Lianne’s Network Marketing success story with younique

my god okay hopefully it’s going to work
this time fingers crossed it’s all the right way
up on my screen now everything’s looking right for those of you who didn’t know I
just came in to do a live and I was sideways but now I’m not properly hi
Avery how are you hi Lisa how you doing gorgeous ladies I’m so
excited about this line hi Elaine yeah we got it this time we got it
hi Rachel welcome to the Irish group honey how are you nice lovely to see
your beautiful face yeah I’m getting me I’m really good really good I’ve been
playing with makeup today can you see Thank You Rachel so I’ve got palette 5
on my eyes do you know what I love about palette 5 I used the color vintage and
it’s like two-tone so it can be like a really coppery red color in sunlight but
then another like you get like flecks of gold it’s just beautiful so I’ve got
that on the eyes and I had a little play with sublime and oh what’s the color are
one of the lip pencils I went on very on the libs thank you Amy hi Farrah I want
to say pear hurt lip liner yes it was perfect
okay go so same as always invite your friends and invite your potentials to
this life because I’m going to be sharing my story today I’m going to be
talking about my journey with unique where I was when we started why I
started and where I am now and what it’s done for me I’m going to keep it as
brief as I can but I want to give you I really want to give you the emotion to
this story because for me has been quite a journey and I think a lot of you will
get and will get quite a bit from it so insight invite your ladies along I’ll
give you a couple of seconds and if you’re watching on the replay then skip
forward to about minute Tube it does doesn’t it Amy and for those of you who
don’t know my name is not John Anderson this is my husband’s profile my name is
actually Lee Anderson and I’m the black status leader
for vanity flare okay so I’ll make start I don’t want to
have everybody waiting for so long so I’ll give you a little background on me
I’m not a businesswoman not really I am from the countryside of
Norfolk I didn’t really have much aspirations growing up and I kind of
followed the normal path that people do follow I went to school and went to
college then I went to university to study psychology graduated realized that
actually having a degree makes very little difference you can’t just go and
become a counselor and just fell into an admin role really I worked at Council I
worked selling pens I worked in customer service on this section nothing too
exciting and I did that for the first ten years as my working life stuck in a
cubicle asking for permission for holidays for what to wear what times
come in and what time I could leave and why we could go to the loo and I mean I
didn’t even like what I was doing I didn’t even feel passionately about
selling pens it wasn’t it wasn’t lighting the world on fire for me and I
just always felt like I just didn’t know what I wanted to be when I was growing
up even at the age of 30 I still didn’t know where hadn’t found anything that
really set me on fire in a good way and I think a lot of us are like that but we
need to pay the bills right so I was working paycheck to paycheck in this job
always too much months at the end of the money actually giving all of my time to
help make someone else rich and all the while I’m sitting there reading National
Geographic watching people travel the world desperately wanting to go on
safari desperately wanting to see the Northern Lights desperately wanting to
be a beach in bioluminescence and I just wanted to see that I knew I wanted to
travel and you wanted to travel but I didn’t know what I wanted to be and so I
was living vicariously through all of these other people and the whole time
just thinking there must be more to life than this
this cannot be it the years were slipping by I was getting older I really
thought I would be somewhere else at the age of 30 but nothing was changing and I
kind of realized that if I didn’t change things then they wouldn’t change so you
know aside from being poor and bored it wasn’t great it wasn’t a great it wasn’t
a great position to be in so I met my husband in 2007 John you’ll get to know
him he is awesome he’s just the best husband ever
and he started his own business in around I think was around about 2009
2010 and saying how unhappy I was he asked me to come and join him in his
business and the early days it was thriving it was doing very well so he
allowed me to hand in my notice and I could come and just do as many bits for
him which I did but in all honesty there wasn’t an awful lot for me to do good it
was such a fresh young business and it really was a one-man band and so I spent
my days painting I’m you won’t know this but I’m very much into art so I was
painting and I was I stumbled across self development which you will learn
about which is basically books that help you become a better version of yourself
and I was just listening to these while I was painting and we made some bad
choices you know we we got really comfortable we got really comfortable
with the business doing well and so I didn’t work I’m ashamed to say it but I
didn’t and then in 2012 the very worst thing that could possibly happen to me
happened and my mum who was my best friend like I adored my mum she’s like
