LEGO James Corden Magical Late Late Show Birthday Cake!

whoa amazing Reggie what did you put in that cake? just a little Lego magic. so that means the whole world is made entirely of LEGO bricks? yes sporty little ginger Oh exotic ready for blast-off how far does this go no responsibility no show no audience Reggie what’s going on why is there a Lego audience I told you the whole world is Lego the whole world so the crew are Lego yep hi James the band is Lego yep Chris Pratt’s even Chris Pratt ah gee this is great and all but we’ve got a show to do you you’ve got to change us back no problem I’ll just what did that guys say about changing back again you’ve got to be kidding me okay let me try this this isn’t funny wait let me try this oh come on I’ll help out but no Reggie definitely not if everything is Lego then that means all my friends are level this show is Lego any movie I do will be a lego movie Chris Pratt will never sign off on that basically like a hunky a more handsome version of him if everything is Lego then that means my family is Lego changes fat Reggie my kids can’t play with Lego if they are Lego and I’ve spent a fortune buying them Lego change us back aha there it is the instructions if you want to return to the real world all you have to do is say welcome home welcome home


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