Master’s Hammer & Chisel Unboxing| What You Get, What You Need & What You Eat

Hi guys. It’s Petrina, your go to girl for
learning how to make fit work in a crazy, busy world and today I’m gonna do an unboxing,
what you get, what you need and what you’re gonna eat with Master’s Hammer & Chisel and
there’s going to be a giveaway so be sure to stay turned for the end if you want to
learn how to win your own Master’s Hammer & Chisel kit. So for those of you who are not in the know,
Master’s Hammer & Chisel was released the first week of December. It is a strength training
focus program, 60 days, workouts are between 30-40 minutes so they are on the shorter side
and it is something that is really going to help you get a lean and sculpted physique
thanks to the Hammer, which is Sagi Kalev and the Chisel, Autumn Calabrese. For those
of you who also don’t know, Sagi created Body Beast and Autumn created 21 Day Fix, which
is one of Beachbody’s top selling programs. They are definitely two masters of fitness. As far as what you get, if you order the base
kit, which retails for $89.85, this is what you are going to get in your kit. You are
gonna get your own Shakeology cup. You can use it for Shakeology or any other grab and
go meal replacement shake you have on hand, although I would recommend Shakeology. You
are gonna get a set of portion control containers. If you are familiar with 21 Day Fix you already
know this. If you have 21 Day Fix you already have a set, but you will get another set on
hand to help you out and to figure out what to eat which we’re gonna go over later. If
you order through a coach you will also get a bonus workout in your kit. You’re gonna
get the Master’s Cardio Workout as a thank you bonus for ordering through a coach. [unclear
1:45] to come into this lovely box and you’re gonna get everything you need to do the programs
so let’s go over it one by one. First out of the packet is the Quick Start
Guide. This is where you’re gonna figure out how many of each of the containers you’re
gonna be allowed to eat per day based on your gender, your starting weight and your current
activity level. With those pieces of information you’re gonna figure out your score and from
your score you’re gonna figure out which meal plan you would fall into. There are eight
different plans and based on which plan you get will determine how many of each containers
you’re gonna be allowed to eat per day. Also with the Quick Start Guide is a before and
after track. You can record your before stats and it will remind you to take your before
pictures, which is very important in knowing your progress. Don’t skip out on doing the
pictures. Next up is one of my personal favorites in
the program and that is a nice wall calendar you can hang up on your wall and check off
each workout as you do it throughout the program. It will tell you what workouts to do on each
day and which is your best [unclear 2:47]. This is so handy dandy it’s not even funny.
If you flip over the wall calendar you will also see detailed information on the nutrition
plan, including what kinds of foods are allowed in each container. Again it will match up
your score with what eating plan you’re going to be in and you can go over to this side
and you’ll see exactly how many of each color container you’re allowed each day based on
what that score was. Very simple. Of course Hammer & Chisel wouldn’t be complete
without Hammer & Chisel workouts. There’s gonna be two different folders, one with your
Chisel workouts, one with your Hammer workouts. As you’ll see when you pull out your wall
calendar, days are gonna mix and match. One day you’ll be doing the Hammer workout and
another day you’ll be doing the Chisel workout. So over the course of the two months you’re
gonna get a variety of workouts and you’re not gonna get bored. You’re gonna be challenged
each and every day. I can tell you that from personal experience because I am just finishing
out my week one of Hammer & Chisel. These are no joke. They’re great multi-muscle tasking
workouts. Also some other leaflets in there. You’re
gonna get info on the Beachbody Performance line, which is a line of supplements that
are designed for high intensity advance workouts like these. You’ll also get a little flier
on Shakeology, the healthiest meal of the day and you’ll get the details on how to get
your own free Master’s Hammer & Chisel t-shirt when you complete the program. Of course a
program wouldn’t be complete without a nutrition guide. This is where the magic is going to
happen. You want to get your absolute best results with any Beachbody program. Always
make sure you follow the nutrition guide. I’ll go over it a little more at the end when