I’m a mini Mandy she after a really long battle with cancer
and she she passed away in 2012 leaving my my dad all alone in Spain which is
where they live with these rental villas that were pretty much ruined because my
mum had been ill so long they’ve kind of deteriorated and
it was just a horrible situation to be in
my dad is English isn’t his first language like he’s my dad 71 now and you
know I I had to become my dad’s keeper in a way and so I took on the village I
became the marketing manager for them I started driving traffic to the website
create a website started driving customers there took care of all the
money handling the reviews and it taught me that actually despite having no
experience whatsoever in business you can achieve great things if the desire
is there if you need it badly enough for want it badly enough you can achieve
amazing things that you never knew you were capable of these villas went from
this state of complete deterioration to being one of the top on TripAdvisor we
got the certificate of excellence in 2014 in like two years we did it and it
was just incredible and it really taught me if you want something in life badly
and I still go out and get it you’ll make it happen it was one of the best
lessons I’ve ever ever learned not taught me that you know I should go for
tough I wasn’t being paid for that I was just helping my dad out I was helping
him out all of the money that the village made went to him ever doing what
any daughter would do who lost their father Thank You Casper
so I decided I needed something that would make me a bit of money I needed to
earn some some pocket money myself and I I started my own eBay store and I
started importing beachwear from China and selling it on eBay and it went
really well again and all the while I’m listening to the self-development and
I’m listening to this book called Think and Grow Rich which you’ll learn about
and it told me to write down a figure that I wanted to earn a date to earn it
by and then it told me to get out of my own way and not focus on how it was
going to come to me just be open to opportunities so I wrote down a figure
and I was very very ambitious it was I really wanted to test this theory and it
was a figure that I figured I would be able to earn you know because I have
any qualifications or anything and I kind of moved on I forgot about the book
but I’d written this figure down and I knew I wanted to earn it now in 2013 the
second worst thing that could ever happen happened and after months and
months of struggling with John’s business it finally went into
liquidation after a lot of stress quite a few years of stress and we had
bailiffs knocking on our door every single day we were left with about 70
grams worth of debt to HMRC from a good year that we just couldn’t pay when the
business dried up and it was just a horrible horrible situation to be in I
ended up on antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication I was having
panic attacks there were literally point where I just could not see the point in
life it was a it was a really bad time it was the first thing I’d gone through
without my mom as well so there was no one to talk to about it it was it was
unpleasant and there wasn’t really any light at the end of the tunnel either
and we lost the house that we were in because we couldn’t afford to pay our
rent so we got evicted well not affected but we left before that could happen and
we had we lost a car we had sell our car we had to hold a garage sale – we
literally had nothing in the bank account so we had to hold a garage so
just so we could afford to eat so we were allowed to close to bankrupt and
homeless as it’s possible for a human to get we were very lucky because John’s
dad owned a very small house and he said to us you can come and move in with us
into this house and you don’t have to pay rent until you get yourself back on
your feet which was incredible water loss an amazing opportunity we’re so
lucky that that we had that option otherwise I don’t know what we would
have done and so we moved into this house and rent free and we were both
applying for jobs and I just had this breaking moment where I went to buy a
hairbrush and it was five pounds and initially couldn’t afford it and
literally was looking at it thinking how does somebody in their thirties get to
point where they can’t even excuse the expense for a hairbrush I’m so angry
with myself and I think it was then I made the decision that I had to change
because if I didn’t do anything nothing was gonna change this was when the rest
of my life and so I’m applying for all of these jobs which I hate I did not
want to go back to the 9/5 neither did John but he did get a job
he was absolutely made redundant three months later when they decided they
didn’t actually meet the role and that I yeah I was applying for jobs and I think
it just showed all over my face because I didn’t have any luck whatsoever I then
saw an ad on a by fosroc group for unique and I didn’t join because I
thought it was a scam I inquired for information she told me there was a sign
up fee and I was like can they thank you and I didn’t join but she had the post
that she’d put up had a pictures of mascara before and after and I was
really intrigued so I went back home to buy sell swaps and I asked if there was
any local presenters this lady responded to me she bought me the masks are around
