Miglior casco per krav maga

Let’s talk about heavy protections. What is the best helmet for
Krav Maga. I’m not talking about helmets whiteout face protection. That material is used for boxing competitions and is really good.. Are fine also those used in
Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing. In this area we can plunder. A different speech should done regarding helmets with face protection. There are basically three types of grating:
One type made by steel and two types with plastic gratings. One of them simply covers the face with a
plastic bar. The other one completely covers the face and has holes for breathing. Let’s start with some characteristic that are important. The type of material has to be anti-shock
with a good impact resistance. Not in absolute terms, in the sense that a
bit ‘the shot should be heard. Otherwise, the protection is
identical to the one that gives you a motorcycle helmet, I might be good for some high impact simulation but not good for standard gym training. The helmets whit steel grating are very solid and well protecting also ensure good visibility. not excellent, but in a real situation, because of the tunnel effect, is impossible to have a flawless visibility. This kind of helmet has a disadvantage. Because of the shape (covers more in the front) it allows your opponent to hit you easily one, two centimeters. Not a huge problem but if you want to train well for dodging the feedback you get is distorted. So you get the shot
even if it was made a good dodge. Also this helmet offers enhanced protection if the fights is
with rubber stick. Anyway be careful because all helmets allow passage
of stabs with stick or knife. The only way to fight with these
tools is wearing a fencing helmets with resistance of
1600 newton. This fencing helmet allows you full contact sparring even whit wood stick (escrimia one) The helmets with the bar plastic grating are pretty good. Probably you will feel a little more but they have the advantage of being more lighter and are easier to transport
You can be compress them and therefore are also better fitted in the bag. For an instructor who wanted to have a set of helmets they fit better in the storage chests. Those with the full plastic protection… well, I do not recommend them because they fog up. However, they have the advantage that
you can also use them with the knife. So, basically, it depends on what you need.

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