Life Fitness Cable Machine Workout (Triceps) [Part 3]

So, once again you’re going to use a rope
for the start of this. Clip it onto your cable. You want the cable set high. So, this is your
rope triceps push down. So, you take a slight step back stance, bend
the knees chest up. So you now want a duck bum. Push down and come back up. Push down
and come back up. You can add variance with the hand, as you push down you can pull them
apart. Or, you can pull down and apart. Or, you can keep them together.
All three will work the triceps, it’s just a slightly different variation for the muscle.
Alright, so that’s your first exercise. Your second exercise is going to be the cable
French press. So, you take ahold of the ropes. You need to get it over your head and behind
you. This is harder than the first exercise. Keep your back straight, bend the knees, chest
up and extend up to the ceiling. Bend all the way down.
Extend all the way up to the ceiling. Bend all the way down. Full range of movement.
Try to avoid doing that short range like this. All the way down, all the way up. When you’re
done, step forward, turn around, hold it and release.
You slide the cable to the top and take this off.
Take a single grip handle and clip this in. You could do a reverse grip pull down. This
will hit a different part of the back of the arm.
Or, you can turn your grip forward and push, which again will work a different part of
the back of the arm. Okay? And then, on the last one you can take a straight
bar, clip that in, grab hold, back straight, slight bend in the knees. Push down and again,
this will hit a different part of the triceps still.
You’re not sticking your bum out this time? I am, just not really pushing it out. As long
as you’re straight with this one then you’re fine. Alright. You don’t need to be really
crooked over. And you’re close to the machine? Yes.

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