Lena JOHANNESEN – Our expert for fitness & health is ready to support YOU

Hello, welcome to Leadership TV. Nice to have you back again. Today I would like to announce something very special. Last time I told you about us now expanding our trainer team a bit, about getting experts for different topics, who help you to make your business grow faster, so you can get ahead quicker. That we work together, the Leadership Company, that I will work together with experts to quicker and better advance your business. And last time I introduced you to Onur Forrer,
who will support us in the sales department, and today I would like to introduce you to a fantastic innovation. Somebody who will accompany us with one of the most important topics that even exist in life,
namely the topic of health and fitness. Health and fitness might be the most important topics
to us as humans. Think about it – many people have life goals
and want to achieve something. Healthy people have those.
Sick people always have only one wish. That is why our bodily fitness and health is
important for everything. It is important for even starting a business,
for conducting it, for being active and successful. And to ultimately be able to enjoy it. It is very important to be healthy, fit and vital. And for that, we have managed to gain an absolute expert for our team – she has been one of the world’s best athletes. She was just distinguished for something very special,
the best fitness athlete ever, in all of history, in America. She emigrated young,
similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger, out of Norway, with a backpack and big dreams,
to America. She had a fantastic career as a fitness athlete, won several championships,
won several big competitions, one of the best athletes in the world.
And today she is one of the most in-demand experts on the topic of fitness and health. Who am I talking about? Her. Lena Johannesen. She is the absolute fitness expert and we were able
to win her over for our business. She is – let me say this at this point –
my great love, she is my fiancée and she will now support our business on the topic
of health and fitness. What exactly it is about, how we can help you to be
healthy, vital, fit – in everyday life, for your business – that I will show you soon.
I will interview her, Lena Johannesen, and you will see that she is incredibly friendly, has great knowledge on health and fitness, how to stay
fit one’s whole life, how to live longer, how to be more healthy, vital and to feel good. And then of course to also automatically have a more successful business. So look forward to it. A new expert in the team,
my big love and an absolute specialist on the topic of health and fitness for your
professional and private success. So, until then! Look forward to the next interview.

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