we go over what you’ll eat. So stay tuned. That’s all the goody gumdrops you’re gong
to get in your Hammer & Chisel box. As far as what you’re gonna need to do Master’s
Hammer & Chisel, it’s a lot. You need more than your body for this so be sure you have
the proper equipment already or you’re willing to invest in what you’ll need. First and foremost
you’re gonna need weights. The more the merrier. If you’re just starting out, I’d just get
a set maybe of 5 lb, 8 lb and 10 lb dumb bells. If you’re not new to weight lifting you can
always go heavier. So just use whatever you’re in tune with. You’re also gonna need either
a bench or a stability ball and your bench has to be sturdy. There’s gonna be different
moves where you’re doing step ups on the bench so make sure it can hold your weight and then
some. Thankfully if you don’t have the space or the money to invest in a good bench, they
always provide options. You can do surrenders instead of step ups for example. And yes there
are chin ups and pull ups in this program so get a pull up bar or a resistance band
with an attachment that you can securely fasten it to a door. You’ll be doing certain moves on the floor
so you should have a nice core comfort mat or something that provides a bit of cushion
for you. If you’re one of the people who invested in the deluxe workout program, make sure you
have a medicine ball to use for those. So there you go. Here’s what you get and what
you need. Now it’s time to talk food. If you’re wondering
what you’re going to be eating on Hammer & Chisel, it is good for you whole foods that taste
good. I promise. Using the color coated containers, you’re gonna portion out different types of
food. Now I’m not gonna open this to show you. I will use my existing containers because
I’m gonna be giving this away! Much like the 21 day fix you’re gonna be allowed certain
types of foods that fit into certain containers. The green container is for veggies. Imagine
that. Purple is for fruits. Red is for proteins and Shakeology by the way is considered to
be a protein. Yellow is for carbs. Blue is for healthy fats, think avocado, nuts and
hummus. Orange is for seeds and dressings. You’re also going to be allowed a certain
number of teaspoons that have different oils and my favorite is nut butter. It’s all laid
out in your nutrition guide. It will list out exactly which foods are permitted in each
container. It’s one of the most ridiculously simple nutrition plans in our entire library.
If you can read and you can scoop, you’re good and you’re not gonna go hungry on the
program. Depending on what your score is, you’re gonna be eating anywhere from about
1,200 calories a day all the way up to 3,600 calories a day. More often than not when I
work with people who use these portion control containers, whether it’s for 21 Day Fix or
Size or now Hammer & Chisel, they’re usually pretty surprised at how much they can eat
on any given day on the program and still lose weight. There you have it. That’s what
you get, what you need and what you eat off the Master’s Hammer & Chisel. Now since it is the Christmas season and I
actually am able to stream all of the workouts on [unclear 7:32] I have no need for these
DVDs. I already have a set of containers. I have no need for the containers so if you’d
like a shot at winning the whole kit and caboodle, you can enter if you’re one of my valued peeps.
There is no purchase required, but you do have to be signed up for a Team Beachbody
membership through moi. That basically means when you sign into your Team Beachbody account,
I’ve got to be listed as your coach. If you’re already working with a Team Beachbody coach,
do not switch to me in order to enter for this. Just don’t. Not cool. If however you
are a customer of mine or you don’t already have a Team Beachbody set up, you are free
to enter. All you need to do is go to, h as in Hammer, c as in Chisel giveaway. Keep
in mind if you don’t already have an account set up you’re gonna need to do so before you
enter the giveaway and you can do that at Totally free. Takes you two
minutes to set up. The bottom line is to enter you need to be one of my customers and you
need to enter on my website. The giveaway will run through midnight on Christmas day
and I will randomly draw a winner the day after Christmas. I’m excited to spread the
joy! I love a giveaway! Exciting! And that’s it for this week guys. As always
if you have any questions about any Beachbody program, nutrition, getting back on tract,
gearing up for the new year, whatever, you can email me at [email protected] or
you can check out my crazy, sexy cool website over at That’s it. Take care and have a great holiday.
Bye guys!


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