Learn the Top 20 Must-Know Family Words in Thai

hello everyone welcome back to top words you are with me today and today we will
be doing must know family words okay let’s begin crab claw family crab claw
family Clark rocking son come on gimme a hand in my family is having dinner yeah
it’s always good to have nervous your family like in Thai family we because
they in Tehran I don’t know about the more than Thai like moment I think is
same as every other countries more than families but like Thai families like
origin traditional typical typical Thai families are very big and they always
have meal together poor father Paul father Paul komlang bad
father is coming home if you want to make the word part to be more formal or
more polite you could say couldn’t paw so if you refer to other people’s father
you could say like couldn’t power compartment kun your father our parking
kun I saw your father but cool part is more polite
however like in Thailand when I refer to my own father I’m like in English you do
not say father by the way right I mean you say dad or daddy something is less
formal so interline we can say part to refer to our father
like for me I say Papa Papa also means father I think this word is from like
Chinese Papa so we use that too like papa that’s all Pau so me husband Sami
husband Sami by tahmnong my husband goes to work
loop’s hi son look hi son Sami looks higher on corn I have two son
in Thai language we always use easy or simple words and combine them to make
another word so in this this work looks high it’s all
the same the first word in this word is look loop means offspring and chai means
meal so it so combined it is a son I think that we that can apply to many
words that we will be talking about in this lesson too long hi younger brother
long chai younger brother long time I see by my younger brother is sick so the
same goes to this word long means younger sibling and chai is meal
together younger brother Loum uncle Ramu uncle room Kong humpin
octorok it my uncle is a businessman grandfather grandfather by yoga p.i
grandfather goes travelling with grandmother if you remember the first
what I tell you about how to make a word be more polite it for more you add the
word could in front so if you want to make this work more polite or formal you
can say Cooper Edna so like grandmother yeah i Cooney I in English grandfather
when you say the word grandfather you know that you have your father’s side of
the family and your mum side in Thailand we separate two words if your
grandfather is from is the father of your mom then we would call him like
what I just explained but if your grandfather is from your father’s side
then we will refer him as oh so Tata father-in-law
pata father-in-law Parkinson tidy mark my father-in-law is very kind man mother
okay finally we’re getting to an easier word man mother man chopped ham cake my
mother loves to make cake okay let me ask you a question
if we want to make this bird more formal a polite how can we say it okay we use
the adder word could in front of the word man so it would be good man there
is a formal and more polite way to say mother look sau daughter looks ow
daughter looks a lot man his daughter is very smart low offspring sau is like
female so together daughter long sau younger sister long sau younger sister
long sigh come son Murdock man my younger sister is very cute I think if I
have a younger sister she would be very annoying Panarea
wife panda yeah wife call rock panda yeah Hong Kong man he loves his wife so
much panagia is a formal way to say the word wife in Thai another word for wife
is MIA however I recommend you to say pala yeah because it’s more polite and I
think it’s a nicer way to refer to someone else wife or even your wife
may I mother-in-law may I mother-in-law may I chop Ocalan kite on
child my mother-in-law likes to exercise every morning yeah I grandmother yeah I
grandmother yeah I mattress is a shampoo grandmother
usually wears a pink shirt we have two words for grandmother as well the first
word is VI and the second word is yeah yeah is always like your mother’s mother
so grandmother from your mother side and yeah is grandmother from your father’s
side loopy look no cousin loopy look no cousin Tammy loopy look long like horn
I have many cousins thank you for watching today we have learned a lot of
words a letter to a family member so can you
who is your favorite family member so far for me it would be my mom good man
and my dad couldn’t Paul how about you guys if you liked this video don’t
forget to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our Channel see you next
time bye bye you


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