Man charged after attempted carjacking

Daytona Beach police say the carjacking suspect to grab that woman by her shirt and tried to yank her out of her car while she was waiting for her sister our Lauren Korn is following the investigation and tells us how that woman got away some God just opened my corner in attack it happened at the Daytona Plaza parking lot around 11:45 Thursday morning the 19 year old woman was waiting to pick up her sister when police say 24 year-old Brandon Corey who claimed to be high on meth yanked open her car door he just grabbed my shirt it’s like he was trying to get me out my car but the woman fought back she was pretty smart she acted quickly as she put her car in reverse and he got hit with the car door Corey took off running to the McDonald’s parking lot where officers say they found him trying to get into other cars he made up some story about friends looking for a cellphone a long story short he was apparently looking for a car to take and we arrested him Corey appeared before a judge shaking his head no as she read his list of charges the public defender tried lowering his twenty thousand dollar bond but as the judge looked over Corey’s criminal past she denied his request that’s why we tell people lock your doors no matter what because there’s always people out there that are trying car handles to see if they can either steal your car or steal your property inside your car in Daytona Beach Lauren corn news six

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