LIVE IT: Lose Weight with Avocados and Almonds

(upbeat music) – [Patricia] With 2/3 of our population either overweight or obese, the emphasis tends to be
on what you should not eat. – [Male] Oh man! – However, when it comes to losing weight, instead, ask yourself what should I eat? Obesity is a huge problem in America. It increases one’s risk of
heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, and the list goes on. – So let’s focus on two
foods that we should eat if we want to lose weight,
avocados and almonds. – [Mark] Researchers
added half of an avocado to the subject’s lunch meals and found that they felt fuller over
a longer period of time and had less of a desire to eat. Not only that but their
insulin levels decreased after the meal. – A lot of people think that because avocados are high in fat that they are fattening, but
that is not necessarily so because higher fat foods
help you feel full. – [Patricia] You see, avocados
contain monounsaturated fat. It’s a healthy type of
fat that our bodies need to reduce LDLs, that’s the
bad cholesterol in our blood. (video game beeping and music) – [Mark] This fruit also
contains 20 vitamins and minerals and almonds have a similar effect. The high protein, high
fat, and high fiber content in these nuts help us feel more full. – In fact, a researcher found
in a weight control program that those who ate almonds as a snack had longer and better
sustained weight reduction than those in a popcorn group. – [Mark] The study also found
that people do not gain weight by eating a handful of almonds every day. – [Patricia] But more than losing weight it’s what these foods do to help combat the negative
health effects of obesity. – [Man] Hooray! – [Patricia] So how should
we incorporate avocados and almonds into our daily diet? – My recommendation would
be about half an avocado. So to substitute that to
for maybe some of the butter or the high fat cheeses
usually consumed at mealtimes. – [Patricia] And for
almonds eat a handful a day. – [Mark] You can also
substitute it for saturated fats like cheese and meat for
added health benefits. – [Patricia] And liven up your diet by being creative with these foods. For example, instead of
putting butter on your toast top it with almond butter or avocado. – [Mark] You can even make
a delicious avocado shake with almond milk. – For a healthier take on dessert, make chocolate pudding with
avocado instead of the dairy, then top it with slivered almonds. There’s your tip for the day. – [Mark] On how you can
live healthier longer. (upbeat music)


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