Hi sportsmen, I hope you are in good shape !? Many of you have asked me to make a video about slalom spins. So let’s go ! As I explained in the video “Moves in kayak slalom” : spin means turning the boat in the opposite direction of the natural bend between the gates. To fully understand this topic, here is a short extract from this explanatory video. To do a spin, you need to turn the boat in the opposite direction of the bend. So, the front of the boat will point upstream of the river. In this case, the boat turns left for a right bend : so, it’s a left spin. Symmetrically, a right spin. Notice that it’s possible to spin in the gate, but also slightly before, or after it. Spin in the gate Spin slightly before the gate Spin slighlty after the gate When an athlete chooses to do a spin instead of going forward : it’s often perceived negatively by the canoe kayak community. Unfortunately, we often talk about a “defeatist strategy”. Yet in some situations, there may be advantages when a spin is well done, such as : – energy saving, – decreasing the difficulty of the gates move, – decreasing risk taking, – positioning oneself ideally before a difficulty, – or even allowing you to be back in a good trajectory when you’re late. A spin can be done in very different water movements such as: – a downstrean current, an upstream current, – a stopper, a wave, – a transition zone between a downstream current, and an upstream current. Spin in a stopper Spin in a wave Therefore, there are a lot of technical possibilities to do a spin according to : – the movement of water, the desired degree of risk taking, – your level of expertise, but also your boat category. For a first approach, here are two common situations ! Spin in the downstream current after a ferry Some ideas : If the downstream is too strong regarding to your capacity, you can ride up the upstream before starting the ferry (more than me) ! Regarding to your capacity, keep a reasonnable angle with the downstream ! For this move, one of the key is to be focus (with your eyes) on the inside pool. When you’re near the inside pool (when it starts to be in your back, so when you don’t see it anymore) : turn your head (and your shoulders) in the opposite side to see again the inside pole : it will help you to start the turn ! A draw can be an appropriate paddle stroke in this situation. Some examples of mistakes : Starting the turn too late … Being too close of the inside pole … Spin in a upstream current Some ideas : Having a bit of downstream speed. If needed you can use a forward stroke. To be able to go backward in the upstream, you can lean right, and lean forward. So you can have the back of your boat outside of the water ! During the turn, you can do a draw, but try not to lift the front of your boat ! Some examples of mistakes : Having the back of your boat under water when you backward … Having the front of the boat too high when you turn… I hope this video interested you, see you next Tuesday at 3 pm for a new video ! Don’t forget to subscribe, and take care of yourself ! Ciaoooo !


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