefish. It’s delicious. She only eats unseasoned chicken breast. (Just let me eat whatever I want) What happens when you don’t want to compete? She just ignores me. Has she ever gotten angry? Yes, she even cusses. What does she say? “Are you freaking kidding me?” Things like that. And “If you don’t move, you shouldn’t eat.” My mom has a nickname. What is it? She’s so stubborn, so I call her Stub! She’s stubborn. It’s dialect. We saw your mom in the studio. She looks very charismatic. Seriously. I don’t think I could talk back to her. How could this sweet daughter talk back to her? Her mom looks very fit. It looks like she worked out a lot. Alright. Hello, ma’am. (Who forces her daughter into fitness contests?) Can you stand up for us, ma’am? She used to enter contests too. (She looks so fit from exercising) Look how sturdy she looks. Your daughter hates entering these contests. What do you think about that? Honestly, I don’t think this is a concern. Right, that’s what everyone that sits there says. Why though? Why? She seems like a lazy person to me. She has no pride and she’s mentally weak. I want to fix those things as her mother. But she doesn’t have to enter those contests. – Why not just exercise? / – Right. But there’s no goal with just exercising. Right? People are always saying, “I have to exercise.” “Gosh, I’m so fat.” Yet they’re eating. Are you talking about me? No, no! – She’s just saying. / – She’s sensitive. (She felt attacked) What do you want her to achieve by entering these contests? I want her to get experience and enter a national contest. (Mom, please…) My dream was to become a national athlete. But I couldn’t because of my injury. So I know I can raise my girl into one. There’s no way. I can’t do that. And I don’t want to. I have no confidence. What’s your major in college now? Early childhood education. – That’s so different. / – Seriously… Such a different situation. My mom even recommended that as my major, but she’s making me exercise. (What does this mean?) She has always liked babies. Even as a child, she treated other people’s babies like they were her own. So early childhood education is perfect for her. And that’s why you recommended it to her. Yes, I did. But that’s before I started working out. (Now things have changed) She’s going to regret it if she stops exercising. What do you want to do once you graduate? I want to graduate and get a job. I plan on sticking to my major if I like it. But if I don’t, I can always get licensed as a trainer and make money that way. But my mom wants me to become this great athlete which is too much pressure. Yeah. I bet. Your daughter has a different dream. Don’t you think that you’re forcing your unfulfilled dream on her? I do live vicariously through her. But there’s something only she’s good at. And what would that be? She’s always been a very fast learner. But she doesn’t enjoy this. That’s just an excuse. She just doesn’t want to exercise. But what if she insists on not exercising? What would you do? We’d fight and I’d win. (It’s already been decided! You must exercise) What’s wrong, Tyler? She shouldn’t just exercise because she can. She should want to too, right? She’ll want to eventually. What if you keep butting heads and she insists that she won’t? Then I’m kicking her out of my home. (You can’t talk to this woman) Honestly, I’ve invested a lot of money on her. Putting her with a trainer costs thousands. Then there’s her food and I make her bikinis. I wanted to pass down my bikini to her, so I reformed it early in the morning while breaking my nails and shedding blood to embed thousands of cubic zirconia on her bikini. (She removed the gems from her bikini) My gosh… This is what the mother wore. She’s like a master. My gosh! You embedded all those by hand? She reformed it herself. It’s frustrating that she doesn’t recognize how much effort I put into this. My gosh… This is trouble for you. This is so frustrating. Your daughter doesn’t want this at all, but you keep forcing her. (Part 2 is coming up soon)


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