Married Couple Are India’s First Bodybuilding Champion Duo | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

BORUN YUMNAM: We are the only one who won
international medal in this bodybuilding arena. BORUN YUMNAM: From my childhood,
I really wanted to become a sports player. I started my fitness regime which improved
my physique. So after that, I think about bodybuilding and start competing. COMM: This is Borun Yumnam, a 39-year-old
old multi award winning bodybuilder. He’s been competing in the sport for over 20 years. BORUN YUMNAM: In 1994, I became champion of
the champion in sub-junior in Mr Manipur. Likewise, my journey start from that very
age. Again keep going till 2016, I won 16-17 of nationals and three times Mr Asia. COMM: Being a fitness and muscle-building
fanatic like Borun involves total dedication to fitness. BORUN YUMNAM: No, I don’t do any running
because I hate running. I do only the weight training. That’s it. Nothing else. COMM: Or rather a huge amount of time and
careful diet planning goes into toning such rippling biceps. BORUN YUMNAM: I start walk on morning as well
as in the evening. I do five hours a day and during my competition time I really restrict
my diet: boiled foods mostly and some vegetables and like that. No sweets, no oils, no junk
foods, nothing. My wife also help me a lot. She support me a lot. COMM: Borun’s wife, Mamota, has done a little
more than support her husband for all these years. COMM: Her admiration of her husband’s impressive
abs caused her to take up bodybuilding too. BORUN YUMNAM: We train together. Her first
appearance she came third place, bronze medal. Step by step she won around six medals
more than me in international level. COMM: Since she picked up the sport, she and
her husband have won 28 top awards at both national and international level between them,
quite the power couple. BORUN YUMNAM: At the moment we are the only
one who won international medal in this bodybuilding arena as a couple. BORUN YUMNAM: Bodybuilding gave me a lot: my name, my job, these are all from my bodybuilding. So, I can say that bodybuilding is my life.


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