Meal Prep: Healthy Lunch Back To School Ideas! Soup/salad/sides!

More Meal Prep you say. Last week you guys
gave me great feedback on the breakfast episode, you gave a lot of thumbs up and awesome comments.
And that really helps give me good guidance, and support and motivation, to keep making
you more contents that you guys want. And today I am bringing you some Meal Prep side
dishes so Salads and Soups. And they all can be Vegan friendly. Let’s start with my Asian
Slaw. For the salad part of the recipe, you will need Broccoli Slaw, which can be found
in the produce section of your grocery store and it goes on sale like every other week.
I love this stuff because rather than just being like a shredded up ice berg lettuce,
like a normal Slaw, it is shredded up Broccoli. So it is super Nutritious, it is very hearty
and gives the salad a beautiful crunch, and it is strong enough to last you throughout
the week. You will also need some grilled Chicken breast, which is of course optional.
Thinly sliced Red Onion, chopped Mango and dried Cranberries. For the dressing of the
salad you will need Balsamic Vinegar, low sodium Soy Sauce or Bragg’s Liquid Aminos,
Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Sugar, Garlic and ground Ginger. In a large mixing bowl
you’re going to start by whisking together our dressing ingredients. There is no sense
in dirtying up another bowl right? You can also add salt if you want, but I personally
find that the salt in the Soy Sauce, even if it is low sodium, is plenty for me. Then
we will add on the rest of our ingredients and mix to combine. I know it doesn’t seem
like much dressing compared to all of those other ingredients, but I promise you it is
enough to coat the salad, and that is really what we are going for. Too much dressing will
make the salad soggy and it’s not going to be able to last you through the week. Plus
too much dressing can make a salad high in Fat, so we really don’t want to use more
dressing than we need. Once well coated we can simply transfer to a container to store
it for the week. You want to make sure that you shake it up a little bit before serving,
because the dressing will of course sink to the bottom. I usually prep for four to five
days of the week and this salad should last you that long. It probably won’t make it
for a full seven days but I usually can’t wait that long to eat it anyway. It is so
crispy and tasty, that Sesame Oil gives it an awesome Asian flavour. And the Mango and
Cranberries really bring a nice sweet contrast to the dish. Next up we are going to make
my Edamame Quinoa Salad. For this salad base you will need frozen and thawed Edamame and
Corn. And that is going to help keep our cost down as does the canned chick peas. We’ve
also got some Quinoa, Celery, Bell Peppers, Cilantro and Feta Cheese, which is of course
optional but adds a really nice salty bite. And for the dressing we’ll be using Olive
Oil, Lemon and Lime juice and Salt and Pep. In a large mixing bowl we are once again going
to whisk up all of our dressing ingredients first. We can then add in the rest of the
salad ingredients and stir well to coat. Now you may have noticed that none of these salads
have any leafy greens in them. Now that is because Spinach and Leafy Greens don’t tend
to stay as well in the fridge once they’ve been coated in the dressing. Now by keeping
these salads bed-less if you will, I am able to keep them longer in my fridge, which is
perfect for Meal Prep. It also keeps them veggie packed and frankly my least favourite
part of the salad is the green. So I’m kind of just keeping what I want. This salad has
so many great textures. Its veggie packed and the Edamame and Quinoa are both complete
Proteins, which can be hard to find in plant based foods. So this dish can give you that
extra protein boost with no meat required. Now this last recipe is so easy. If you weren’t
nuts about the amount of the ingredients on the last few recipes, how about my three ingredient
Soup. And this recipe is sort of a gift because it is one of the recipes in my Meal Prep A
Beginners Guide ebook which can be found at For this recipe
all you need are canned Black Beans, canned Tomatoes and Vegetable Broth. It is super
cheap and is also hardy and delicious. In a large pot over medium heat, you’re going
to add in your Tomatoes, your Black Beans and your Broth. Bring to a boil and then you
can turn down the heat and allow it to sit covered for 20 to 25 minutes. Then you can
remove, stir and allow to sit for about 10 more minutes uncovered. Remove from the heat
and grab your handy dandy emersion blender. If you don’t have an emersion blender, you
can use a regular blender or food processor, but you might have to do it in a few batches.
Also this recipe can easily be doubled or tripled if you want to make extra. You could
enjoy immediately or allow it to cool slightly before putting it in a container to store
for the week. Feel free to top it with a little bit of Green Onion and or Cheese. And there
you have it. Three different Salad or Soup recipes that you can use for lunches or side
dishes for your Meal Prep for the week. Thumbs up if you’re excited about these recipes
and how about comment below and let me know which one you’re most excited to try. Also
thumbs up for grams again because the PDF download which is available right here or
in the description box below, for my mobile friends, has all of these recipes with the
ingredients, with the grams. And also if you didn’t know my Meal Prep ebook also has
the grams in all of those recipes. Thank you so much for watching, I will see you on Monday
for a brand new Special Collaboration video and if you are a fan of Vegan recipes you
don’t want to miss it. And remember it all a matter of Mind Over Munch.


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