Live Your Life Out Loud

My first tip. Authentic digital marketing.
People will see right through you if you are not being authentic to who
you are. Yes because you can’t be Eric. You can’t be Laura. You can’t be all
of these other leaders that you are seeing today. You have to be the best
version of you and that will come across from day one. And we do have to fail
forward and we have to try out what works for us. I go back to some of my
first facebook posts when I had like two likes and I thought yeah that doesn’t
sound like me. So, I had to switch something. So you need to live your life out loud. Has anyone been a pretty private person
in their lives? Did you start in a pretty private manner when you started
this business? That was me. I would post probably one album every two months
three months. Either we were having a kid or we’re moving for the military or
something that was it. But I learned I needed to start living out loud. I needed
just people to see the good, the bad. What my days looked like. What my life looked
like and that was a shift for me, but it was the best thing I could have done. I
love Instagram story. It’s been a powerful way. There are so many people
watching me and it cracks me up because you can see who’s watching you. And I’m
like I know that this is gonna bless you one day. Because they’re watching me. But I want them to see what my days look like. I want them to see what’s life in the life of
Laura building this Network Marketing business and Instagram live has allowed
me to do that. But you have to be okay living out loud. They’ve talked
so much I’m not going to talk about it anymore because the training up here has
been so valuable, but going live. Again, that makes people feel like they’re
sitting across from you having a conversation. My husband and I have done
some lives and what it does is it makes these people in this digital world feel
closer to us.


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