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Hey everyone welcome back! So I got lots of meal ideas for you guys today. I got over 20 meals I think. I don’t know how many I have. I can’t fit them all on the table it’s insane So I got heaps to go through today and let’s start with our ingredients first. Yeah, most of my ingredients are from my pantry So today’s video is sponsored by iHerb so as you guys know I’ve been shopping at iHerb for a long time now because I’ve been using their ingredients in my videos, so So yeah I like shopping there just because a lot of ingredients are organic and natural it’s like really little sugar like there’s no sugar added to all the ingredients here today and low sodium it’s very good. So yeah, what’s a bit cheaper than over here in Australia? So, yeah So I’m gonna go through some of my ingredients. So this is the protein brand I’ve been using for a while now and Manitoba Havas So I used to sis my source of protein and that and I also got some snacks over here Snacks healthy snack all really really yummy Especially this season. I’m obsessed some herbs and spices. I normally used simply organics herbs. I’m some stevia You guys know I love this brand so much some canned fish and oysters I got oysters here in Sabine’s and salmon and here are all the snacks. I’d like to have I thought some seeds and not and see Oh my god, I’m obsessed and oh, sorry, some sauces guys know how much I love my coconut aminos I use this as my gluten free tamari soy sauce and also some seaweed seasoning over here with sesame seeds It was so good. I’ve been using them like consistently for the last couple of months. Yeah, that’s pretty much all my dry ingredients so I know some of you guys are not from Australia or America and often ask me where I get all my organic and natural ingredients definitely check out our Because they shipped to over a hundred and fifty countries and normally get my products within a couple of days So it’s really really quick. So yeah, I put all the links of the ingredients down in the description box So check it out Check out the price check out a stat pretty sure you guys like it and these are all the ingredients I used very regularly, so I got heaps to go through today. I think I got over 20 recipes So let’s just jump straight into it. Let’s start with the tomato base. I’m using about 4 to 5. Cancel Tomorrow’s heat them up on a pan and add garlic powder and onion powder and also a little bit of salt or you can use fresh onions or garlic and if you don’t use onions Then you can use stevia to sweeten it up heat it up until the sauce thickens and this tomato base will be used in several Recipes today and once the sauce is thickened was splitting it into two three several pots Let’s chop up some capsicum or bell peppers for next beef fajita meal once you’re done heat up a pan with coconut oil trying about 500 grams of ground beef once the beef is brown throw in the chopped vegetables and cook it for a couple of minutes and then Use a classic but he does sauce packed. I got an herb It’s from a brand called simply organics and it’s all organic and natural ingredients So definitely check it out If you want a good sauce I use two packs and let it simmer for a few minutes so that the sauce infuse into the meat and vegetables And we’re done. Thanks. We are doing our first plant-based dish open up two cans of beans I’m using this bean mix It’s about five types of beans you can use straight beans – but it will take you a lot longer Now cook this for a little bit and it’s time to add some spices I added in some cumin some Chipotle powder or some other spice some smoked paprika And I got these ingredients from iron and then some capsicum and basil and cook it for a couple of minutes. That’s it So simple next I’m going to prep up the chicken dish heat up some coconut oil and throw in about 500 grams of chicken thighs At lots of ginger powder you can add fresh onions or garlic stew or a powdered version But I didn’t because I can’t tolerate it. Well right now next I added in some tamari sauce I’m using this one from a brand called Eden because it’s gluten free and organic. Next is some dashes of coconut. Aminos This is optional as it adds a little bit of sweetness to your chicken so you can exclude it if you want to just keep Cooking until the sauce thickens up into your dark brown sauce. And once it’s thickened up I added this Eden shake It’s just sesame seeds with sea vegetable seasoning You can also add C with G if you don’t have those finally I top up the dish with some seaweed commercial Which is basically sea vegetables and sesame again, and this gives the dish a lot more flavor Now time to prep up some vegetables which I use for various meals and our sweet potatoes lots of carrots beetroot Zucchinis capsicum chop them all up spray them with oil and some salts and pop them in oven to roast You can also cook other vegetables if you want to like see what beats kale broccoli and anything you like Next I’m going to prep up a tofu dish on the 1 zucchini 2 carrots and the capsicum dice them up all into small cubes And we’re going to start cooking the carrots with some