Make Your Biceps POP With This Exercise (ONE TECHNIQUE!)

Hey guys! Back in the gym with Russ at Powerhouse… Back with my “ONE TECHNIQUE!” series, Ah, I kind of dread doing these, because every time I do one I’m the guinea pig! So, so far we’ve focused mainly on shoulders but of course these methods can be applied to various muscle groups, we’ve had the Mountain Method on the shoulder press, which was horrible… that’s up there. And we then had the Beat The Clock Method on lateral raise, Ah, it’s just as bad.. I’ve had loads of feedback from you guys saying “My shoulders have been burning like never before!” One question which kept popping up, though, “Can you give me something that works really well on arms?” It seems that a lot of guys and girls out there are not really feeling training their arms at the minute, maybe hit a sticking point, or just not getting that same kick from it that they used to. That’s sacrilege to Uncle Russ! You know if you follow me My favorite day of the week is training arms, always has been, just going back to when I was a kid and I wanted to look like Stallone in Rocky 4 I was hammering arms, every chance I get. So, millions of methods you could use but today I’m going to give you one of my favorites, this is called The Sweep… Of course, just like all the other methods, this thing is designed to be applied to get you to failure. So what I want you to do first, is work through your normal sets… We’re focusing on biceps today, so I’m gonna go grab a bar and work through a few sets of biceps curls, to get myself to the point where I’m ready to apply today’s “ONE TECHNIQUE!”… Let’s head over to the free weights section. Alright so before we apply the method today I’m gonna try to work through three to four sets twelve to fifteen reps on an EZ-bar curl In this part of the video I always give you guys a tip for the exercise, that’s not my biceps squeaking by the way, it’s this bar, needs some WD-40 I think! Nobody uses it! I’m a big fan of using the thick bar so you can get the extra forearm activation, why not hammer your forearms, when you’re training your biceps anyway, right?! But nobody uses it, as you can probably tell by the noises it makes. Now my one tip for this exercise elbow position. Notice when I’m curling I’m keeping my elbows tight to my side I’m trying to limit not only how much my lower back can swing but also how much my front delts can help. They’re attached to the muscle that we’re trying to work and the muscle next door is always gonna jump in. It’s like your neighbor coming round your house when you run out of sugar… So on a biceps curl, when I’m curling up, if I’m struggling get this bar… if I’m struggling… I’m gonna try and bring those elbows forward and close the gap between my biceps and my front delts. I can hold it there because my biceps are no longer doing all the work, gravity’s on my side, I’ve got other muscle groups involved. So when I’m doing my three to four sets here… watch from the side… elbows in… and I do not allow THIS to happen very much unless I’m about to die. [sound of gains being made] Alright? Let’s crack on… [Arm training celebration music] Alright guys! Here we are we’re about to apply today’s “ONE TECHNIQUE!”… I actually got this technique from the legend that is Joe Donnelly. Joe performs these all the time and they’ve quickly become one of my favorites, one that my clients… hate… Because they work! These are Sweeping Curls. The sweep is perfect on biceps because there are two parts to this technique, and the biceps has two heads; we’ve got the long head, and the short head. We are going to hit both heads in the same set, so this is gonna burn! All we’re gonna do is change the style of reps, by changing our hand position. I’ll show you what I mean first. So when we grab the handles the first thing we do is to get our chest up and shoulders back. I like to step one step away from the machine. That allows me to keep my elbows fixed to my sides, with my biceps on stretch. But I don’t wanna be too far because now my shoulders are on stretch too. So I like to be quite close. If I start to struggle, it’s easy to get out. I’m gonna start with 3 reps bringing my hands IN. Change the angle of the camera, you’ll be able to see. I’m trying to really focus one squeezing the life outta your biceps at the top. Squeeze ’em like they owe you money. And then after 3 reps, I’m just gonna change my hand position. See I just spin them out a little. And now, I’ve essentially moved from doing a close grip curl to a wide grip curl. Same position of my elbows, all that changed was the angle of my hands which then took my arm in a different direction. Now I go back to 3 reps IN… That’s only 9. Now I spin back out for 3… Turn back in for 3. When we reach 18… argh! That’s when it really starts to burn. Trying to keep my shoulders back, see I’m wanting to go like this… so I can throw the weights up. I want to try to keep every other muscle out of it, apart from my biceps. If I fail, I fail, it doesn’t matter. Back IN for 3… 21! 24! When you need to compose yourself, keep hold of the handles, your forearms are still working even though my biceps are taking a few seconds’ breather I’m going back IN for the last 3… That’s 27! And back OUT for the final 3 reps. One… Two… ARGH!!! And you can see, the pump I got there was insane my biceps actually feel like they’re gonna pop off my arms. Whoa!

So just like the other techniques we’ve applied in the “ONE TECHNIQUE!” series use The Sweep Method, great on cable curls, to just get yourself to that point of failure. Like I said in the other videos, guys, we could’ve stopped after the working sets and thought “Ah, that’s good enough..” but you just saw how much I actually had left in the tank. Plus, it’s fun. It’s a lot of fun. Anyway… As always, you want more of my methods and the training plans that I use IN Powerhouse Gym with my male and female clients all you gotta do is get your ass over to RUSSHOWEPTI.COM and get signed up there. You’ll get the website version AND the app version, for those of you who like to be a bit more interactive. And of course, hit LIKE on this video, surely the pump deserves it (!!). Subscribe to the channel, if you’re not already, and leave me a comment down below letting me know what happened when YOU applied Sweeping Curls to your arm workout.

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