I loved it I absolutely loved it and that’s when I started seriously thinking
about the opportunity because I realized that there was a very good product to
sell so I’m just referring to my notes and so I forgot so much to remember
and I just remember it was Christmas it was Christmas 2014 and I was sitting
down at the dinner table with John in his parents and they were saying be
careful Liam you know this isn’t one of those pyramid scheme things and I was
thinking about it and I just said well it’s 60 romancer join they’re going to
give me 174 pounds of makeup which is more now and I just have them see where
the scam is because they’re never going to ask me for money so even if it’s just
an amazing kit then you know it’s not like I could afford to buy much makeup
anyway so I remember thinking about Think and Grow Rich that book
remember that tell me to write down a figure I my heart started beating I’ll
never forget that moment because I was just thinking is this that is this the
opportunity to book told me to be open you and I think yeah right then and
there I made the decision to join a my join date that the 27th of December just
after Christmas 2014 now I’d say I’d never heard a network marketing before
I’ve heard about Avon and body shop and all of these other companies but I
thought that they were employed I didn’t realize network marketing
existed and so I don’t know how to sell I didn’t know how to recruit if I could
recruit I would I didn’t know how to lead a team I had no experience no
knowledge whatsoever but I decided having learned from my experience with
the villas and with my eBay shop that you know if you if you want to make
something happen you make it happen and I threw myself into the training I threw
myself into the training into self-development into following people
who’d come before me and who made it a success and I just above a boat so just
jumped in with both feet and we promoted really quickly I didn’t join in
pre-launch like you go far to me it was two three months after they launched in
the UK I just threw myself into it and built a big strong team and we went
black in an 11 months and 11 months we hit the top of the company I say we it
was very much a team a team achievement and I went from being you know homeless
and pretty much homeless and almost bankrupt hi Lisa so earning six figures
in the space of 11 months I’m now two and a half years into my journey with
unique and I’m about to buy my first house with John but we are about to buy
our first house but I can’t even explain that I can’t even explain that feeling
hasn’t just bought me money though I mean money is great but there’s there
has to be more than that right I was very much driven by pain not going to me
it was the idea of going back to the 9:00 to 5:00
it didn’t want it I was done with people not keep my door being afraid of you
know what the mail was going to bring I was terrified yes Chinese retired
Kirsten okay yeah we’re about to buy our first
house John has he doesn’t need to go back to
work he doesn’t need to he is a very well kept man and he he helped me with
the business now and he’s a very very big support to me we bought our dream
car and Mercedes and GT 20 which I love I love that car I’m street driving a
beat-up Honda before that and Kirsten will show you how beautiful it was and
travel Thank You Kirsten she’s lived it with me and I’ve been to Jamaica Mexico
Florida California San Luis Utah going to New Orleans this year going to Punta
Cana in the Dominican Republic we’re here being to Germany Spain I’m going to
Island with Kirsten very soon and may your good Kirsten you’re keeping me on
track if and I’ve got to do it with my friends because I’m not the only one
that goes a lot of my team when these trips as well they come with me and
friendship that’s the other thing you know experiencing all of this with what
I can only describe as my best friends it is just the most amazing feeling and
that sense of achievement as well and personal growth it’s just an
contribution is just so so rewarding now remember that book Think and Grow Rich
helped me to write down a number that I wanted to be earning and a date to be
earning it by so I wrote down March 2015 and in March 2015 I didn’t just hear
that figure I’ve went over it for the first time but quite quite a bit and my
mind was blown I just got goosebumps talking about it to send my mind was
absolutely blown because of that was so much proof of me that Law of Attraction
works setting goals works so that’s my story I try to keep it as brief as I
could see you ladies I hope that you’ve got something out of it and I hope that
you doing as big as me and you want the same things out of life as me and see
the vision of this opportunity because it really it is an opportunity it’s not
an entitlement you know you will have to work you will have to work
fun and I don’t know any other opportunity in the world that can do
this for you network marketing has created more millionaires than any other
industry 20% of millionaires in the world come from network marketing 80% of
women to learn over six figures do it doing this
so aside from you winning the lottery I don’t see really what else there is
so it’s not less what if not now when it’s not you then who
so yeah that’s why but it’s been really nice connecting with you ladies and I
respect you see right


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