water to soften them up first Then once they’re somewhat soft trying the capsicum and then a few minutes later the zucchinis, once the vegetables look almost cooked we’re going to join in the tofu and I like mashing them like this with my hands so that the tofu absorbs the sauce a Little bit better. Ok Now we’re going to add some even soy sauce some turmeric some ginger Garlic if you like and also some coconut aminos if you want some sweetness and once the tofu is done I top it up with some even shake again and the tofu dish it’s done easy Now let’s cook 1 cup of quinoa. And this is the quinoa brand. I’m using its toasted. So it’s a lot more Fragrant and separately. I cook 1 cup of brown rice and also a cup of black rice These black rice are power boil rice and it has a lower glycemic Index and in one race your blood sugar that quickly so this is really great to get in your starchy carbs Without spiking your blood sugar as much next we’re going to make some overnight oats for breakfast recipe Start with mashing a banana and you can use apple instead if you want to add some almond milk mix it Well some vanilla extract cinnamon powder and mix it in and now I can add no favorite sweetener I’m using stevia and now I’m gonna add a cup of oats a little bit of hemp hearts in here if you don’t have ham Hut’s it’s ok I really like hemp hearts because it’s high in Protein and also healthy fat you can also add in some shallots, but it’s totally optional now I’ll just stir in and pop it in the fridge and that’s it next We’re going to make some chassis pudding another really great and easy breakfast recipe We need a quality cup of chia seeds a cup of almond milk dash of cinnamon Some funny extract and stevia and mix it all up important to join. That’s it So simple and you can have it the next day now I’m going to prep some sweet potatoes slice them up into flat slices like this You can also cut them up into chips size if you want to spray it with some oil and season with salt now bake in an oven at about 150 degrees And while you’re waiting for that you can mash up one avocado with some lemon and salt and pepper and that’s pretty much it once The potatoes is done dress it up with some Spinach some avocado and some capsicum or some canned fish and this is your breakfast sweet avocado Toast it is gluten free. It can be plant-based too So yeah, it’s really really delicious really recommend you guys to try this out next. I’m going to prep up some fishes I got some studies and salmon put them all on a baking tray and we’re going to season the settings with some spices I’m using some basil Chipotle and also smoked paprika on the settings and for the salmon I’ll add some ginger and kelp seasoning that I got from iron I’ve been using this seasoning for a lot of my dishes since last year It is just a really great way to get my iodine in just pop it in the oven at about 150 degrees Celsius to 180 degree Celsius for about 10 minutes and that’s it. Easy. Next. Let’s cut up some tempeh I got a soy flavored one and also a chili flavor tempeh I dice them up into cubes and season it with some oil and salts and pop it in the oven and that’s it Just bake it for about 10 to 15 minutes at about 150 degrees Celsius. Now, let’s prep our zucchini and carrots needles I love these so much because they are so healthy and so tasty now If you don’t have a spiralizer you can use a shredder or peeler or if you don’t have time you can just use the pre-made Cut ones from the grocery store. They are totally okay And the last meal that I’m gonna cook today is a breakfast meal which is moister eggs But you can also have a snack hit up some avocado oil and cook three beaten eggs on low heat Turn some canned oysters and I got these organic natural oysters pop them into your egg mixture once it’s about half cooked and once it’s almost cooked add some spinach and slide it out on the Plate and cut it into little portions and now for the final step meal prepping I’m sure you’re not gonna follow each and every one of these new ideas But hopefully this give you some ideas on how to mix and match Just make sure you have some carbs some vegetables and some protein then pop them all into separate containers I typically meal prep for about two or three days because I like my food fresh It is best not to eat food that has been kept in the fridge for too long You can also make your own fruit and nut mix I got some goji here Add a bit of cacao me some golden berries Some pumpkin seeds or some sunflower seeds. I’m cooking our chips got this from iron as well Hmm Here’s my nut mix so this Brazil nut cashew nut and almond nuts. Oh, these are really great for snacks as well so the Eden pumpkin seeds Pistachios they are all low in sodium and this one’s really good. There’s no salt added. It’s just Mel berries and nuts I really really like this brand definitely recommend you guys to check it out on iron So I’ve got all those tiny meal ideas over here. It’s pretty insane. Let’s start with my main meal space So here we got a bean tempeh and B treats. So here’s another meal with the beans So I got some beans cauliflower and also a quinoa these toasted quinoa is super