Learn to Jump Rope Forward, Backward, and Laterally

Hi everybody this is Tim Haft with
Shana Brady, Punk Rope’s director of training. She’s going to show you some
jump rope challenges. After you’ve mastered the basic bounce you don’t want
to just jump in place. That gets boring. So here we’re going to start with
the basic bounce. We’re going to travel forward. Here’s your basic bounce
pushing off with the balls of your feet to bring you forward. Then pushing off of the
balls of your feet to bring you back to the start. And we want to try some
lateral movement so here we are moving laterally to one side and laterally to
the other side. That’s pushing off of the outside edge of one foot. Okay next we’re
going to go in rotation: that’s turning your toes and your hips only about an
inch at a time. That way you can control your rope for as many steps as it takes to
get around. There you go making your circle. Now to build superior ankle and
calf strength we take it onto one leg and then on to the other leg. And finally
we’ll conclude this tutorial with backward jumping. Bring those
elbows into the ribs but now the wrists are going to turn toward the
heels. Otherwise everything is exactly the same. So here are some challenges to
make your rope jumping a little bit more fun, varied, and interesting. And we’ll see
you next time. Thanks for joining us!

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