fragrant It’s a little bit different. I’ve added some salt to it. So it’s so tasty guys So let’s go to another plant-based dish. This is my tofu with rice and in vegetables So I’ve got two type of rice here. This is the power boil rice and this is the brown rice The papa rice is a lot lower in glycemic index So if you are watching, you know in your blood sugar, but you still have some parts. It’s really great to have rice boil rice So here’s another plan based dish is all the roasted vegetables over here You can use all your favorite vegetables like you don’t have to use why easier posta quinoa and also some tempeh Very very tasty because this a variety here So if you get bored of it very easily. What you can do is you use lots of different out vegetables So, um not stick up the taste. You know, I’m and that the pun based meal So this is the tomorrow base some capsicum sigh just add a little bit more taste of it And also some tempeh and zucchini noodles So the first fish meal that I have here is the sateen so I have the tomato base again some Sabine’s some Carrot and zucchini noodles and some beetroot golden beet treat. This is definitely one of my favorite dishes because I love studies So if you don’t my settings you can use some prawns or you can use some Salmon, or even like beef like you can use anything Oh tempeh. So that’s good another fish dish So this is one of my most go-to dish because it’s so easy to make Like a brown rice black rice the power boil black rice some salmon and some vegetables You can also fry them up into a fried rice, which is super tasty next Let’s go through another fish dish here. We have some carrots. There’s lots of carrots This is so cute because there’s like yellow carrots parsnips the normal orange carrots and pop carrots some sweet potatoes and zucchini and also some Salmon, so if you don’t have access to fresh salmon You can always buy the can while caught salmon very important. Well caught and next. Let’s go through a big meal So I got some beef here, which is super tasty the simply organic sauce. Oh my goodness. It was so good I finished hop the baby ready and we got some black beans because that means and be yeah So good together and some capsicum and also another beef dish. So I got some carrot noodles and some Cauliflower so you can just mix them up and next I got some chicken This is soy chicken with sunrise and also capsicum very easy to made again. Like only took me 10 minutes Seriously guys, I’m all about simple dishes So those are most of my main dishes some of them are in the kitchen because I couldn’t fit them all here and so let’s go throughout breakfast because There’s oh my goodness guys, this soup potato avocado toast is so freakin amazing So instead of using the normal bread I’m using sweet potato roast potato Some spinach avocado and some salmon and the second breakfast idea is poised to omelette or oyster Friday Yeah, really really tasty as well. It’s so easy to make like literally everything that I have you are So easy to make okay and oh my god, this is one of my favorite to open night oats so I’ve messed up banana here, which makes it really Tasty, you can add a little bit of your favorite sweetener if you want to like honey or maple syrup and I got chassis pudding Here and yeah, those are my breakfast you can also have chestnut for breakfast if you want to but this is for my snacks So I’m about like seven snack ideas seven to eight so you can go if I just leo to Mars because yeah Just easy to snack on or little peppers You don’t you can bizarre really cute Some see and berry mix so I got some dried berries and also some coconut chips and also some pumpkin and sunflower seeds some nut mix some berries or some banana if you want to edamame and Seaweed. So these are from the brand sea snacks the one that I show you guys all yours. Do I have it here? Oh my god, this is definitely my favorite seaweed brand sold tasty Mmm and if you can’t be bored of making your own snacks because you just don’t have the time you can try these Eddins pumpkin seeds or pistachio seats you stop both low-sodium. So they are really really good And my favorite is definitely this mix because there’s no salt and sugar at it. It’s very very tasty as well It tastes really fresh which is why I really really liked it. So that’s the thought that I said Hey, I hope this give you some ideas on what to make. They’re all really really simple It’s just a bunch of ingredients that you can make separately. You don’t have to make so many in one go I’m just giving you as much ideas as possible Now you can just make a couple of sardines and a couple of cards and you can just make them match So it’s really simple You just need some cops some vegetables and some protein and you can make it really interesting by you know using some sauces or just some salt pepper spices and Hertz, they normally spice things up because they’re Yeah, hope you guys enjoyed today’s video Don’t forget to smash that like button subscribe and also turn on notifications Because I got lots of more videos coming up and I’ll see you guys in the next video,bye


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